Another Defining Moment

Orrin HatchMy blog site is dedicated to defining conservative. Senator Orrin Hatch, via the Deseret News, has just given me another defining moment.

In the article “Utah GOP May End Up Being Dominated By Radicals,” Utah’s senior senator is setting the stage for moving our election process from a caucus-convention to an open primary, playing on the fears of voters that the current system is controlled from within by “radicals” and “extremists.” Continue reading Another Defining Moment

The Original 12 Days Of Christmas

I subscribe to Bill Federer’s American Minute.  This entry explains the original 12 Days of Christmas.  My, how history is revised to fit a secular mind!   Continue reading The Original 12 Days Of Christmas

No Good News for Utah’s Health Insurance Exchange

Deseret News Editorial Headline: Good News on Avenue H Read the editorial here.

Update 1.8.2013:  I submitted the following editorial comment to the Deseret News.  For reasons unknown to me, (except that I disagreed with its editorial) the paper has once again not published my comment – online.  This is a disturbing pattern that I wanted my readers to know about, so I am re-submitting this post to ensure that this message gets through by alternative communications. Continue reading No Good News for Utah’s Health Insurance Exchange

The Truth About Utah’s Health Insurance Exchange

You’ve been misled again. No surprises here, I’m sure.

Yesterday, the Deseret News published this headline:

Utah gets OK from feds to run own health insurance exchange

For that, I was surprised. I never thought Janet Sebelius would approve the Utah model. Continue reading The Truth About Utah’s Health Insurance Exchange

‘Gay Marriage Harms No One.’ Really?


marriage between a man and a womanIf Illinois gets its way, YOU are about to become a bigot if you believe in marriage between a man and a woman.

For years proponents of same-sex marriage have insisted that the adoption of such laws would harm no one. “Live and let live!” they say.

To those well-meaning, but naive Christian or deeply-religious, friends on the opposite side of this issue, I submit Exhibit A, The Illinois Proposal: the beginning of more unconstitutional religious liberties violations to come.

Here’s the ‘Gay’ Agenda You Were Warned About – WND

One only needs to observe how marriage in Sweden and the Netherlands has disappeared altogether after marriage laws were neutered, and how Christians and others with deeply-held religious beliefs have been marginalized and persecuted, to get a glimpse of the future in America unless the First Amendment to the Constitution is upheld.

For more information on this topic, go to:

Thomas More Society

The Becket Fund

How Did Your Congressional Delegation Vote on the “fiscal cliff?”

The “fiscal cliff” legislation the House and Senate just passed does nothing to reduce the deficit but in fact raises spending. It also raises taxes on 77.5% of Americans. This was a deplorable piece of legislation. Here’s the roll call vote:

House Vote

Senate Vote

To contact your senators and representative today and thank them for voting NAY or to voice your displeasure with their YEA vote, click here.

Obama To Control Most States’ Health Care Through Exchanges

The outcome of the December 14th deadline for the states to express to the President their intent to implement a state health care exchange is disheartening. Thirty-two states will rely on the Federal government to set it up and manage it. Sixteen states, including California, Utah, Colorado and New York, will run their own, and the remainder are “unclear.”

It’s alarming that Utah is flanked by California and New York, two of the most liberal states in the nation.

Iowa intends to “minimize federal intrusion” in the control of insurance and Medicaid by working an exchange in partnership with the Obama Administration.  (What?)

But Nebraska!  Good for Nebraska.  Governor Dave Heineman is one brave man.  Read what he said in this report. In fact, the entire report is horrific. As you read, ask yourself:

“How will any state that sets up an exchange ensure that the private sector can compete with the subsidized plans that will be offered online?”

This is the purpose of the exchange, whether the states set up their own or the Federal government does it.  The exchange is fraudulently called “the health care marketplace” when in reality it will facilitate the most massive entitlement program – and takeover of our lives – in U.S. history.   Continue reading Obama To Control Most States’ Health Care Through Exchanges

A Governor’s Plea to President Obama on Utah’s Health Care Exchange

The Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of the United States of America
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President,

I want to personally thank you for meeting with members of the NGA Executive
Committee and me last week. I think all who participated believe it was a productive and helpful dialogue. I also believe this can be the beginning of a meaningful process of working with states and their governors to find solutions to the challenges we face in this country. We face a number of critical issues, but I would like to specifically address two: the “fiscal cliff” and health care reform.

All of us — federal and state officials alike — must find solutions that represent the best interests of America, and our ongoing efforts to restore our economy. Utah is one of the states in America experiencing great progress in our economic recovery. To suffer a substantial setback because federal officials cannot find a compromise economic solution would simply be an unwarranted tragedy. Continue reading A Governor’s Plea to President Obama on Utah’s Health Care Exchange

A Conversation with the Governor on Utah’s Health Insurance Exchange

A Report on the December 14th Health Care Deadline
Utah’s Response

I spoke with Governor Herbert’s office, as well as a spokesperson from the Goldwater Institute in Arizona on December 12th. Here is a summary.

The Governor’s “plea” to the President is found here.

The Governor’s position is that: Continue reading A Conversation with the Governor on Utah’s Health Insurance Exchange

Embracing Amnesty – 2011 Immigration Debate

Sutherland Institute, a Utah conservative think tank that has broken ranks to support open borders and amnesty and a Leftist-U.N. position on immigration, sponsored a debate in 2011. It was an excellent debate and shows the hypocrisy of an otherwise good institution that promotes “civility” in an uncivil discourse calling those who want the government to protect our children from identity theft and to support laws that are equitable and fair, that don’t punish the law-abiding while favoring those who break the law.

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