Republic or Democracy? The Caucus System Knows

The Deseret News published an editorial in favor of getting rid of Utah’s caucus system.  This paper is owned by a Church that, in its Sunday School Manual, defines our form of government as a Constitutional representative republic, not a democracy.  It appears there’s a difference of opinion between its ownership and its editorial board. Continue reading Republic or Democracy? The Caucus System Knows

The Irony of the “Buy My Vote” Initiative

While Utah political operatives, consultants and their DC lobbyists want Utah to be Connecticut or California in their election policies, both Connecticut and California have expressed a longing for being Utah.

What irony.

Because a ballot initiative called “Count My Vote” is underway, I’ve done a lot of research and we all agree that it’s more “Buy My Vote” so that’s what we call it.

I recently had two lengthy conversations with active members and leaders in those respective Republican parties of Connecticut and California, and here’s what you need to know. Continue reading The Irony of the “Buy My Vote” Initiative

Keep Caucuses and Conventions

Fred Cox Utah State Rep
Former State Rep. Fred Cox

The following is printed by permission of its author, former Utah State Representative Fred Cox. It was published in the Salt Lake Tribune on May 16, 2013:

A group calling themselves “Count My Vote” has threatened both political parties with a voter initiative that would change Utah’s current system for selecting candidates by neighborhood caucus and political party convention.

The challenge is being led by Republican LaVarr Webb, a political consultant and lobbyist, policy deputy to then Gov. Mike Leavitt and a former Deseret News managing editor. Continue reading Keep Caucuses and Conventions