Establishment v Grassroots face off in today’s caucus. Are you ready?

Before you attend the Caucus Night Tuesday, March 20, 2018, be aware a war is going on between the grassroots and the establishment.  Know what it’s about.   Breitbart picked up on this story the morning of Utah’s caucus.

This battle is between the big government, globalist establishment and the Utah grassroots and it has gotten ugly, just like the establishment that sought to destroy Judge Roy Moore in Alabama.

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Who’s Who in the Legislature: Utah’s Constitutional Republic Election System

American Leadership FundI’ve written several articles addressing the attack on Utah’s Constitutional Republic election system – called the “caucus convention.”

In 2014 the Utah Legislature voted to intervene in the affairs of a private corporation specifically to dictate to it how it will elect its corporate members and who they can be – similar to a corporate board.  Except, what the legislature said was that Macy’s no longer has the exclusive right to appoint or elect its leadership, its CEO and board and voting shareholders.  Instead Gimble’s now has the right to take over Macy’s and petition to manipulate a hostile takeover of Macy’s.

Put another way, should a state legislature have the right to intervene in the business affairs of another private corporation – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and tell it – by law – how it can appoint or elect its Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and who will be the next President of that church?

Outrageous you say?

Well, that is what the Count My Vote campaign is asking and that is what Senator Curt Bramble and others who are catering to the elite in Utah have done.

Corporate law prohibits such interference from competition in this manner.  (Unless you are General Motors and President Obama.  You may recall how the president stripped franchise owners of their own private contracts.  In Utah those car dealership owners stood at a press conference and, some very tearfully having lost their entire life’s investment in one letter, rightfully described it as communism.)

This matter of a political party’s right to a caucus convention was also challenged in Idaho and was found to be unconstitutional under the First Amendment protection to freely assemble.

Perhaps some of Utah’s legislators did not realize what they were doing at the time, but at this juncture they should be aware of the troubling circumstances they have complicated further.

In fact, it could be said that they acted in contempt of the very party that elected them.  And they continue to do so in this session.

Senator Curt Bramble is at the center of this conflict.  He was the sponsor of SB 54, promoted as the “fix.” He promised that it was “severable,” meaning a portion of the bill could be separated from the rest and dealt with.  However, members of the State Central Committee knew otherwise.  Read former legislator Chris Herrod’s expose here.

Now Senator Bramble tells the Republican Party it’s not severable.  In any other circumstance, this would either be incompetence or obfuscation.  In either case, Senator Bramble and those that followed him in support of SB 54 must be held accountable.

The elite of Utah are behind this attempt to destroy the Republican Party and to infringe on the rights of a private corporation so that they can not only elect their wealthy and famous friends, but also limit it to those that can afford the costly primaries that the media buyers otherwise miss out on with a caucus – convention.

The Republican Party has rightfully filed a lawsuit to defend its first amendment rights.  The Constitution Party has joined the lawsuit with identical concerns.  They should know.  Their party carries the namesake of the very law that is being torn to shreds by Utah Republicans the people elected to the state legislature.

They are also being lied to by local media, especially, but not limited to, Doug Wright.  He also should be held accountable.

Every business owner should be shuddering at the precedent the Utah legislature has created should SB 54 stand.  It means that independents (primarily progressives and Democrats that find it advantageous to run as “independent” or “non-partisan” so they can be elected in a predominantly Republican state) can enter a Republican primary and win it.

The Democrat Party should also be shaking in its boots.  In areas such as Salt Lake City, it would not take much for Republicans to run and take over precincts that the democrats hold by simply usurping the Democrat Party imprimatur.   It removes the same First Amendment rights from the Democrat Party as it does the Constitution, the Libertarian or the Republican Party.

The fundamental questions are:  does a private organization have a right to self-determination and definition?

Does a political party have the inherent and God-given right to declare its beliefs and who will represent them?

The answer is yes.

I am a member of the Utah Republican State Central Committee.  Senator Bramble and others who followed his lead were led down a dangerous path of brambles.  The following Republicans from the 2014 legislative session, knowingly – or otherwise deceived – have done serious harm to the Republican Party and to each of us who have been duly elected to represent its best interests.  We have spent countless hours and sacrifice from our families and work raising funds and defending the interests of the grassroots against an small elite group of people who wish to manipulate with their money or fame:

Utah Senators

Adams, J. S. Bramble, C. Christensen, A. Davis, G. Dayton, M.
Escamilla, L. Harper, W. Henderson, D. Hinkins, D. Jenkins, S.
Knudson, P. Mayne, K. Niederhauser, W. Okerlund, R. Osmond, A.
Stephenson, H. Thatcher, D. Urquhart, S. Valentine, J. Van Tassell, K.
Vickers, E. Weiler, T.

Utah House of Representatives

Anderson, Jerry Arent, P. Bird, J. Brown, M. Chavez-Houck, R.
Christensen, L. Cosgrove, T. Dee, B. Draxler, J. Duckworth, S.
Dunnigan, J. Edwards, R. Eliason, S. Fisher, Janice Froerer, G.
Greenwood, R. Hall, C. Handy, S. Hemingway, L. Hughes, G.
Ipson, D. King, B. S. Last, B. Layton, D. Lifferth, D.
Lockhart, R. McCay, D. McIff, K. McKell, M. Menlove, R.
Moss, C. Nelson, M. Nielson, J. Peterson, J. Peterson, V.
Poulson, M. Powell, K. Romero, A. Sagers, D. Sanpei, D.
Seelig, J. Snow, V. L. Spendlove, R. Stratton, K. Tanner, E.
Webb, R. C. Westwood, J. Wiley, L. Wilson, B

In the 2015 session, the following Republicans were true to the oath they swore to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Utah.  Most of them became aware of the constitutional matter which had not been presented to them in 2014 and they voted for a bill that would have helped the Republican Party, SB 43 and they deserve our thanks.  This is actually representative of a core group of Utah Senators that primarily vote with a constitutional compass.

Christensen, A. Dayton, M. Henderson, D. Jackson, A. Jenkins, S.
Madsen, M. Millner, A. Stephenson, H. Thatcher, D.

The following Republicans, although they have voted constitutionally on other measures,  have acted in this instance to harm the Republican Party and the interests of the people against the elite.  Perhaps some of them simply trusted their leaders or were pressured to do so?

Adams, J. S. Bramble, C. Dabakis, J. Davis, G. Escamilla, L.
Harper, W. Hillyard, L. Iwamoto, J. Knudson, P. Mayne, K.
Niederhauser, W. Okerlund, R. Osmond, A. Shiozawa, B. Stevenson, J.
Urquhart, S. Van Tassell, K. Vickers, E. Weiler, T.

Congratulations to Chris Herrod and Craig Frank and their blog site, and others who have worked very hard to get the truth to Senator Bramble’s colleagues and for their integrity in stopping SB 254, the SB 54 highway that circled around CMV City in this 2015 session.  Here are the Senators that voted to HOLD the bill in committee.  We appreciate them for their diligence.

Dayton, M.
Hillyard, L.
Hinkins, D.
Jackson, A.
Thatcher, D.

Here are some talking points in favor of the caucus system and why so many of the grassroots that understand its benefits are concerned about:

Many have asked about the specific objections the Party has to SB 54 (the Utah Legislature/Count My Vote compromise). Please see eight major objections below – (for the sake of brevity, preserving our constitutional rights is a given):

1)     The SB 54 compromise allows candidates who are not Republicans to run on the ballot as Republicans.

2)     It allows a candidate to be on the Republican primary ballot without having to get one Republican signature.

3)     It allows someone to win a Republican primary with as little as 10 percent of the vote, because there is no majority vote requirement.

4)     It forces the Utah Republican Party to have all 29 county conventions in a two week period

5)     It does not allow the Republican Party to ensure that candidates running on the Republican primary ballot even acknowledge that they support the Republican Party’s platform.

6)     Count My Vote has never been about increasing voter participation. It has always been about finding another and easier way to gain access to the Republican Party brand, and they are using the appeal of increasing voter participation as the rallying cry to do it.

7)     We have one state convention in 2015 to make all the required changes to comply with the aggressive 2016 timeline.

8)     If we can’t comply with the SB 54 requirements in time, Republicans may not be on the ballot in 2016.

We need your support today to continue in this fight.  Please consider a donation of whatever amount you are able – $10. $25, $50, $100 or more – a monthly donation is also welcome.  Simply text “ALF” to 313131 or


The Utah Compact, Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order v. Real Solutions

American Leadership Fund

On numerous occasions, President Obama has vowed to take unilateral action, if Congress does not, and he has. Just before Thanksgiving, the president stood before Americans and explained his comprehensive, amnesty executive order to 4.5 million illegal aliens. He has no constitutional authority to do this. Congress must exercise its constitutional authority to reign in the executive branch. It is high time that the lawsuit Republicans have brought against him be heard.

By now, it should be evident that neither side of the aisle has the will to what they have been charged constitutionally to do. Follow the money. I would not hesitate to suggest that there is corruption at the core. More votes for Democrats. More cheap labor for Republicans. More revenue for the U.S. and South American countries in the drug industry. And the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the “winner,” even if short-lived. Because if this greed continues, this nation will crumble from the moral decay that indebtedness and entitlement bring.

Since the U.S. decided to abort babies – 1 million a year since 1973, are we surprised that the U.S. now needs to replace our shrinking population with illegal aliens? This is a disastrous state of affairs.

Chris Herrod’s Extraordinary Analysis of President Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order

Former Utah Representative Chris Herrod, whose wife is a legal immigrant from Ukraine, has been willing to take the heat among his peers to speak truth. He has left no prisoners behind in this review of what Utah, an otherwise conservative state, did to create a sanctuary state that is now reaping some serious consequences and he makes a compelling case for why that unconstitutional “Utah Compact” legislation that President Obama has embraced should be repealed in Utah before it gets worse.

Chris has created a series of short videos on his new blog site that each analyze the fallacies in the President’s address unveiling his amnesty order. This is worth the watch, and I hope that it will make you aware of the damage our elected officials have done to law-abiding citizens in this state. Continue reading The Utah Compact, Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order v. Real Solutions

When Compromise Becomes A Deal Breaker

On November 30, 2013 the Salt Lake Tribune satirist Paul Rolly commented on Utah State Senator Curt Bramble’s “compromise” bill on how to “Fix” the caucus system. Former Representative Fred Cox wrote a swift rebuttal which has merit and I encourage you to read it here.

Senator Bramble is complicating a situation that was already yielding a solution that the majority agreed upon in a bi-partisan way. His proposal, if Rolly explained it correctly, is putting a wrench in the works and we hope he will drop the bill.

The four changes Senator Bramble advocates are:
1. Allow absentee and remote voting in the neighborhood caucuses and allow more time for people to vote on line or by mail for their delegates.

Cherilyn Eagar’s Comment: This single recommendation will kill the purpose and the very existence of the neighborhood caucus. Does Senator Bramble believe in a neighborhood election or “caucus,” which means people from your street and neighborhood gather together face to face once every two years to discuss important issues together and to elect a neighborhood representative, rather than to substitute it with sitting at home and watching American Idol while casting a vote?

Human nature typically takes the path of least resistance and if this provision ever passes, it won’t be long before people figure out that it’s much easier to sit at home and cast a vote online than to get dressed and show up at a public meeting.

Perhaps ecclesiastical leaders should adopt a similar procedure and allow adherents to sit at home and take a virtual sacrament or participate online from within the four walls of their homes. There are times when face to face human interaction is imperative, and this is one of those times.

2. Allow absentee and remote voting by delegates in the convention.

Cherilyn Eagar’s Comment: Ditto #1

3. Allow unaffiliated voters to vote in party primaries.

The current system guards against cross-over voting, but this would not. Welcome to Chicago politics. Senator Bramble was born and raised there. We don’t need Chicago in Utah.

4. Change the threshold for a candidate to win the party’s nomination outright at the convention, from 60 percent of the delegate vote to 65 percent.

The Count My Vote Bob Bennett supporters are still licking their wounds from their 2010 loss. 65% is an incumbent protection plan. Placing the bar that much higher only helps incumbents. Once an incumbent gets into a primary, it’s likely that incumbent will win by name recognition plus the war chest built by D.C. lobbyists who have rallied to protect their advantage of the career politician.

Each of these proposals was deliberated by the SCC members. Six resolutions passed that take care of the concerns. Why then would Senator Bramble leap forward with this bill without first consulting us? The Senator doesn’t typically show his face at a State Central Committee meeting. However, it was unusual when he was credentialed last May to vote proxy for the Senate President who was unable to attend. That has never happened before, and it is not provided for in the rules. Nevertheless, there he was casting strategic votes on these thresholds.

Furthermore, Senator Bramble did not approach any of us who have been working hard outside of committee meetings to find compromises and improvements. We think that was the wrong way to approach this matter.

Senator Bramble never runs a bill he doesn’t intend to pass, typically at all costs. He is a behind-closed-doors deal maker. So we take this compromise seriously, though unwanted. But this unwanted compromise may be just the compromise that breaks the deal for him and for both parties. After all the hard work, the hours and many meetings of dedicated SCC members and bi-partisan gatherings and coalition building, that’s what Fred Cox means when he says, “The last thing we need is to go backwards.”