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This week Cherilyn Eagar is filling in.  Hollywood filmmaker Jeff Chamberlain, a member of the Hollywood conservative “underground,” and Tim Irwin, Highland City Councilman/Mayor Pro Tem will be co-hosting.

Thursday May 28th
John Dougall, Utah’s “frugal Dougall” State Auditor is taking a unique approach – He’s analyzing how every penny is spent. You won’t want to miss this shocker – and what EVERY state auditor ought to be doing.

GOP Chairman James Evans discusses the Old Guard v the People
How the progressives in the GOP are trying to take it over. In Utah it’s the challenge to the caucus system, “CMV – Count My Vote” and SB 54 – the supposed “compromise.”

Progressive/National Take over of Education: The New Science-Environmental PC Standards
Same Song. Second Verse. Oak Norton, Utahns Against Common Core, will update on the new “common core” science standards that have been railroaded into the states.

School-Parent Bribery? An Environmental PC Survey 
Did you know about the liberal environmental survey that pays a school $1 for every survey the parents fill out?  It’s a program called “Envision Utah” – there’s one in YOUR state too…

The latest from Hollywood and the Media’s handling of Hillary’s email scandal
Hollywood’s Why Guy filmmaker, Jeff Chamberlain, will add some humor and review how Hollywood media influences the message, and how it has treated Hillary Clinton’s record with kid gloves … and more mysteriously missing emails.

Who’s Who in the Presidential Line Up?
And who do you support in this current Republican presidential field?

Friday, May 29th
Free Enterprise. What are the challenges and the future?
George Morris, Century 21 Everest Realty Group, will be among our entrepreneur spotlights on air to discuss how they have survived and thrived in spite of government’s interference with free enterprise, their challenges and successes, and what we can do to promote these values in an increasingly socialist society.

An update on what activists are doing about this in Utah.

Should the BSA Admit Gay Scout leaders?
Rev. Bill Owens, President National Coalition of African American Pastors weighs in on BSA recommendation to include gay scout leaders

A Scout Council Executive will explain what’s happening, answer questions and take your comments. Should former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (who retired “don’t ask, don’t tell in the military) be asked to retire from the BSA board?

How Ex-Gays are being silenced and denied their constitutional rights
An interview with David Pickup, a ex-gay therapist whose case has been before the US Supreme court to defend the rights of ex-gays. And more…

I hope you’ll join us for these important discussions.
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Who Is Bob Corcoran? What Does He Want? And Who Cares?

Well, I care.  And a lot of parents all across the nation who know care.  You must understand this information and then take action to pass it on.  If we expect to preserve our tradition of conservatism and liberty, we cannot have a society of low information voters and elected representatives.

Part I:  What You Need To Know

corcoran-carnegieThis may be TMI, but you need to know.

Earlier this week Bob Corcoran came to Salt Lake City and attended an education legislative hearing at the state capitol and met with key people. The next day, a friend approached us in the Senate Office Building and reported, “He was telling people that anyone who is against ‘Common Core State Standards’ is a liar.”

Those are rather harsh words, indeed.

I was sitting at my laptop and I went to work. “So, what’s his name?” I probed. She didn’t remember. “OK, did he say who he represented or what company he worked for?”

“I think he was with GE.” Google “Bob Corcoran GE.”

Bingo! Continue reading Who Is Bob Corcoran? What Does He Want? And Who Cares?

Lord Monckton On Agenda 21

Lord Monckton is speaking to the Free Press Society in London, Ontario about the U.N.’s Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and subsequent meetings during which a “convention” (a declaration of principles) was established to impose environmental policy on the United States and other industrialized nations. These policies would require the sharing of wealth in the form of foreign aid to emerging and developing nations under the umbrella of sustainability.

Here’s Lord Christopher Monckton: