Understanding Common Core

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common core confusionThis is a series of short videos produced by our friends at the American Principles Project. Emmett McGroarty has been to Utah twice to consult with the Utah State Legislature and to speak to parents and educators at the Utah State Annual Convention in January 2013. They will give you an overview of the reason why so many Utahns, as well as parents and teachers around the country, are in an uproar about the underhanded way in which these top-down standards and national tests and assessments were adopted, sight-unseen.

With hundreds of millions of dollars through Achieve from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the collaboration of two private trade organizations, the National Governors’ Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, adopted these standards without authority, and the State Offices of Education and School Boards in the 46 states that have adopted the standards then rushed to qualify for federal stimulus money to the U.S. Department of Education for Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind waivers without informing the state legislatures of the process and what they were doing.

Other large corporations are also involved, including GE Foundation, whose CEO Bob Corcoran has worked with Achieve and is know as the Sustainability expert. These large corporations know that their millions in investment to control the outcomes of education will provide them the profits and the labor for future development.

From 1989 forward, under both Republican and Democratic administrations, these collaborative organizations funded by private foundations have a documented history of promoting national testing and curricula with cradle to grave goals that have moved and desire to continue to move this nation from a free enterprise model to a top-down managed economy. Indeed the definition of the purpose of education has abandoned the heart and soul of the student and now focuses on school-to-work and workforce management goals of college and career readiness.

Here’s the overview:

Part I: What Is Common Core?

Part II: Education Without Representation

Part III: Data Tracking and Costs

Part IV: National Standards-More Violations of Federal Law

Part V: Where Does This Lead? Action

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