Why the New “Gender Identity” Bill Must Be Stopped

As you know, the Utah Legislature is now nearing the end of the session – one week to go.

A brand new GENDER IDENTITY bill came out Wednesday, March 4, 2015 that redefines SEX and does NOT protect individual religious liberty – SB 296 (Urquhart-Adams) VOTE NO!

This bill is fast-tracked for a hearing as the first item on the agenda at 8 AM Thursday, March 5, 2015.

Please contact ALL Senators immediately. Ask them to VOTE NO on SB 296: Antidiscrimination and Religous Liberty Amendments (Urquhart-Adams).

Talking Points
This bill has several flaws:

1. We need more time to review and inform voters and others who will be affected negatively by this legislation.

For a bill that demands “fairness,” what kind of fairness is there in a thirty-five page bill that dramatically changes the definition of sex to “gender identity” – the first time ever in Utah history – and that has been given less than 24 hours to to review?

In less than 24 hours, we have not had time to bring in expert witnesses from Johns Hopkins University, Harvard and Los Angeles – all who were willing to be there to testify.

We have barely had time to get the information to those reading this blog post in time to respond for the scheduled 8 AM hearing.

This is not what we expect from our Utah legislators. This is what happens only in Washington DC, right? Wrong. It’s happening now, right here in UTAH!

2. This bill protects institutions, associations and affiliates, but it leaves you and me – the individual religious adherent vulnerable and “under the bus.”

This is unacceptable. Another bill in the House, HB 322, sponsored by Representative LaVar Christensen and by your colleague Senator Al Jackson in the Senate, has the proper balance and DOES protect individuals. We cannot pass SB 296 without removing this flaw.

The easier and more logical solution is to support HB 322 – Religious Liberty and Nondiscrimination Protections when it comes to the Senate.

3.Lines 105-109, page 4: SB 296 uses the DSM-5 definition of “gender identity.” This is the very organization that is trying to shut down therapists and counselors and doctors around the country who desire to help their clients based on their religious beliefs, and we should trust that source to protect our First Amendment liberties?

Even at BYU, the APA accredits the psychology department. The chairman told me that they cannot teach the students any form of therapy that would involve religious teachings if the program is to stay accredited.

In California, it is now against the law for parents to take their minor children who are confused about their sex or struggling with homosexuality to a counselor for help. These therapists are now in the Courts fighting for their First Amendment rights. I serve on their national task force and am following this disturbing trend closely.

Where is the fairness or protection to them in this bill?

In addition, putting this DSM definition into this bill removes not only fairness from the medical field, it ignores the integrity of medical science and ignores the conflict that exists between medical doctors and the DSM.

Solid medical science has proven DNA, which defines whether a person is a male or a female. While surgery can alter physical body parts, it cannot alter DNA. A person is born either male or female.

Yet Utah legislators are about to consider a proposal that undermines the integrity of medical science without hearing from respected doctors who disagree with that definition and who have longitudinal studies they have not been given time to present.

Putting this language into Utah law will leave the therapist or doctor on staff at a hospital unprotected and at risk of discrimination should they are forced to provide services they do not believe in religiously or ethically, as is already happening in California under similar laws.

4. Lines 681-685, P. 23: This bill appears to require employers to provide bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities specifically for the transgendered. Yet the bill has no fiscal note attached. We have no idea what the cost to taxpayers or employers will be, let alone how companies may have to increase their prices to the consumer to accommodate yet another building regulation. There has been no time to get this information to businesses that may be adversely affected.

For this reason alone, we ask for committee members – at the very least – to send SB 296 back to the Rules Committee for analysis.

Stand for the Family Conference

American Leadership Fund Many organizations have formed that reach different circles of influence and that touch a different aspect of the culture war of which the family is the centerpiece. The Stand for the Family conference is organized by Family Watch International, President Sharon Slater.  It will be in Provo, Utah Friday, September 19, 2014.

Our friend Mary Summerhays, President of Celebration of Marriage has graciously joined together with that event to kick it off the night before Thursday September 18, with a Celebration of Marriage rally at the Capitol.

This is a crucial time for Utah. The legal challenge to its Marriage law is on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court now.  Attorney Frank Mylar filed amicus briefs for American Leadership Fund in the 4th (Virginia) and 10th (Utah and Oklahoma) Circuit Courts where, not surprisingly it was overruled 2-1 by the three-judge panel.

The arguments were without rational basis, which our brief addressed. One questions whether the amicus briefs were even read. This is a shameful state our Courts are in and the only remedy is at the ballot box where we elect representatives that will use the checks and balance measures provided in the U.S. Constitution to correct it. That is why American Leadership Fund exists.  We are now in the U.S. Supreme Court petitioning the Justices to uphold Utah’s Marriage law.

We need your support today.

Meanwhile, what will the U.S. Supreme Court do?

It will either rule against Utah’s law and set the precedent for other states and they will fall like dominoes, or it will rule that this matter is still a state issue and therefore best decided by the state.

In either case, the definition of Marriage is sure to heat up, not go away. We know this because of history.

When Roe v. Wade decided that abortion was legal, pro-Life activists doubled-down and energized the grassroots to immediately put restrictions that court’s decision with the Hyde Amendment and since then limits on when an abortion may take place, especially laws prohibiting partial birth abortion.

The passion for Marriage and maintaining it as the standard that all children need – a mother and a father committed to each other by Marriage – is gaining momentum. Those who seek to define it otherwise lack common sense and logic and should be removed from the Courts.

That is why American Leadership Fund is so important. We are preparing for 2016 because the bottom line of this issue will be determined, not in the Court of law but at the ballot box which is swayed by the Court of Public Opinion.

We urge you to donate today so that we can continue to build and influence to help the best candidates get elected. And then join us at this conference. It has a line up of excellent speakers, many of whom I have worked with over the years and I know them to be credible and to have done significant research in the area of protecting, defending and strengthening the family.  This is our call to action.



Homosexuality 101

American Leadership Fund

American Leadership Fund is a member of a national network of leaders and scholars that are speaking strongly in favor of Marriage between a man and a woman.

Please take time to watch this powerful address by one of the members of our network, the Dean of Liberty University Law School, Matthew Staver. He defends his premise that legalizing same-sex “marriage” is the beginning of the end of Western Civilization, Marriage and gender.

Then, at the end of this post, I’ve included a powerful and professionally-produced 90-minute video that explains in detail the history of this battle for Marriage. Share these videos with your family and neighbors.

Here is the background:

On December 20, 2013 a single federal judge – Robert Shelby – declared, without a hearing, that Utah’s law protecting Marriage between a man and a woman was “unconstitutional.” Why? Because he wanted to be “on the right side of history.”

The U.S. Supreme Court STAYED that motion while Utah and Oklahoma appealed. On June 25, 2014, a panel of three judges at the 10th Circuit Court declared that Utah’s and Oklahoma’s laws were unconstitutional, and both appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

American Leadership Fund raised the funds to file an amicus brief in the 10th Circuit as well as the 4th, using the Court’s own standard – a rational basis representing 19 historical scholars on the subject.

Utah is now appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court. Meanwhile, we must be very clear on what the battle we are waging is all about, who the enemy is, and how we are to respond as Christians and Orthodox Jews and any other faith that adheres to Biblical truth.

Let’s be very clear on what is really happening here with the gay rights movement.  This is the 1960s sexual revolution on steroids. It has nothing to do with the well-being of children. It is entirely focused on adults’ selfish desires, redefining Marriage based on “love” and sex acts rather than the institution that procreates and protects children.

Let me reiterate:  Throughout time, Marriage has always been defined for the procreation and protection of children. No rational basis exists to justify that we will be on the “right side of history” to declare Marriage to be anything other than what it was and always will be.

If there is any “civil rights” in this debate, it is the fabricated “right” to a sexual revolution without restraint. (I’ll be writing more on that in an upcoming post.)  History shows that civilizations that condescend to legalizing immorality always implode and destroy themselves. That is the course upon which our judges have embarked.

As my friend Janet Boynes, of JanetBoynesMinistries.com says, “As Christians, we teach a loving compassion without compromise.”

George Santayana Reason in Common Sense, The Life of Reason, Vol.1, echoed Edmund Burke’s earlier warning when he wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Here’s a bit of the past:

Some History

In the 1960’s during the start of the sexual revolution, eugenics (racist “survival of the fittest” population control) advocates from the United Nations under UNESCO, and specifically under SIECUS in the United States, began advocating mandatory sex education. For the first time in United States history, schools began teaching children and teenagers how to have sex – “safe” sex, simply because “they’re going to do it anyway.”

If these programs have been so effective, why then has the United States gone from single digits to 48% of all children being born out-of-wedlock during that same time frame?

The United States has not only abandoned the protection of children, these reckless, irrational judges are making it even worse for them simply because they selfishly want to be popular. They are saying that it’s not only okay to deliberately render a child either motherless or fatherless, it’s “constitutional” to place them in a home that has the highest statistics for abuse and dissolution of partners, especially lesbian relationships.

I have a message for Judge Bob Shelby:  He and his colleagues in the federal court and at the 10th Circuit Court can’t claim “animus.” They may think their hands are washed of this entire affair, and that they will be seen as heroes in history.  But we will all one day be judged by a Higher Judge and it’s only a matter of time that will tell how “right” they were on this side of history.  The end of this road upon which they have propelled Utah and the rest of the nation is quite predictable, and they will go down in history among the infamous.

The campaign to redefine and “transform” marriage is not about children. It’s not about civil rights.  It’s about legalizing lewdness and depravity and an in-your-face anything-goes environment to retaliate against organized religion, all at the expense of innocent children who simply deserve both a mom and a dad. #shameful

Why did we allow this to happen?

Times have changed for the American family.  Frankly, today’s parents are challenged at every turn.  It used to be that a football practice was once or twice a week.  Now it’s not just every night, it’s most of the summer and late hours after school because today every parent wants their son or daughter to be an Olympic-standard athlete gold medalist or to play in the NFL or to be number one on the latest TV talent show.

Parents are running between giving up their prime time with their kids in schools, pre-schools and daycare centers that keep them away from home and their own parents – before and after hours, from infancy forward. Only time will tell what religious and emotional toll this takes on these little children who lack the nuturing and bonding with their own parents during the most critical, formative years of their lives, and the fallout from faith being in a secular environment rather than under the influence of their own parents.

This is a generation in which the parents are carpooling their school age children between soccer games and dance lessons, and rarely even have time to sit down around the family dinner table together any more, much less watch the news to know what is happening to destroy their future. This is no way to define “family.” It is more like the communal kibbutz where the village raises the child. Parents are abdicating their God-given responsibility.

We should all be alarmed.  With three stair-step boys in school and two pre-schoolers, I remember being on this same tread mill.  I finally said, “Enough.”  We taught the kids at home.  Each child chose one sport, and we turned off the TV.  We ate dinner together every night.  The home was peaceful and happy and calm, so much so that when the plumber arrived one day to fix a leak, he noticed the quiet classical music playing in the background and each of the children sitting quietly studying, and he said, “What is going on here?”

We had tuned out the world and its stresses just to spend time – quality and PRIME time – with our children.  It was a moment in time I will always cherish.

Back to the World – and the Present: A Must-See Video on Homosexuality

Today, at every turn, our children and grandchildren are bombarded with the views of the world, especially with regard to the sexual revolution, the normalization of homosexuality being paramount. For those who are still confused about the debates surrounding homosexuality and gay “marriage,” this is an excellent, very professionally edited 90-minute video.  It will help you and your family better understand the campaign to normalize an entire sexual revolution.

In addition I suggest an excellent book written by Michael Brown, PhD – Can You Be Gay and Christian?  Responding with LOVE & TRUTH to Questions About HOMOSEXUALITY.

Can you be gay and christian

Utah is now on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and American Leadership Fund has a goal to raise another $10,000 by the end of August.  We are launching a radio show and also developing a media campaign to win in the Court of Public Opinion, and we need your help – today.  While large corporations such as Overstock.com gave $50,000 or more to support “gay pride” in Salt Lake City, those of us who fight this controversial battle depend on the contributions of people such as you.  Please support American Leadership Fund today with a generous donation of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more.

Remember who this is really about.  It’s not the adults.

I need a mom and dad

Roll Over Rolly: Common Core and AIR Assessments

American Leadership FundPaul Rolly, Utah’s liberal political satirist, despises the tea party.  So naturally he gave me the honor of the title “Utah’s Tea Party Goddess” in 2013.  I graciously thanked him and sent him this photo.  He was apparently speechless. I never heard back from him.

n Eagar Tea Party Goddess 2

Cherilyn Eagar, Tea Party Goddess 2013

On July 20, 2014, I was once again the subject of his column, first attacking me for fundraising almost as much as Senator Mike Lee.  Continue reading Roll Over Rolly: Common Core and AIR Assessments

Marriage and Common Core Reforms

On July 21, 2014 in Paul Rolly’s column he has once again given me a great mention for connecting common core and the LGBT campaign in schools. I love it when he does that because it gives the ideas more traction and I get the opportunity to discuss it more.  He claims that I have no proof.  He must have forgotten to click on the links in the article, which are well-documented.

Google is not going to like this very much, but I’m copying and pasting my own article from the American Leadership Fund site here so it can be viewed from both sites.  Does Google still punish bloggers for doing that? Continue reading Marriage and Common Core Reforms