Utah’s “Man on the Street” – An Interview with Low Information CMV Petitioner

Watch a video of an undercover interview with a random “Count My Vote petitioner. It will either make you laugh hysterically or make your blood curdle.

Also: How to Remove Your Name from the CMV “Count My Vote” Petition

While a senior in high school, my daughter interned for Sean Hannity at WABC New York City. She frequently went down on the street in front of the Penn Plaza building and assisted with the Man on the Street segment. Sean gave her the opportunity of a lifetime to actually do the interview – the youngest intern ever.

That segment was usually hysterically funny, but always alarming. It highlighted not just the low information voter, but the completely ignorant voter (meaning the voter that “ignores” information).

Here is a Utah example, one of many petitioners hired by the lobbyists and elitist donors backing the “CMV” Count My Vote petition drive to get rid of the neighborhood grassroots voices and voters. This petition actually does exactly the opposite this uninformed petitioner declares it does. It turns all power over to the rich and famous, the lobbyists and the incumbents and career politicians they love to buy with media sound bites while they get rich off those media buys.

If you know anything about Utah’s neighborhood caucus, you will have a good laugh with this video. Pass it along.

Poor Charity. She should be grateful her last name and that of her friends were bleeped.

But you will also be very alarmed that the “man on the street” survives in Utah. It doesn’t say much for Utah’s education system, which is really not Utah’s system at all but the top-down, dumbed-down system Washington lobbyists and unions have given us and through which they benefit.

Charity is the perfect example of precisely the “low-information” brand of voter that has graduated from that system and is now a brainful of mush in the hands of the politically correct on a local college campus near you. (This preceded “common core” by the way.)

Tragically, Utah will be opening up its election process to this brand of voter if the Count My Vote (“Buy My Vote”) petition campaign gets enough signatures.

If you don’t know much about Utah’s neighborhood caucus, and you’ve been deceived into thinking it’s taking away your voice, think again.

If you signed one of those nasty CMV petitions, and after watching this video of an unbelievably off-the-mark conversation between this unfortunate petitioner and a very savvy interviewer who had the wherewithal to record the conversation, you now realize you have made a BIG mistake (and you HAVE), no worries.

You do have a way to remove your name from that petition, and you have until May 15th to do it.

Please watch this video, understand what this petition is about at the Protect Our Neighborhood Elections website, and get the information TODAY – while you can – for how to remove your name.

If you don’t know much about Utah’s neighborhood caucus system, but are now curious and want to know more and upgrade your status from low-information to medium-information voter, here’s the video that explains it.

For promotion to high-information voter status, please attend your neighborhood caucus on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 7 PM. You can find your location here.

Also, please pass this information along and tell everyone while there’s still time: