Republicans Stand Firm in Support of Private Property Despite Media Distortion

On May 30, 2015, the Utah Republican State Central Committee met to be briefed in executive session by legal counsel.  It was a productive meeting and never have I seen a committee work together with such a unity of purpose.  All but a handful support the defense of the caucus to preserve the constitutional right of a private corporation to define itself, its membership, its platform and its nominees.

The Utah media, which stands to lose millions if the caucus remains in tact, has worked overtime to keep its mantra going:  “insiders” (that’s you and me, the grassroots) want to keep you from participating.  And…we “insiders” are in a Civil War.  Really?   What lies and hogwash.

On June 9, 2015, the Deseret News published an opinion that confirms how invested they are in the “buy my vote” campaign of the CMV DC lobbyists and the elite.  “War over Count My Vote needs to end.”  So we are in a war, they tell us.

Obviously a lawsuit isn’t the same as a Valentine card and a box of chocolates, but we are doing the business that needs to be done to define who we are.  Furthermore, Judge Nuffer told us what we must do:  we must ask the Court to defend our Constitutional right to decide who is qualified to be a member.

Now, if that’s a war, so be it.  We certainly did not start it.  And now we are working to do exactly what the Deseret News suggests:  to end it.  We are on the precise path to ending the war CMV brought to us.  I’m reminded of a famous quote, the origin of which is disputed, but the point remains amid the dispute.  Viet Nam protestors in the 1960s used it in a film title.  Some have wrongly attributed it to the Marxist turned disenchanted East German, Bertolt Brecht.  Others show that Carl Sandburg penned a version in his epic poem “The People, Yes” in 1936: “Sometime they’ll give a war and nobody will come.”

Brecht, Sandburg or whoever, here’s a version by an unknown poet which yields the most appropriate rendition for this moment in time.

“What if they gave a war and nobody came?
Why, then, the war would come to you!
He who stays home when the fight begins
And lets another fight for his cause
Should take care:
He who does not take part
In the battle will share in the defeat.
Even avoiding battle will not avoid battle.
Since not to fight for your own cause
Really means
Fighting on behalf of your enemy’s cause.”

I compliment Republican Dana Dickson for soundly reprimanding the Deseret News for its continual misrepresentation of this “war” and the perpetuation of misinformation and fiction as fact.  He wrote:

“If it was any other organization in the entire state of Utah (besides the UTGOP) fighting for a critical aspect of its freedom to assemble (which is what is going on here) the Desnews editorial board would be front-and-center cheerleading for them. However, since the UTGOP enjoys a special “freedomless” place in the hearts of media moguls in Utah the public is told that the UTGOP is somehow controversial when it uses the legal system to defend itself.

“Look everyone, the point of continuing the lawsuit is to get the courts to overturn the SB-54 QPP code that has non-Republicans selecting Republican candidates in primaries. Other state political parties have won this battle. Is it “unfortunate” or unreasonable for the UTGOP to want the same thing? Of course not.

“Bad on the Desnews editorial board for deliberately misleading the public on this issue, for beating up the UTGOP as it defends its freedom to assemble and select its candidates, and for calling out UTGOP Chairman Evans as the guy driving this whole thing (recent surveys show the party is behind him). They know better.”

Shortly after I read that outrageous opinion editorial, I called the Deseret News and left a message that we’d like to meet with the opinion editor.  No response.  Not surprising.  How many times has the Deseret News done this and how many times more before we lose our trust in the information this paper publishes?



Utah: What’s Going on With Gay Rights and Which Candidate is the “Real” Conservative?

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If you listen to the news, you are aware that there’s an all-out assault on Decency, Family, Religious Liberty, Marriage and all things Local Control.  They are inseparably connected and those issues are also inseparably connected to the fiscal issues.  The personal choices people make are reflected in fiscal policy and especially the Entitlements.

This gay rights law is the same one that has sparked a chain reaction of persecution against Christian-owned businesses across the United States – fining them or forcing them to render services in ways that violate their First Amendment protections and religious liberty – or go out of business.

This is the same law that allowed a lesbian mayor in Houston to subpoena the sermons of five Houston pastors, violating their First Amendment religious liberty and voting rights.

This is the same law that is allowing men to enter women’s public restrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities.

These gay rights laws have been passed in over 20 communities in Utah citing an endorsement of the Salt Lake City ordinance saying, “It is fair and reasonable and does not do violation to the institution of marriage.”  We now see that is not the case.

LGBT activists in Utah are promising they will get this law passed in the next session.

You MUST see for yourself what this ordinance has done to Salt Lake City.  You will NOT believe your eyes.  And it is now coming to Utah County. Continue reading Utah: What’s Going on With Gay Rights and Which Candidate is the “Real” Conservative?