Meet the Grand Dame of the Common Core Revolt




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charlotteCharlotte Iserbyt.  She is a lightning rod in the field of education reform because she tells it like it is. Too often people don’t want to hear the truth.  But as Senior Policy Advisor in the Department of Education during the Reagan Administration, she saw first-hand what was being planned – what she coined “the deliberate dumb down.”

She’s frustrated that after several decades, conservatives just don’t seem to get it.  Can you blame her?

She has her ducks in a row.  We have been collaborators in this research for over 25 years now, and she is still going strong on her blog site, the ABC’s of Dumb Down, a mix of treacherous truth and her hilarious sense of humor, two of her higher order thinking skills she has fine tuned.  Behind the scenes and in front, she has provided the major background research that has connected the dots for so many new activists and moms and dads who have come and gone in the system and experienced that gnawing feeling “something’s wrong with education.” Continue reading Meet the Grand Dame of the Common Core Revolt

The Global Road to Ruin Through Education – Iserbyt

The author and Grand Dame of exposing The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, former Senior Education Policy Director for the USDOE, Charlotte Isberyt, has now produced an encore with noted colleagues from around the country that have been sounding the alarm for many, many years.

Cindi Weatherly directed the project and they have laid down a superior and comprehensive series of DVD’s charting what has happened to the United States through the Leftist take-over of education – public, private and parochial. Continue reading The Global Road to Ruin Through Education – Iserbyt

The Tweedle-dumb Down of America

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Tell the Utah House to Please vote NO SB 34 Governance of the Utah Education and Workforce Alliance

The purpose of education is NOT to align schools with the workforce to accommodate large corporations that need their employees trained.  They are multimillion dollar global industries.  It is their job to train their own employees, not the taxpayer.  They used to do this, but now we lean on government to do so much that it was never intended to do. 

These reforms started many years ago.  Today they are called “common core.”  There is nothing “common” about a child and the uniqueness of the mind.  But here we are – dumbing down education with workforce training, tracking and managing. 

And this is the outcome:

Please remember we are funding government schools.  Do we really want to give government the authority to manage the workforce through education?  Of course the U.S. Chamber loves it – they care only about the Bottom Line and the corporations they represent want a cheap labor force. 

Why is it that immigrants who came from countries that managed their workforces through the school system are typically the ones scratching their heads and calling us “stupid Americans?”

Please listen to my immigrant friend – a world class athlete from Russia – who came to this country in 1991 to get away from the controlled workforce training schools of the Soviet Union.  This is what she had to say about what we are doing: “I need your help.  I think I need to home school my daughter.” 

She gets it.  It’s the Tweedle-dumb Down of America.

After the session I am giving comprehensive online presentations and will be inviting my immigrant friend to join me to explain her experience and what she sees here in America.


Cherilyn Eagar

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The Core of Common Core Exposed

This upcoming legislative session in Utah will be revealing on many fronts. Take education, for example.

I suspect it will be the same in your state legislature because education reform is nationally controlled now through the “common core” movement. So when I speak of Utah, your state is likely to be facing the same kinds of bills coming through the process. It’s likely that special interests, funded by your chambers of commerce and local think tanks that have locked arms with them are pushing for a reform that is not in the interests of parents and children.

Continue reading The Core of Common Core Exposed

Workforce Training: Deja Vu Soviet Style

Ed. Note:  Apparently the state legislator I referenced in this article  and suggested that he and some of his colleagues take a “crash course in political philosophy” has received a PhD in Political Philosophy.  I can certainly understand his dismay with my comment, but it is simply another evidence that our education system has misinformed and dumbed-down several generations.

It was not my intent to offend him.  It is my intent to speak truthfully and to share the many years of research I’ve given to this subject.  One of the commenters on his Facebook page suggested that I needed to take freshman English.  Actually, I attended a private college prep school, Marlborough School for Girls in Los Angeles, along with some very well-educated friends, including Tricia and Julie Nixon.  My college freshman English class at BYU was more reminiscent of my 9th grade English class at Marlborough. 

I do not ask anyone to blindly believe my positions on the issues.  I ask them to listen and then to prove me wrong.  I’ve also asked this legislator to join me in a public debate and to name the time and place.  No response.  Yet. 

One of Utah’s state legislators is making some statements that show how uninformed he is or that he truly is a marxist.  Either way, if the majority of our elected officials do not take a crash course in political philosophy, we are going to continue on this crash course to our own destruction.

Recently I received a text from a long-time friend in Connecticut who had immigrated from the Soviet Union asking for some help.  She needed to home school her daughter.

During a two hour phone conversation, she shared with me what she sees as the parallels between her experience growing up under communism and becoming a Russian athletic champion and what she sees in the United States as a citizen. Continue reading Workforce Training: Deja Vu Soviet Style