Labor Day Should Be Renamed Memorial Day II

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Note:  My email linked to this post unintentionally calculated numbers that did not reflect specifically lost manufacturing jobs.  The stats are accurate in this post.  My thanks to those vigilant readers that caught the error.  

First let’s praise all that is good about America: A strong tradition in free enterprise. Innovations in technology that brought the world Internet communications and software programs unmatched. The best medical research on earth. Excellence in strong defense and national security. The everyday, hardworking mother and father, in the workplace or at home. And an indomitable spirit that pulls itself up by the bootstraps despite every effort by elected officials to kill the American Dream becoming more and more elusive. Now, Labor Day. Let’s be honest. Labor Day should be a sort of Memorial Day Part II. Continue reading Labor Day Should Be Renamed Memorial Day II

Which of Your Child’s Sports Will Be Next?

Another Attempt at Trampling on Parental Rights Underway

A national campaign to target liberty in the field of children’s sports is threatening to shut down private businesses that provide fun in a safe environment – the indoor trampoline gyms.

Perhaps challenges are coming to your town.  Representative government is running unchecked.  These are unelected bureaucrats that are dictating public policy.  Here is an example of one challenge happening in the city of Provo, Utah:

This Monday September 23rd the unelected Utah County Health Department will vote on whether you as a parent, should have the right to decide for yourself and your children how you play at commercial trampoline gyms.

If you are local and can attend, here’s the info:

County Board of Health Meeting
Monday, September 23, 2013
4 p.m until 5 p.m.
Utah County Health and Justice Building
151 S. University Ave., Suite 2500, Provo, Utah

If this unelected bureaucracy gets its way, it could mean:

  • No dodgeball

  • No flips

  • No kids below the age of six on the trampolines.

Take action NOW to protect your parental rights! Click here to read and sign the petition.

In every sport there is an inherent element of risk and danger.  Baseball players accidentally get hit with baseballs or bats. Basketball players may sprain an ankle, break a leg, or dislocate a shoulder. Even the harmless version of  touch or flag football, a player may suffer a concussion or worse.

While playing we all have had all few skinned knees, a couple falls, and the occasional trip to the emergency room in a hospital.  This author has sprained her ankle four times playing baseball, basketball, and dancing on stage. My children have had their share of injuries, including one son that broke both wrists in a long-boarding accident.

However, we wouldn’t trade those lessons learned, the hard-won medals, the sweat and tears of learning a new skill, or the teamwork skills we learned just because there was some risk involved.

With all this unforeseen danger, why would we ever engage in sports?  An even better question is why would we let our kids play sports?  The simple answer is that we learn to work together toward a goal, we gain self-confidence, we stay healthy and increase our human experience while playing sports and engaging in physical activity. These attributes we gain outweigh the risks.

Scientific studies have shown that trampoline gym activities are safer than most sports.  Here are some statistical comparisons:


Injury Rate

Injuries per 1,000













Trampoline Park



Source: American Academy of Pediatrics Journal, “Survey of the Injury Rate for Children in Community Sports”, Marirose A. Radelet, Scott M Lephart (PhD), Elaine N. Runbinstein (PhD), and Joseph B. Myers (PhD), Pediatrics 2002; 110; e28; DOI: 10.1542/ped.110.3.e28

This nation and its states and local cities and towns are being run by the unelected.  If we continue to allow these government bureaucrats to succeed in every arena – including this latest skirmish, regulating commercial trampoline gyms, your freedom to play your sport could be next.

What would stop them from regulating how old kids can be to go swimming, or play baseball, snow skiing or even gymnastics?

Well, we can, and we must take a stand against this threat to our representative form of government and its attack on private, free enterprise.

Even if you don’t live in Utah county, please click here to sign the petition.  If you do live in Utah County please attend the County Board of Health meeting Monday, September 23 from 4 p.m until 5 p.m. at the Utah County Health and Justice Building, 151 S. University Ave., Provo Suite 2500

For more information about the safety of trampoline parks visit:

Petition Link:

Facebook Event Page:

A Petition to STOP Nationalized Education and Restore Local Control

This petition has a pre-requisite:  that you first read the blog post Restoring Our Schools  – An Education Policy Action Plan and this additional informational article.  These provide essential background information about which you may not be aware and will most likely answer any questions you may have.

The petition is directed to elected officials at the local, state and national levels and is offered for endorsement and use by policy organizations and individuals who share the perspective that what’s at stake in this current Common Core Standards debate over whose standards are best – yours or mine – is largely a battle overlooking the real war that must be won: the fight over loss of local control, free enterprise and our representative form of government.

It wouldn’t matter if the standards were from the Ten Commandments or the Communist Manifesto, debating the merits of standards merely lends credibility to the unconstitutional role of the federal government to control society with common – or uniform – national standards.

If you agree with us that there’s much more at stake, or if you have suggestions, please comment, but be sure to study this issue thoroughly, and then sign this petition.  Click “more” to read it.  The petition is to the right of this blog site.  Continue reading A Petition to STOP Nationalized Education and Restore Local Control