Your Cell Phone Funds Abortion and Other Liberal Causes – What You Can Do About It

You may not be aware that some of the largest corporate donors to liberal causes are the mobile phone companies. Between them AT&T and Verizon have provided almost $70 million to liberal politicians.

This money goes to everyone from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to Elizabeth Warren right on down to liberals at the state and local level who are making decisions that impact you on a daily basis.

This is so pervasive that AT&T has sponsored more than 9,000 and Verizon more than 4,000 winning liberal candidates. (Sprint, T-Mobile and other mobile operators are not quite as bad, but still provide significant contributions to liberals every election cycle).

EOS-Logo-MLearning this made me so upset, that I went in search of a conservative answer, and I found one. It’s called Eos Mobile. It was founded by conservative activists as an alternative to the liberal agenda of your current phone company.

Eos Mobile has fantastic service across the country with a network of high speed data and voice. It also has prices that are 10-15% lower than Verizon and AT&T for basically the same service.

What attracted me to Eos Mobile is its promise to never give any contributions to liberals. In addition, they give as much as 3% of every dollar you spend to conservative causes.

I reached out to their CEO and he arranged for a special offer to American Leadership Fund members. It includes a free iPhone 5C and waives the activation fees for smart phones. The American Leadership Fund special includes a healthy 2.5 GB of data per device and it has family plans that pool all the data and include unlimited minutes and texts. This special offer also includes other devices and plans that don’t include data.

Best of all, if you identify as a supporter of the American Leadership Fund Eos has agreed to provide us with up to 3% of every bill to continue the work we are pursuing to help conservatives run and win elections.

If everyone on our list would switch to Eos, we would accomplish two important things.

1. We would stop unknowingly providing aid and comfort to the liberals through our phone bill
2. We would be supporting a conservative company and raising significant funds for American Leadership Fund.

I have switched my phones over to Eos, and I am hopeful that each of you will take the time to do so as well. I know some of you won’t do this, but if everyone on our list joined us at Eos Mobile, our combined phone bills would generate almost $20 million for the American Leadership Fund SuperPAC for 2016. With those funds we could help conservative candidates win the close races and change the trajectory of our country.

As always, I appreciate your continued support, but here is an opportunity to stop giving to liberals and to start supporting conservatives with a bill you pay every month. To sign up for this awesome special offer, visit the Eos website and call Eos Mobile today at 877-367-7524 and mention “American Leadership Fund.”