Your Cell Phone Funds Abortion and Other Liberal Causes – What You Can Do About It

You may not be aware that some of the largest corporate donors to liberal causes are the mobile phone companies. Between them AT&T and Verizon have provided almost $70 million to liberal politicians.

This money goes to everyone from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to Elizabeth Warren right on down to liberals at the state and local level who are making decisions that impact you on a daily basis.

This is so pervasive that AT&T has sponsored more than 9,000 and Verizon more than 4,000 winning liberal candidates. (Sprint, T-Mobile and other mobile operators are not quite as bad, but still provide significant contributions to liberals every election cycle).

EOS-Logo-MLearning this made me so upset, that I went in search of a conservative answer, and I found one. It’s called Eos Mobile. It was founded by conservative activists as an alternative to the liberal agenda of your current phone company.

Eos Mobile has fantastic service across the country with a network of high speed data and voice. It also has prices that are 10-15% lower than Verizon and AT&T for basically the same service.

What attracted me to Eos Mobile is its promise to never give any contributions to liberals. In addition, they give as much as 3% of every dollar you spend to conservative causes.

I reached out to their CEO and he arranged for a special offer to American Leadership Fund members. It includes a free iPhone 5C and waives the activation fees for smart phones. The American Leadership Fund special includes a healthy 2.5 GB of data per device and it has family plans that pool all the data and include unlimited minutes and texts. This special offer also includes other devices and plans that don’t include data.

Best of all, if you identify as a supporter of the American Leadership Fund Eos has agreed to provide us with up to 3% of every bill to continue the work we are pursuing to help conservatives run and win elections.

If everyone on our list would switch to Eos, we would accomplish two important things.

1. We would stop unknowingly providing aid and comfort to the liberals through our phone bill
2. We would be supporting a conservative company and raising significant funds for American Leadership Fund.

I have switched my phones over to Eos, and I am hopeful that each of you will take the time to do so as well. I know some of you won’t do this, but if everyone on our list joined us at Eos Mobile, our combined phone bills would generate almost $20 million for the American Leadership Fund SuperPAC for 2016. With those funds we could help conservative candidates win the close races and change the trajectory of our country.

As always, I appreciate your continued support, but here is an opportunity to stop giving to liberals and to start supporting conservatives with a bill you pay every month. To sign up for this awesome special offer, visit the Eos website and call Eos Mobile today at 877-367-7524 and mention “American Leadership Fund.”

A New Year’s Resolution – Three Simple Steps for American Leadership

American Leadership Fund

A Senator’s Inspiring Hopeful Message – And A Warning!

Another Conservative Business Owner Targeted

Three ACTION Steps for 2015

It’s another New Year.  Our message is simple:  A real hero, Senator Tom Coburn, retired from the U.S. Senate due to health concerns.  He left his colleagues with the message of the century.  It is both a message of inspiring hope and a warning.

Our only hope is that the Senate will heed his warning. Please watch this incredible American leader, the personification of the kind of leader we seek.  Get inspired and share his message far and wide.


It’s your voice we need now more than ever to stop Liberals who are destroying our freedom and states rights with an over-reaching federal government.

New Year’s Resolution:  Take Action NOW!
American Leadership Fund is asking for your consideration of this New Year’s resolution:

RESOLVED – ACTION #1:  Support only conservative-owned and managed businesses and corporations.
We will continue to make excellent recommendations.  Here is one that you MUST know about – we ask for your support in ordering products from this company that you normally purchase at the store.  Listen to this CEO, Frank Vandersloot – on the O’Reilly Factor.

He is a man of courage who stood up to the Obama Administration’s bullying, who put him on their top enemy list for his strong support of the Republican presidential nominee.

The Human Rights Campaign targeted him for his conservative stance supporting marriage between a man and a woman.

Then the IRS audited him and found NO violations!

This is unbelievable, but it is happening.  If we don’t stop this now, it could happen to any of us.  We must rally behind these good businesses and principled ownership.


These are the companies we will continue to highlight for our support.  Every purchase from this online store will benefit American Leadership Fund.  If you would like more information, please fill out this simple form.

RESOLVED – ACTION #2:  Consider a sustaining membership with a MONTHLY donation of $5, $10, $15, or $20 or more.
It’s costly to communicate to so many in all 50 states.  Along with your contributions to your faith, if you – and everyone on our list – would donate just a little, American Leadership Fund would be well on the way to establishing the funds needed to help our conservative candidates make it through coming primaries and beyond the “establishment” rank-and-file old-guard that has brought this nation down.



RESOLVED – ACTION #3:  Please fast and pray for America and our leaders.

The farther the people and our elected leaders move away from God, the closer this nation gets to its own destruction.  This is our children and grandchildren’s future.

Your help in these three ways will change the face of leadership and the future of America.

For five years now, American Leadership Fund has been a strong voice to help states stand on state sovereignty, to fight the “common core” nationalization of education, to stop ObamaCare and the invasion of our borders by terrorists, drug cartels and illegal immigrants, and to preserve Life and marriage against the unconstitutional judicial activism that has sought vigorously to overturn the voice of the people.

Your donation will also keep The Cherilyn Eagar Radio Show LIVE and on air across the nation!

Here is the latest broadcast featuring co-hosts Hollywood’s Why Guy, Jeff Chamberlain and the Constitutional Councilman Tim Irwin, with an interview with Andy Schlafly, legal counsel for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and an update on what the case before the US Supreme Court means.  As well as our take on what the Republican Party should do with House Speaker John Boehner.  Share!

With your continued support, we can continue to provide you updates and regular online seminars on important issues and we will prevail.

We have extended our special offer of a book that is a MUST-read.

As presidential hopefuls line up in 2015, this expose of how Kingmakers “anoint” our presidential nominees is vital information for you and your children to have.

Choice not echo.jpg


– OR –




Donate $5

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Donate $25

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Donate $50

Donate $100 or more and get your FREE complimentary book!  


Or mail check of any amount from a personal or

corporate account to:

American Leadership Fund

PO Box 901483

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Blessings to you for a Prosperous New Year!





President, American Leadership Fund

P.S.  Some have asked, why American Leadership Fund and not another fund?

American Leadership Fund is not a single-issue or a libertarian fund.  It is solidly conservative in the tradition of the Founders. 

It is one of the few funds that supports constitutionally conservative candidates and causes across the board.  We are socially-morally conservative, as well as fiscally conservative. They are inseparable. 

When people make poor moral choices, statistics show they typically end up on welfare, and that is the chief cause of bloated entitlements destroying this nation’s fiscal stability.

Please help us reach our goal before our January 31st deadline – whatever you are able. We need your support now.


Read more about Cherilyn here.


Bundy Family Readies for Round Two Against Feds and Harry Reid



Watch what’s happening again in Nevada as Cliven Bundy readies for the next round of the federal showdown.  Harry Reid promised he was not done with the Bundy’s.

Once again the Southern Poverty Law Center, a God and Constitution-hating legal group with a war chest of $223 million, is on the attack.

The SPLC is also the major player waging the war against traditional marriage and religious liberty.  And it should be no surprise that the SPLC is now branding the Bundy family as – you guessed it – extremists, their favorite label.

The Bundy’s are facing another unconstitutional federal act to take away their property rights.

This report is from our friend Joel Skousen, a friend of the Bundy Family. They  successfully stood up to federal agents that had circled their property and unconstitutionally removed cattle from their land.

This is the latest in the unconstitutional invasion of private property owned by this family for over 137 years. If it can happen to them, it can happen to anyone.

Joel wrote:

“I met Ammon Bundy at the Arizona Prepperfest meeting in Scottsdale and he told me about the latest federal attempt to shut down the Bundy grazing rights. Rather than tackle the Bundy ranch specifically, the Feds have decided to tie up all the ranch lands with another environmental mandate—this time based on fragile soil!”

The Bundy’s have posted this report on the Bundy Family blog site.



Friday October 10th, 2014 a Notice from the federal registry reveals that the federal government is mounting retaliations against the Bundy family and the Southern Nevada people. Federal Register / Vol. 79, No.197 Notice, outlines plans to make the Bundy ranch and most of the rest of Southern Nevada, Areas of Critical Environmental Concern(ACECs). 90 days from October 10th, 2014 these proposals will become federal law without consent from the Nevada State legislatures or the people of Southern Nevada.

[This is the same state with all the atomic weapons craters, and the same federal government that made them. You may take that as a measure of their real concern for the environment in Nevada.]

[Cherilyn Eagar Note:  Take a look at this map.  If you live in a state that is primarily blue and pink, your constitutional rights and your prosperity are being hijacked by the federal government and you have allowed this to happen because you have been asleep. Time to wake up and get behind your state legislators to take action.]

screen shot 2014-04-25 at 3.23.47 pm.png

Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs) are human restricted management areas. ACECs have been a tool used by the federal government to gain further control of large masses of western lands and the resources.

[Cherilyn Eagar Note: In Utah, nearly 70% of its land is owned, managed and controlled by the federal government under similar restrictions. That state has energy resources that could fuel the entire United States, but its citizens are restricted from access to the protected land. ACECs are harming the entire nation’s economy.  Land takeovers in the name of environmental concerns are the greatest lies foisted on foolish and gullible Americans whose constitutional rights are being stripped from them right before their eyes and they do not see it. ]

As proposed, nearly 3 million acres in Southern Nevada will be locked away from the people. This includes most uses on the land (recreational, agricultural or otherwise). Listed below are just a few of the outlined restrictions that come with ACECs: Closed Roads, Trails, Camping, Recreational Vehicles, Motorized Travel, Livestock Grazing, hiking, Horseback, Mineral Development, hunting, target shooting, and water access. [That’s about everything!]

Before the Bundy ranch standoff, there were approximately 1 million acres of ACECs in Southern Nevada. Now after the Bundy standoff, the BLM is proposing an additional 1.8 Million acres (280% of what it has been) all of which just happens to be in Southern Nevada. Although this is not proof, anybody with a little intelligence can see that Harry Reid and the BLM are not protecting the environment; they are punishing their enemies.

This is a direct assault on the State of Nevada. It is also a deliberate retaliation against the people for standing against the horrific action of several federal agencies at the Bundy ranch. The boldness of the federal government’s timing and action on these matters are astonishing. They are again making a clear case that they are willing to use federal power to punish the local people. Harry Reid’s declaration “This is not over” is proving to be uncharacteristically accurate.

The Bundy family is not going to abide by this latest attempt to curtail grazing rights:

Lest there be any confusion regarding how these new federal rules impact the Bundy family, we will continue ranching as our family has done in the Southern Nevada area for over 137 years. We intend to use our preemptive property rights of grazing and water, the rights that Nevada State law both recognizes and is charged to protect. We are not intimidated by the past action of the federal government, nor will we yield to their future attempt to subdue the State or the people. We refuse to submit to unconstitutional codes and regulation that dismantle Statehood and deprived our American neighbors and ourselves of the unalienable right so many of our kinsmen suffered and died for. [This guarantees another showdown.]

Comments from Cherilyn Eagar
It’s time to call out the constitutional sheriffs again. That’s where it began in the Wild West, and that’s apparently where all of this federal land grab is going to end.

Thankfully, Utah has a strong legislature on states’ rights, land rights and sovereignty in general. We will watch this one closely and pray for the Bundy’s. They are good people, and we are with them in their fight for their constitutional rights. Their fight is our fight.

First Freedoms Forum – Marriage and Non-Discrimination

Although American Leadership Fund does not endorse the language of the “First Freedoms Compact,”* ALF is pleased to support and share this First Freedoms Forum video from Thursday, January 23, 2014. It has valuable information that we encourage you to pass along to your friends. Continue reading First Freedoms Forum – Marriage and Non-Discrimination

Eric Holder, don’t mess with Utah – Are you outraged yet? Take a stand for Utah marriage, state sovereignty and religious liberty

On January 8, 2014 Utah Governor Gary Herbert announced that the state would not recognize the gay marriages performed after a federal judge unilaterally through summary judgment, without trial, that Utah’s marriage law was unconstitutional.

After the US Supreme Court ruled that Utah’s subsequent stay would be granted, Governor Herbert courageously and constitutionally announced that Utah would not recognize the marriages that had been performed before the stay was granted. We applaud him for his decision.

Eric HolderToday Attorney General Eric Holder unilaterally struck down Utah’s Governor and Attorney General Sean Reyes’ decision.

The U.S. Attorney General is acting dictatorially and out of jurisdiction by overstepping the bounds of the federal government by entering into sovereign state domestic territory. Domestic matters are constitutionally enumerated to the states.

By so doing, he is participating in a strategically orchestrated campaign to unleash litigation upon litigation in the state of Utah to force the federal government’s will and religiously oppressive policies upon the people of Utah, and subsequently upon all 50 states. As Utah goes – so goes the nation.

Please stand up and speak out now.  Our house is burning and we need YOUR fire hose to put out the fire! Silence is not golden in this situation.  It is YELLOW and cowardly.  We cannot and WILL not be intimidated.

What price do you put on saving marriage and family?  It is priceless.

Please ACT today in five critical ways:

1. No matter where you live, contact Utah’s elected officials immediately!  Here are the phone numbers and email addresses.

Thank the Governor for his courage in defending Utah’s sovereignty and the right to determine its domestic policy.  He stands on solid constitutional grounds.  Thank him for standing on principle – this is a moral and religious issue.  He must hear from us – not just those in Utah, but all across the nation.

Ask the Attorney General Sean Reyes to stand up strongly for our law.  His source of authority is NOT Eric Holder, it is the people who elected him and the republican form of government we are guaranteed.

Ask the legislature to take appropriate steps to nullify the federal government’s unconstitutional meddling with domestic policy.  It is not a federally enumerated power.

2. Please forward this message to everyone you know – not only in Utah, but across the nation.

3. Donate NOW.  Your contribution of any amount – $35, $50, $100 or more is desperately needed.  We are on the ground in Utah, organizing the grassroots and raising a large sum of money to counter the tyrannical and arrogant actions of the Obama Administration in very targetted, effective and specific ways.

4. Volunteer now.  contact Cherilyn Eagar

5. Fast and Pray. This is not merely a state sovereignty issue, nor is it a matter of the will of the people. Sometimes the majority is wrong.

This is a matter of moral and religious liberty, of preserving the republic which Article 4 guarantees.* What was that republic? It was the right of the people to be represesnted by moral and religious leaders who understood the law of Nature and of Nature’s God.

This is no small matter.  Utah has been in a war with the federal government on land issues, health care, education, and now marriage.  We cannot lose this war!  The eyes of the world are watching.

Recently while interviewed on Sandy Rios’ nationally syndicated American Family Association radio program, I was told that the rest of the country is looking to Utah, questioning whether we are going to stand strong.

The rest of the nation needs to know that we will not back down, because if we do, Utah will be the state that will be remembered as the state that launched the domino effect state by state as they all fall down.

This is the most important action call of our generation. We cannot fail our children.  

Friends in Utah, let’s show the rest of the world that Utah is not a weakling in the playground, and we will NOT be bullied!  We cannot succeed without your help. Get your firehoses out today and help us SAVE MARRIAGE USA and UTAH!  Utah Unite!


Cherilyn Eagar
American Leadership Fund

* Corrected from email version resulting from lack of sleep. 😉