Limited Learning for Life-Long Labor: Iserbyt Tells It Like It Is

This is a priceless video.  Share it with your friends, family, children, grandchildren.  If they don’t know what’s happening to them, they won’t know what to do about it. I’m honored to have known Charlotte Iserbyt for over 25-years and for the depth of knowledge and understanding and her sharp intellect. Please tell parents that oppose common core but support school choice that they must listen to her message before it’s too late.

To get the entire history and the details you need to know, this 8-disc DVD set is a MUST. For more info and how to order, click here.

The Core of Common Core Exposed

This upcoming legislative session in Utah will be revealing on many fronts. Take education, for example.

I suspect it will be the same in your state legislature because education reform is nationally controlled now through the “common core” movement. So when I speak of Utah, your state is likely to be facing the same kinds of bills coming through the process. It’s likely that special interests, funded by your chambers of commerce and local think tanks that have locked arms with them are pushing for a reform that is not in the interests of parents and children.

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Salt Lake Pre-School Proposal Equals Taxation without Representation

The Salt Lake Tribune reported on a pre-school proposal that is gaining momentum in Utah. But beware – the devil is in the details, as they say.

The article identifies a public-private partnership (P3) that is funding this proposal to provide 600 children with funding to attend pre-school. What’s wrong with that, you say? You applaud humanitarianism?

Here’s another look at what has become the standard for supporting government policies that we can’t afford and what it is really costing us:

A P3 is the definition of taxation without representation.  Here’s why: I did not elect a private corporation, in this case Goldman Sachs, and the United Way – a non-profit organization that donates millions to Planned Parenthood (both focusing on reducing the black population worldwide), or any family foundation to impose its “vision” of education in my county.

Yet my taxes (the “public” side of the equation) are paying for this proposal.

With a P3, we lose our voting power because our votes cannot compete with the massive amount of money a private enterprise can funnel into education – or any publicly-funded project.

If a private enterprise wants to fund education, let them do it on THEIR dime, not mine.  That’s called “private education.”  If they want to set up scholarships, that’s where their money would be better spent, but do not include MY money in that scholarship, because that’s a voucher.

School choice and charter schools are also dependent upon P3s and vouchers for their sustenance.  These concepts are killing private and religious education because they can’t compete with the “FREE” option.  This is NOT choice at all.  And it’s definitely NOT free enterprise.

There is a history of this public-private relationship in other countries, and it did not have a happy ending.  Yet, at least two Republican Utah governors have signed an identical letter agreeing to federal funds to support “cradle-to-grave” education, of which this proposal is a part.  This is the loss of local control and representative government, and it’s supported by both parties.

Shame on them.

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Defining Local Control

The phrase is loosely tossed around these days.  But what exactly does local control mean to you?  Technically, it means that you, the taxpayer, should have an elected representative who is accountable to you at the voting booth for every government function.  You know that you have lost local control when your elected representatives pass measures to set up another commission, agency or outsource privately (privatization) and in effect merge the private sector with the public.

Take education, for example.  Parents have been petitioning for the restoration of “local control” for decades.  Each new generation rises and asks, “Why aren’t you listening to me?”

Today, neighborhood schools have no elected boards – replaced by site-based management teams or unelected councils, but the local decisions have been transferred to the district, and in the last two decades, to the state, regional and national levels. That means less accountability.

Charter schools have erupted everywhere, and while some have elected boards, you don’t get to elect them – or even run for them (unless you have a child in the school or are affiliated with it).  Yet, you are paying for them. Some are run by the state.  Where does that take “local control?”

In my book, that’s taxation without representation.

I thought a graphic would illustrate better than words, so I brought together as many of the players involved in the nationalization of education as I could legibly include on one page.  It shows just how big government has become, how bureaucratic, how out of control – with local control virtually lost.  This must change.

You can clearly see that this bureaucracy has been funded and supported by both the Left and the Right. Have I left out any sacred cows?  This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Local Control

Another graphic coming soon: All roads lead to Bill Gates.

To understand how to take back our neighborhood schools and save public education the way it was meant to be, here is a proposed action plan.

We need your help.  It’s a costly campaign going up against this Goliath Bill Gates.  But if David could do it, so can we.


An Education Policy Action Plan

An Education Policy Action Plan

1. Phase out and defund federal control of education, setting a reasonable timeline to dismantle the US Dept. of Education. Leave only an oversight-monitoring office of one elected official from each state as a check on corporate and government activities related to data collection and other activities formerly carried out by the U.S. Department of Education.

2. Challenge and discontinue the unconstitutional and illegal administration of behavioral/national tests and assessments. GEPA prohibits national testing, but NAEP is one example.

3. Pursue an anti-trust and/or class action law suit
against the College Board – a private enterprise that receives massive public funding – to break up that monopoly. Reward colleges and universities that restore development and administration of their own entrance exams – unique and individual to each school.

4. End the federal funding of regional labs
, which remove local control and outsource curriculum development for the USDOE.

5. Stop/phase out further funding through ESEA reauthorizations. Because Title I funding bypasses the state and local control has been lost to federal over-reach, and the purpose of education has been changed to government-managed workforce tracking instead of real education, we must restore pre-1965 policies.

6. Prohibit collection of private, personal data. Help bring a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education for illegal access to student records without informed consent under FERPA. Recent NSA disclosures illustrate the need for strengthening privacy laws. Data mining and sharing should be prohibited beyond the local school and only released upon request for application either to another school or for college application/entrance.

7. Phase out block grants. A taxpayer sends $1.00 to Washington, only to get back 80 cents or less so that control and redistribution are federally controlled and then used against us.

8. Discontinue further voucher, school choice, charter school (“P3” private-public partnership), privatization grants. They constitute taxation without representation at the local level.

9. Phase out the practice of tax-funded research grants and student loans (“P3” vouchers) to private colleges and universities
, binding those schools to federal regulations. This is the loss of religious liberty and socialization of our higher education system.

school choice-charters

10. End the Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT)
which employs behavioral strategies to change attitudes and values.

11. Require partisan school board and superintendent elections.
In Utah, a strong Republican state, it is estimated that 70% of most school boards, state and district, vote progressively in funding and education policy. No regular or charter school board/superintendent should be appointed, including pre-selected candidates for a run-off.

12. Tie the funding to the geographical tax base, where the school physically resides, in order to restore neighborhood school accountability.  This is the definition of local control and taxation with representation. Each local school must have an elected board representing – and accountable to – that tax base. Charter and School Community Council laws violate this definition of taxation with representation and must be repealed. 

13. End federal funding of state schools by restoring local control of state trust lands.  This property, when sold, should be allocated to the local school where that property is located.  

14. Repeal consolidation legislation that is merging smaller schools into larger districts.

15. Prohibit local teacher/administrator unions and parent organizations from forcing participation and using dues for political purposes.

16. Phase out vouchers – or anything like them (“the funds follow the student”) – that mingle public funds with the private sector, and that results in taxation without representation.

17. Phase out open enrollment and school choice-charter schools in two phases: First, by ending additional charters. Then, by developing a transition plan under which current charters take responsibility for their own development by a certain cut-off date or go out of business. The intended consequence is authentic parental choices, local control, religious liberty in education, and the restoration of representative government.

Our liberty is the bottom line. “School choice” is a lie. It is killing authentic choice. Private and parochial schools cannot compete with FREE charters and are closing or secularizing to become publicly-funded charters!

school choice-charters

18. Remove your children from schools that receive public subsidies, including public-private partnership (P3) schools (also known as “school choice”-charter-voucher schools).

19. Have confidence that it is possible to teach a child the basics at home.

20. Teach your children correct principles and forewarn them. Students must know that if they enter a college or university that takes federal money, they will be taught ideals that your family or religious beliefs may not support, increasing the chances that they will graduate with a more socialist/secular humanist view.

21. Avoid sending your children to private colleges and universities that accept public, tax dollars.

22. Have the courage to educate and inform the business and church community one-on-one.

In the immortal words of C.S. Lewis:
“Vocational training…prepares the pupil not for leisure, but for work;
it aims at making not a good man but a good banker,
a good electrician, a good scavenger, or a good surgeon….
You see at once that education is essentially for freemen
and vocational training for slaves.”

Submitted by Cherilyn Bacon Eagar, August 30, 2013
Former Candidate U.S. Senate 2010/Congress 2012