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Love, Lee and Lack of Integrity at Deseret Digital Media

On November 14, 2013 I read a front page article  in the Deseret News on Congressional candidate Mia Love headlined “Love rejects tea party label, didn’t like tactics.” It was disparaging Utah’s Senator Mike Lee and the group of citizens that supported Mia, but it did not sound like Mia. So I texted her cautioning her not to lose her anchor and to stay true to who she is. She immediately called back and expressed her displeasure with the false coverage.

She does support Senator Mike Lee. She does welcome Tea Party support. And she has asked for the Deseret News to retract its false and misleading statements. Here’s a snip of Mia’s statement she sent to me: Continue reading Love, Lee and Lack of Integrity at Deseret Digital Media

In Defense of Mike Lee and Utah Caucus: Poll Skews Shut Down

Quin MonsonQuin Monson, Brigham Young University political science associate professor and Director the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy, has launched another poll. This one attacks Senator Mike Lee, asking whether you support his tactics to shut down the government. We encourage you to read this article and then to take a moment to vote for him.

But there is more to this poll than a simple question.  It’s part of a greater strategy.

It is my opinion that the poll is part of a strategic maneuver to replace Senator Mike Lee with the “moderate” choice (there are no “liberals” in the GOP, have you noticed?), most likely former governor Mike Leavitt, or perhaps another anointed candidate of the Utah good old boys’ money matrix’s choosing. They intend to unseat Mike Lee by removing the neighborhood elections with an attempt to place a Count My Vote initiative on the ballot.  Continue reading In Defense of Mike Lee and Utah Caucus: Poll Skews Shut Down

Defund ObamaCare – Sign Petition Now

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Ask them to join Senator Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul in their push to keep the government funded while removing the funding for this specific legislation to nationalize health care.

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