Who Is Bob Corcoran? What Does He Want? And Who Cares?

Well, I care.  And a lot of parents all across the nation who know care.  You must understand this information and then take action to pass it on.  If we expect to preserve our tradition of conservatism and liberty, we cannot have a society of low information voters and elected representatives.

Part I:  What You Need To Know

corcoran-carnegieThis may be TMI, but you need to know.

Earlier this week Bob Corcoran came to Salt Lake City and attended an education legislative hearing at the state capitol and met with key people. The next day, a friend approached us in the Senate Office Building and reported, “He was telling people that anyone who is against ‘Common Core State Standards’ is a liar.”

Those are rather harsh words, indeed.

I was sitting at my laptop and I went to work. “So, what’s his name?” I probed. She didn’t remember. “OK, did he say who he represented or what company he worked for?”

“I think he was with GE.” Google “Bob Corcoran GE.”

Bingo! Continue reading Who Is Bob Corcoran? What Does He Want? And Who Cares?

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Out – Doctor Urges at Prayer Breakfast

Watch national Prayer Breakfast speaker Dr. Benjamin Carlson, pediatric neurosurgeon, Johns Hopkins, kindly and gently blasting the PC Police for trying to shut down our First Amendment right to free speech as he calls for civility – and standing at the rostrum only two seats away from from the PC King himself – President Obama!  obama prayer breakfast

Carlson’s message embodies the courage of a conservative mind. It represents what this site is about – not being afraid to define who we are blodly, clearly and not being ashamed to recognize Truth, enduring principles, and to embrace the wisdom of history.

Those who complain about “hate groups” are also frequently those who shout profane labels at us, resort to personal attacks, and are quick to even de-friend us on Facebook. With all the noise, they completely miss the message of what conservatism is really about: less government and more allegiance to God, family and country. And being intelligent enough to dig more deeply to analyze all sides of an issue.

So here he is, Dr. Benjamin Carlson. If you want to be inspired and emboldened, you won’t want to miss this one – especially to find out what happened to those two $5,000 birds he bought his mother:

Now, my conservative friends, go out and do the Right thing! Carpe Diem.

God Bless the BSA

Thank you for your strong support for the Boy Scouts of America to encourage the organization to keep its policy in tact so that our young men will be in a safer environment. I delivered the petitions to the Boy Scout Headquarters, and they have been delivered to the Board members. Many are still coming in, and I will send the remainder by morning.

Whatever happens in the coming days, months and years for Scouting, let us hope that this nation will continue to produce young men such as this one.  Seven minutes worth your time, the story of an Eagle Scout and POW:

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Who’s Behind the Destruction of the BSA and Religious Liberty?

Monday, February 4th, homosexuals are planning a protest at the BSA headquarters in Irving, Texas where board members will be meeting. On February 6, 2013, a decision will be made whether or not to lift the ban on homosexual scout leaders.

But did you know who’s putting the pressure on?


  • Sign the petition and contact the two CEOs below.
  • Take the poll.
  • Pass this message and link on to your family and friends.

About the Petition

Randall Stephenson
Randall Stephenson, CEO AT&T

Two BSA board members – incoming BSA President Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T and Jim Turley, CEO of Ernst & Young disagree with the BSA’s policy to provide a safe environment for young boys.

So please take a moment to contact these two corporations (see below) and sign a NEW petition to the top right.

James Turley
James Turley, CEO Ernst & Young

THIS is NOT the same petition you received last week!

We need your urgent help today and tomorrow (February 4-5). We are asking them to stand up for the BSA or to step down.  There are MORE CEO’s involved as well.  And we are also suggesting a positive strategic sponsorship alternative.

But you will be shocked at what we’ve learned about who is really behind this campaign, and its goals to attack and destroy the BSA, as well as the religious organizations that provide the BSA’s membership.  Continue reading Who’s Behind the Destruction of the BSA and Religious Liberty?

Another Great Immigrant Story

immigrationToday my husband and I checked out of our hotel room upon the conclusion of business meetings in Las Vegas. The bellman spoke with a recognizable accent. I’m always curious about what brings people to the United States and what their impressions are. And so I asked.

His name was Aleko. He was somewhat startled, but the floodgates opened. What followed was astounding and every American needs to know what he said.   Continue reading Another Great Immigrant Story

Save Our Sons – Sign the Petition – Contact the BSA

boy scouts - flagThe Boy Scouts of America needs to hear from you today.  On February 6, 2013 the BSA will make a decision as to whether it will discontinue its current policy of prohibiting openly homosexual scout leaders in its ranks.  Pressure is coming from gay activists who will not stop until the BSA redefines its standard of morality.  They have been targeting some corporate CEOs who serve on the BSA Board.

To read more click here, but be sure to sign the petition on the top right.  Continue reading Save Our Sons – Sign the Petition – Contact the BSA

Should Conservatives Retreat and Retire?

Is it time for Conservatives to retreat and retire?  After you’ve read this article, take our poll on the right side bar.

As conservatives, we’re facing opposition on every front – from RINO’s and the Left that hate our conservative values and want us to move further to the Left, to those who want us to abandon the U.S. Constitution.  Here’s a short list:

  • “ObamaCare” is now the Law.
  • President Obama lied about the “fiscal cliff” tax.
  • Another debt ceiling lift and spending increase is looming. 
  • The right to bear arms is again under attack.
  • The constant assault on religious liberty and the traditional family continues to escalate.

Ironically Pravda, the former KGB news outlet, recently called Obama “a communist” and accused Americans of total ignorance in embracing “the Soviet mistake.”  Continue reading Should Conservatives Retreat and Retire?

Celebrating Life – The Human Face of Abortion

Recently we mourned the 40th Anniversary of the devastating Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade that has claimed over 55 million innocent lives in the United States. I urge you to take a few minutes to hear from the survivors and exceptions of abortion as they bravely step forward to tell their stories.  Here they are:   Continue reading Celebrating Life – The Human Face of Abortion

Legalized Bribery: How Government Works

AG John Swallow
Utah AG John Swallow

Recently allegations have been shot at Utah’s new Attorney General John Swallow, claiming he accepted a bribe from businessman Jeremy Johnson, seeking the AG’s help with an FTC investigation that may send Johnson to jail.

The Salt Lake Tribune, the St. George Spectrum and the Daily Herald have published opinion pieces calling for Swallow’s resignation.  On Monday, January 14th, I received an email from the AG denying the allegations.   Continue reading Legalized Bribery: How Government Works

2020 Needs New Vision

prosperity 2020The Deseret News published an article on Utah’s public-private education partnership, Prosperity 2020 entitled
Prosperity 2020 plan to improve education includes more spending, new revenue

Prosperity 2020’s proposal is to create more revenue. Read my lipstick: more new taxes. Their private investments only went so far, now they need our help. Continue reading 2020 Needs New Vision

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