Cherilyn Eagar’s Upgrade from the Left

Paul RollyAccording to Paul Rolly, Salt Lake’s Leftist satirical columnist, he has just given me an upgrade: Apparently I’m a goddess now.  I was once honored by the Troublemakers Club, a group of women speaking out and making a difference in Utah and they gave me a plastic crown for my achievements.  But this is truly a real honor of a lifetime, especially coming from the Left.

I truly enjoy Rolly’s humor.  No seriously, honestly. He’s a clever writer and sometimes has me…no pun…rolling.

However, his post tries to make a point that I’m wrong about the politicizing of the investigation of the Attorney General. But what the post accomplished is exactly the opposite: It proves my point.

The point is, I – a conservative woman – made it to Rolly’s Leftist hit list!  That is a badge of honor.  And if I weren’t so Right about the Left having a heyday with the AG investigation, I would never have made it into his column at all.

I can understand why he associates me with the tea party. I ran for US Senate during the year the tea party formed. However, I have kept an independent position, and not all of them supported me.  In fact, I predate any tea party movement by three decades. Continue reading Cherilyn Eagar’s Upgrade from the Left

It’s Not About The Attorney General

It’s about adhering to constitutional law, and in Utah, a conservative Attorney General is in the cross fire.

Are you experiencing similar challenges against conservatives in your state?

Utah’s Attorney General is under FBI investigation for alleged wrong-doing, unethical associations and even criminal acts. This is not about whether he is innocent or guilty. It’s about giving him, and everyone to follow, a fair process. Here’s more background.

Take Action Utah!

If you live in Utah, we are asking you to read the following information and send an email or make a phone call to your representative before Wednesday, July 3, 2013. Here’s the contact list.  For background and main points, read on:

Continue reading It’s Not About The Attorney General

Utah Attorney General Investigation Update


To: Members of the Utah State House of Representatives
From: Cherilyn Eagar, American Leadership Fund
Re: Resolution and Documentation Regarding Forming a Special Investigating Committee

Dear Representative,

Today I found new information online to share with you that I urge you to read before Wednesday’s special session.

The first is a proposed resolution to set the rules for a House Special Investigative Committee.  To view, click on the link below: Continue reading Utah Attorney General Investigation Update

Don’t Swallow the Bait

John SwallowWill the state of Utah hold a trial by media, or will it follow the state Constitution with regard to the allegations against its Attorney General John Swallow?

For months the liberal media in Utah have been “borking” its first-in-a-long-time conservative Republican Attorney General John Swallow.  It has become so vicious, they are now calling for his impeachment.  Sadly, according to recent polls, the media are having their day and the vast majority, who are only allowed to hear that media’s view, are swallowing it – hook, line and sinker.  The stories are running about 20:1 against him and his media releases are not being published.  Utahns need to know that.

After you’ve read this post, contact your state legislator and ask them to use caution and not to jump the gun in calling for impeachment.

For those not aware of this Utah scandal, the buzz is over alleged charges against the Attorney General ranging from criminal charges of bribery to unethical charges of taking advantage of a client’s credit card on a trip to California when not serving as Attorney General, allegations he has denied. Continue reading Don’t Swallow the Bait