Lord Monckton On Agenda 21

Lord Monckton is speaking to the Free Press Society in London, Ontario about the U.N.’s Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and subsequent meetings during which a “convention” (a declaration of principles) was established to impose environmental policy on the United States and other industrialized nations. These policies would require the sharing of wealth in the form of foreign aid to emerging and developing nations under the umbrella of sustainability.

Here’s Lord Christopher Monckton:

ObamaCare: To Be – Or Not To Be – in Utah?

On December 6, I asked citizens to share their comments on what Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert should tell the Federal government about whether or not it will accept ObamaCare before the pending deadline on December 14th.

Further comments, including examples of your own experiences with the health care system and how it should be reformed, have been enormously helpful. I plan to share them with Governor Herbert’s office. Please continue to share. If you have not yet received this request, your comments are critically important as I will be sharing them with the Governor’s office.

Meanwhile, here is an excellent short video followed by a brief article about the insurance exchange system and why Utah and other states must opt out of ObamaCare and its exchange, the vehicle for implementation.  To view video, click on MORE…

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What the Fiscal Cliff Looks Like

National Debt Note that today’s debt is worse than during the Great Depression.

Washington Post’s Michael Gerson wrote a column entitled “This is what it’s like when you run out of money.” He appears to be among those who have never run out.

He accurately declares we’re in a time of austerity, and recommends that cutting entitlements is a priority. Agreed.

He asks members of Congress to resist the large lobbying groups they will encounter persuading them to keep their pet projects in tact. Agreed.

Where I depart from Gerson is his recommendation not to cut across the board, along with his flawed excuse that to do so would lack “humanity.”

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No Higher Power: Obama’s War on Religious Freedom

Book Review 


Since 2009 the Obama Administration has waged an unprecedented war on religious liberty.  This record has been scrutinized in the book No Higher Power: Obama’s War on Religious Freedom, co-authored by Phyllis Schlafly, president of National Eagle Forum, a friend and advisor to President Ronald Reagan, and regarded as the First Lady of the Conservative Movement, with George Neumayr, contributing editor to The American Spectator.


Landmark court decisions have slowly but surely diminished the role of religion in the public square, changing the American landscape.  For example, in 1925 the ACLU’s contrived Scopes trial deliberately sought to interject Darwinian evolution into American schools to the exclusion of “creationism,” today also called “intelligent design.” In 1962 a Supreme Court decision prohibited prayer in public schools. In 1973, religious adherents were once again spurned with the Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade, legalizing abortion.

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Let’s begin here.

I have a story to tell. It is my life story as a first-hand witness to a series of strategic events in American history from 1973 to the present to destroy the protections women once had and subsequently, to fracture the family. But why?

Let’s begin with this documentary. I would not have believed it had I not been there myself to watch it happen. I would undoubtedly have been another useful idiot.

Agenda:Grinding America Down

Agenda:  Grinding America Down

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