The Utah Compact, Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order v. Real Solutions

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On numerous occasions, President Obama has vowed to take unilateral action, if Congress does not, and he has. Just before Thanksgiving, the president stood before Americans and explained his comprehensive, amnesty executive order to 4.5 million illegal aliens. He has no constitutional authority to do this. Congress must exercise its constitutional authority to reign in the executive branch. It is high time that the lawsuit Republicans have brought against him be heard.

By now, it should be evident that neither side of the aisle has the will to what they have been charged constitutionally to do. Follow the money. I would not hesitate to suggest that there is corruption at the core. More votes for Democrats. More cheap labor for Republicans. More revenue for the U.S. and South American countries in the drug industry. And the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the “winner,” even if short-lived. Because if this greed continues, this nation will crumble from the moral decay that indebtedness and entitlement bring.

Since the U.S. decided to abort babies – 1 million a year since 1973, are we surprised that the U.S. now needs to replace our shrinking population with illegal aliens? This is a disastrous state of affairs.

Chris Herrod’s Extraordinary Analysis of President Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order

Former Utah Representative Chris Herrod, whose wife is a legal immigrant from Ukraine, has been willing to take the heat among his peers to speak truth. He has left no prisoners behind in this review of what Utah, an otherwise conservative state, did to create a sanctuary state that is now reaping some serious consequences and he makes a compelling case for why that unconstitutional “Utah Compact” legislation that President Obama has embraced should be repealed in Utah before it gets worse.

Chris has created a series of short videos on his new blog site that each analyze the fallacies in the President’s address unveiling his amnesty order. This is worth the watch, and I hope that it will make you aware of the damage our elected officials have done to law-abiding citizens in this state. Continue reading The Utah Compact, Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order v. Real Solutions

Obama’s Exec Orders to Grant 5-6 million amnesty

A “solution” to illegal immigration is supposed to be pending this week from the Oval Office:  amnesty for 5-6 million illegal aliens.  This imperial presidency is determined to transform America – into a third world nation of impoverished immigrants at rates that cannot possibly be assimilated.  Watch this video interview with Maryland blogger Ann Corcoran.

She accurately portrays the Left in this debate.  As one who has been in U.N. negotiating rooms and an attendee at an immigration seminar hosted by the University of the United Nations, I can say that she is absolutely correct:  they already refer to nations as “states” and they advocate for borderless migration, and instant citizenship.

However latest reports indicate that Obama’s plans may be delayed.  After meetings with those pushing for this economic destruction of America, which included the extremist and socialist-revolutionist La Raza, there is a chance he could abandon his original plans.  This report is from The Daily Caller.

There are reasonable solutions to illegal immigration, but will Congress do its part?   More to come.

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Amnesty to Save Entitlements?

Here’s what I believe is happening, in part. In 1973, the US Supreme Court legalized abortion. Feminists promoted the idea of limiting family size, along with Chicken Little Paul Erlich’s fallacies of population explosion. I was among the young moms debating the feminists about what an economic disaster this would bring in 30+ years.

Women bought those lies and for the past several decades, the US population has not been at replacement level.

Although no one’s talking about it, this discussion appears to be about how the US can equalize the number of workers with the number of retirees to keep Social Security and other entitlements from imploding.

We all know there aren’t enough workers to support the retiring Baby Boomers. The amnesty act could perhaps be titled the “Save Social Security and Entitlements Act” because they know it will not stop the influx of illegal aliens – it will encourage it.

We aborted 50 million. Now we’ve imported them. If they aren’t amnestied, Social Security, ObamaCare and other entitlements are not sustainable.

I do not support amnesty or the Gang of 8. I just think this is part of what is motivating the high pitch and fervor of this debate.

Heartless Immigration Law? Or Media Bias?

Today Salt Lake City’s Deseret News’ front page story showed an illegal alien mom in distress:  she and her four children are to be deported to their deaths in El Salvador.

It was truly heart-wrenching.

Immigrant family torn apart
Credit: Deseret News

But the message that came across was that Americans must show more compassion to illegal aliens, and that our policy is heartless and must be more “family-friendly.”  Look at the banner in the background.

At the same time, it neglected to inform what this woman could have done – should have done – and probably still CAN do.

It’s quite simple: Even though she didn’t declare political asylum upon crossing the border, she still can do it, according to the information on this website.

Either the writer wasn’t aware of this option, or the paper was deliberately miss-reporting the facts.  I hope it’s the former.

Utah is ranked #4 in the nation for illegal aliens.  The Drug Enforcement Agency told me that drug-related crime is rising.  The longer we postpone a reasonable solution, the worse it will get.