Meet the Grand Dame of the Common Core Revolt




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charlotteCharlotte Iserbyt.  She is a lightning rod in the field of education reform because she tells it like it is. Too often people don’t want to hear the truth.  But as Senior Policy Advisor in the Department of Education during the Reagan Administration, she saw first-hand what was being planned – what she coined “the deliberate dumb down.”

She’s frustrated that after several decades, conservatives just don’t seem to get it.  Can you blame her?

She has her ducks in a row.  We have been collaborators in this research for over 25 years now, and she is still going strong on her blog site, the ABC’s of Dumb Down, a mix of treacherous truth and her hilarious sense of humor, two of her higher order thinking skills she has fine tuned.  Behind the scenes and in front, she has provided the major background research that has connected the dots for so many new activists and moms and dads who have come and gone in the system and experienced that gnawing feeling “something’s wrong with education.” Continue reading Meet the Grand Dame of the Common Core Revolt

Common Core: Why School Takes 13 Years

No wonder it take 13 years for students to get through school and then they still can’t do math. But I suppose if they taught it the way it should be taught, time against accuracy and rote memorization (horrors!), a lot of teachers would be out of work because the students would learn it so quickly.

This is truly part of the deliberate dumb down. Here are more demonstrations:

Some of my grandchildren confirmed they are doing this in Utah schools.