Paul Rolly’s Definition of Politics

BSA Paul RollyOn June 30, 2016, the BSA Utah National Parks Council opened its doors to another community gathering, a seminar on the Constitution and how to engage in restoring its principles and being a good citizen. Liberty Rising, a non-profit organization established by the LaVoy Finicum family, sponsored the event. He was the patriot rancher that was murdered in an illegal “kill stop” in Oregon earlier this year during a peaceful protest by other patriots, who know the Constitution in the tradition of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The purpose was to bring attention to the unlawful double jeopardy incarceration of the Hammond family, last of the ranchers in southeastern Oregon where uranium is soon to be mined by a Russian-owned company – Uranium One – in bed with the Clinton Foundation.

The FBI is now under criminal investigation for two unaccounted bullets fired before Finicum exited his truck with his hands up. The media chose to cover up the story by not reporting it after initial bias had been established. So, the general public is left with the false narrative that these people were “dangerously armed, domestic terrorists.”

Meanwhile, those following the story, including my radio show The Liberty Lineup on AM 630 in Salt Lake City, 10-Noon MT daily, good men are being denied seven of their 10 constitutional rights while detained in jails for over 8 months now. They are being held without bail and without having been convicted of any crime. This unconstitutional treatment is now allowed under the “Patriot Act.” What irony.

The Finicum family desires to continue in the work of their deceased father, who was known for his peaceful approach to teaching people about the Constitution. His videos demonstrate this and are found on his website – They organized Liberty Rising for this purpose. This event was the launch of their campaign to speak around the United States and to teach people the principles of the Constitution that are either not being followed or have been long lost to lobbyists in Washington DC.

I was the emcee. It was an inspiring evening and frankly, an event for which the Boy Scouts of America would be pleased to have opened its doors.

As always, the BSA did not endorse the content or the group renting the space in the building. The organization has always been a service to the community, opening its doors to political parties for training meetings and candidate forums so that citizens could get to know the candidates better, as well and a variety of issues important to Utahns.

Then on August 3, 2016, at 11:10 AM, the BSA sent an email to a representative of the Finicum family that said:

Because of the content of the subjects your group has presented while using our facilities, BSA can no longer accommodate your meetings in our office.

Our policy is:

“The Boy Scouts of America must not, through its governing body or through any of its officers, chartered councils, Scouters, or members, involve Scouting in political matters.”

All the best in your future endeavors.

Kelly E Evans

Administrative Assistant to John Gailey

Another event organizer, Thomas Butler of the Highland Group, received a similar email letting him know his group was no longer welcome at the facility.

At 11:11 AM, the Salt Lake Tribune’s progressive opinion columnist Paul Rolly posted his article. Hmmm…that was fast. What was the genesis of this communication?

Rolly’s column challenged the BSA’s judgment for inviting the “fringe” – including “doing away with public education, forming militias to fight the tyrannical federal government and, of course stamping out Obamacare.”

Paul Rolly will be on my radio show today along with the others he mentioned in his article. It’s time for a fair and OPEN discussion. Join us.

Another Award for Cherilyn Eagar from Columnist Paul Rolly

When you put yourself on the chopping block, you’re bound to get chopped.

That’s an understatement for those of us who are engaged in the very emotional issues of why children need both a mom and a dad and why homosexual parenting is emotionally traumatic to children, alienating a child from one or the other of the biological parents.

You become accustomed to being called a “bigot,” “homophobic,” and other vulgar names I cannot write.

You get used to having your religious beliefs mocked, being bullied, harassed, and intimidated. I’ve had tires slashed, a swastika spray-painted on my driveway, a death threat, and our business harmed because we donated to Prop 8.

I’m not alone. Every one of my colleagues has experienced this vicious hatred.

Now and then, you just have to sit back and find some humor in all the seriousness of being on the firing line of our nation’s most controversial issues. This is one of those moments. Continue reading Another Award for Cherilyn Eagar from Columnist Paul Rolly

Roll Over Rolly: Common Core and AIR Assessments

American Leadership FundPaul Rolly, Utah’s liberal political satirist, despises the tea party.  So naturally he gave me the honor of the title “Utah’s Tea Party Goddess” in 2013.  I graciously thanked him and sent him this photo.  He was apparently speechless. I never heard back from him.

n Eagar Tea Party Goddess 2

Cherilyn Eagar, Tea Party Goddess 2013

On July 20, 2014, I was once again the subject of his column, first attacking me for fundraising almost as much as Senator Mike Lee.  Continue reading Roll Over Rolly: Common Core and AIR Assessments

Cherilyn Eagar’s Upgrade from the Left

Paul RollyAccording to Paul Rolly, Salt Lake’s Leftist satirical columnist, he has just given me an upgrade: Apparently I’m a goddess now.  I was once honored by the Troublemakers Club, a group of women speaking out and making a difference in Utah and they gave me a plastic crown for my achievements.  But this is truly a real honor of a lifetime, especially coming from the Left.

I truly enjoy Rolly’s humor.  No seriously, honestly. He’s a clever writer and sometimes has me…no pun…rolling.

However, his post tries to make a point that I’m wrong about the politicizing of the investigation of the Attorney General. But what the post accomplished is exactly the opposite: It proves my point.

The point is, I – a conservative woman – made it to Rolly’s Leftist hit list!  That is a badge of honor.  And if I weren’t so Right about the Left having a heyday with the AG investigation, I would never have made it into his column at all.

I can understand why he associates me with the tea party. I ran for US Senate during the year the tea party formed. However, I have kept an independent position, and not all of them supported me.  In fact, I predate any tea party movement by three decades. Continue reading Cherilyn Eagar’s Upgrade from the Left