A Tribute to My Dad – Sam Bacon

Samuel K. Bacon
Samuel Kenneth Bacon, MD, FACS

It’s the third Sunday in June 2014.  Father’s Day is here.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my father and how much he is missed.

He was my inspiration in so many ways, and still is. Continue reading A Tribute to My Dad – Sam Bacon

World Class Webinars Presents: The Side Effects of ObamaCare

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The Side Effects of ObamaCare

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 Noon Mountain Time

How to Protect Yourself from the Hostile Government/Hospital Take-Over

How we got here, where it’s headed, and steps you can take
to protect your medical care – and your medical practice

Cherilyn Eagar is the Utah Coordinator for
the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.
AAPS has recently filed a lawsuit against the IRS
challenging the constitutionality of the individual mandate.

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More World Class Webinars and Video Conferences

How to Restore Local Control and Representative Government in Education
How Religious Liberty Is Threatened in Non-Discrimination Legislation
Why the Neighborhood Election Must Be Preserved and Why Your State Needs to Restore It

This webinar-video conference series will also feature colleagues and noted researchers and
authors in this quest to restore limited government, fiscal responsibility and principled leadership. 

If you would like Cherilyn Eagar to present to your neighbors or organizations in person, contact us above. We appreciate contributions of any amount so that we can continue to communicate this critical information to you.  (See below.)

Stop Nationalized Education and ObamaCare

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A Time for Choosing: Medicaid Expansion or Medical Freedom?

URGENT…Action Alert!

HB-391 S2 Prohibition of Medicaid Expansion (Anderegg)

This bill is at the top of the Utah State House calendar Monday, March 11th. It will be debated and then voted on. If passed, this bill will kill ObamaCare (the UN—Affordable Care Act) in Utah, and it could do the same in your state as well. Continue reading A Time for Choosing: Medicaid Expansion or Medical Freedom?

No Good News for Utah’s Health Insurance Exchange

Deseret News Editorial Headline: Good News on Avenue H Read the editorial here.

Update 1.8.2013:  I submitted the following editorial comment to the Deseret News.  For reasons unknown to me, (except that I disagreed with its editorial) the paper has once again not published my comment – online.  This is a disturbing pattern that I wanted my readers to know about, so I am re-submitting this post to ensure that this message gets through by alternative communications. Continue reading No Good News for Utah’s Health Insurance Exchange