Utah’s Governor Endorses Gender-Based Chaos, Trans-gender Bathrooms and Schools

Perhaps that title sounds like a stretch, but it’s not. I can’t imagine that the Governor knows what he has just endorsed when he says he supports Senator Steve Urquhart’s proposed non-discrimination bill. This is not the first time the governor has supported an idea that he either does not understand or he is really not who he said he was when he was first running for office. Common Core comes to mind. His indecision on Medicaid expansion is another. Continue reading Utah’s Governor Endorses Gender-Based Chaos, Trans-gender Bathrooms and Schools

Gender Identity Is Not About Sexual Rights

Gender identity has become a central focus of sexual rights, school anti-bullying campaigns and workplace equity.  Most Americans know or have family members that are homosexual.  But many are not familiar with “gender transitioning” and “transgender” medical protocols, the risks involved and what science informs the politicized debate.

This is a difficult topic that must be addressed within a respectful and reasoned dialogue, a dialogue that is research-based because gender transitioning is central to the goal of non-discrimination bills (to legalize same-sex/gender marriage) that are working their way through municipalities and state legislatures throughout the United States.   Even the more conservative states are vulnerable.  It is within this framework that this report was compiled.  I welcome your respectful comments.  – Cherilyn Eagar

Meet Navy Seal Chris/Kristen
I recently watched the Anderson Cooper interview with retired Navy Seal Christopher Beck, now transgendered “Kristen” Beck, and was suprised at the cavalier attitude – the poker face – that Anderson maintained throughout the nearly 60 minute interview.  You can watch a clip here:

Anderson portrayed an air of acceptance.  No questions were asked about this father’s two children he left behind, now without a father and role model, because of what does appear to be a narcissistic obsession with sexual/physical appearance and gender confusion that rose to the level of an aggressive hormone replacement therapy called “transitioning.”  Society appears to be as accepting of this dubious medical protocol without analysis of the side effects, and overshadowed by a false need not to offend. Continue reading Gender Identity Is Not About Sexual Rights