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Voice Studio 5
Testimonials from
Orange County High School of the Arts and Private Voice Students

 Ms. Bacon [Eagar] has been an incredible inspiration as well as mentor for my daughter. Destiny has made vast improvement while under Ms. Bacon’s instruction. Ms. Bacon has assisted Destiny in selecting audition music which accentuates her vocal range and talent, resulting in a vast improvement in my daughter’s auditions. Destiny has been cast in three musical theater productions and an opera while under Ms. Bacon’s instruction…. I have also developed a personal relationship with Ms. Bacon and find her to be an exceptional woman with a dynamic personality. Both my daughter rand I are sorry to be losing an outstanding vocal coach and all-around person to Brigham Young University. Southern California is really losing a treasure and she will truly be missed/1… I highly recommend Ms. Bacon as a vocal instructor. She is a professional dedicated to her field and she has been an asset to my daugher’s growth, as she pursues her career goal of becoming a professional musical theater performer. — Gen L Griffiths, Huntington Beach, CA


Cherilyn has exhibited her talent and natural instinct in her teaching, staging and directing of “first Act…” Her enthusiasm and positive interaction with the students produced a very polished and confident ensemble group….I believe that her good classroom management and discipline opened the door for a strong relationship with the students, enabling her to extricate talent that the students had never before revealed…Cherilyn has shown both the group and the parents total professionalism during her stint as director of “First Act.” She’s been a inspiration to the students, ho now have a much better idea of the professional field in which they are pursuing, and what they can achieve with hard but positive work. She will be a hard act to follow.…’ — Cindy Boragno, Corona del Mar, CA


We just wanted to thank you so much for being such a wonderful mentor and teacher to Kariann this year…. You should be very proud of the job you did with all of these kids …. I know in speaking to the other parents that we were  all impressed with the bookings you promoted for your students…. Thank you for being an excellent role model for our children. – Karen Deshler, Yorba Linda, CA


Ms. Bacon has left a lasing impression on our daughter and has exhibited the highest degree of professionalism that undoubtedly will contribute to the character and theatrical development of these talented teenagers. Many of the students and parents are saddened by the news that Ms. Bacon will not be returning but are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her and support her career decision…. We especially appreciated the fact that Ms. Bacon always put the students’ interests above all competing pressures or demands. The quality of the performances by First Act clearly reflected the skill, wisdom and experience of a mentor who has =made a lasting impression on so many future entertainers. – Debra and Daniel Wildish, Yorba Linda, CA


Thank you for teaching us more than vocal technique…. It has really helped me during auditions and performance! – Ashley Lane


Your class was my favorite! You have made me so much more comfortable with singing. My voice has gotten so much stronger. Thank you so much! – Heather Hogan


Thank you very much for a good year in your fabulous Voice Technique class…. Your class is totally astounding… and beyond magnificent. I had the freedom to work and deeply improve my voice…. This class was my absolute favorite of all… I love you. You’re awesome!!! –Sean Collado


You’ve been such a great teacher this year! … Your class was the most productive class we had. Thank you so much. — 10th Grade OCHSA Voice Student


You were the first teacher who figured out that the S’s were my problem. (I knew, though.) That set you aprate from other teachers for me.


If I could make any suggestions for improvement at this school, it would be that we have more classes with Ms. Bacon. – OCHSA Student


After I read your email and told Alexa you would not be returning [to OCHSA] next year, she cried!!! She really cares a lot for you. She also stated, “’First Act’ will never be the same.”…. Cherilyn, you have left a lasting impression on our daughter… You have exhibited the highest degree of professionalism that undoubtedly will contribute to the character and theatrical development of these talented teenagers. Many of the students and parents are saddened by the news that you are not returning, bur we are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you…. Your kindness, fairness, and influence will be deeply missed. – Debra Wildish, Yorba Linda, CA


Thanks for everything you’ve done and all the energy and hard work you’ve put into making this a great year for the kids. I’m sure I speak for many if not all of the “First Act” parents. – Theresa Heldt, Carlsbad, CA

Testimonials from New York City Singers on Stage
“On Broadway” Musical Theatre Workshops

“Unbelievable, exciting, educational and fun!!!!!” – Branko Glad, Zagreb, Croatia

“An earth-moving experience.” – Patrick O’Neill, Seekonk, MA

“A self-discovery experience.” – Brandalee Bluth, Provo, Utah

“Simply, it was incomparable, the best!” — Nick Sweet, Bayside, WI

“Broadway Boot Camp!” – Michele Greimann, Blue Earth, MN

“In one week this workshop taught me more than all my years in training. Thanks!!!” — Ryan O’Connor, Phoenix, AZ

“It confirmed, cradled and developed my passion for a promising future in musical theatre.” – Olivia Goode, Los Gatos, CA

“ The most intense, eye-opening, spiritual journey one could encounter at any age….” – Kristin Ezell, Harlingen, TX

“The most life-changing experience I have ever encountered.” — Megan Russell, Mobile, AL

“An experience performers dream about! Truly the most amazing staff!” – Diana Rivas, San Benito, TX

“The most professional, prestigious, well-organized group….” – Briana Nadeau, Durham, NH

“A totally positive experience that will last me for a lifetime.” – Kelly Campbell, DeFuniak Springs, FL


The workshop this summer was the best thing I have ever done in my life. The opportunity was amazing and the effort you put in will never be forgotten. – Dawn Fromm, St. Louis, MO

I have meant to write you for a long time to thank you for this wonderful summer. The past summer changed me in so many ways and “singers on Stage” was definitely a huge part of this positive change. — Jenn Bellusci, New Jersey

I’m thrilled to know you’re offering this workshop again…. You are doing such a good thing with these workshops. It has been one of the most positive influences on Rocky’s life. – Rose Remine, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Things are going well here in Minnesota for us. Makenzie has been accepted into the Music-Dance-Theatre program at BYU. She is so excited. Only 16 kids got in. Afton Ferguson was there auditioning at the same time as Makenzie, and she was also accepted…. I don’t think it was a coincidence that we came to New York and met you, Gayle Lockwood, Bill Reed and the other staff members and that Makenzie learned how to belt. I don’t think she would have ever considered going to BYU otherwise or even had the confidence to audition with such success. – Shelly Greimann, Blue Earth, Minnesota

I have some excellent news that I felt compelled to share…. I have just been accepted into Brigham Young University’s MDT (Music Dance Theatre) major!! I am so excited! I love you all. — Afton Ferguson, St. Simon Island, Georgia

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve just been cast as Nancy in Oliver!… Yay! I have “On Broadway” to thank! All of the changes I’ve been able to make to my performance and auditioning techniques, as a direct result of the workshop, have really made a difference in the way that I present myself. – Robin Orloff, Somerville, MA


The Singers on Stage Workshop was probably the most incredible experience that I have had so far in my life. You were so organized and efficient, you made it so fun and just an amazing experience for the whole cast. Without you, I would never know how much I need to be in musical theatre. I would also never know how much work it takes. You put together a group of the most talented teachers and students that I have ever seen…. I want to say a personal thank you to making me feel so comfortable. You always asked me if I was having fun, if everything was all right. You made me fell like I was going to be okay, when I was really nervous the fist couple of days. – Miranda Jones, Bristol, VT


My trip to New York and the workshop helped me… think about my future…. It made me realize one thing…I have a lot to learn and I can’t wait to learn it. I actually want to go to college for the first time ever.   It made me realize another thing: get me outta here!!! – Sara La Croix, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Everyone and everything was truly amazing and I think most of us are still trying to get over it…. Thank you for getting this idea and making it happen. It has changed my life, and I am sure it has changed everyone else as well. – Katie Voboril, West Lynn, Oregon

I just returned from a job at the Disney Institute and a lot of people in the audience mentioned they were interested in Singers on Stage. They had read about it on the web and wanted to know details about the workshop. The next morning, I was on a bus riding to an attraction and a lady behind me started describing a group in New York. I turned around and asked her if it was Singers on Stage and she said, “yes.” Her daughter was interested in applying. You’re all over the place! – Dennis Buck, Broadway Musical Director and Arranger, New York City

“We were looking at having Jessica apply for NYU’s summer program but she was too young. When I asked if they could recommend an alternative, the comment was ‘Try Singers on Stage! I’ve heard good things about their program!’ Are we glad they did! Thank you for offering Jessica the ‘gift’ of participating in your workshop.   What she learned and experienced in 10 days was extraordinary! What we, as parents, learned from your staff gave us the foundation to guide her toward her goal of a Broadway career. Jessica is already talking about attending next year!…” – Jeff and Maryann Peters, Boca Raton, FL

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