UFERPA: Nosy Questions Your School CANNOT Ask You

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Protect Your Rights to Privacy – Click on the link below to get the brochure Nosy Questions Your School Should Not Ask You

Today’s public schools are using tests, assessments and surveys to get private information that is then shared with unknown entities for a variety of purposes.  We value every citizen’s privacy and the right to know.  Utah has a law that prohibits this from happening called UFERPA (Utah’s Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).  It’s more closely aligned with the federal Protection of Pupil Rights Act than the federal FERPA.

With the Common Core Standards is coming a new wave of assessments, surveys and tests.  Many of them have been constructed by behavioral psychologists and are for the purpose of gauging your student’s attitudes and beliefs.  Again, under Utah law these surveys, assessments and tests are illegal without your consent.  In today’s classroom, we now know that most tests are behavioral.  It is none of the state or federal government’s business, and you have a right to protect your privacy.

Some Utah Surveys and Assessments

SAGE  developed by AIR (American Institutes for Testing) It is a behavioral test developed in the 1950s by behavioral psychologist John Flanagan.  This article explains its effectiveness in “evidence-based social change.”  We think you need to know about it and we hope you will take action to protect you, your child’s and your family’s privacy.

AIR is partnered with corporations and foundations that have a long history funding and promoting progressive causes, and this data is used to inject into the curriculum what is needed to change your children’s values.

The secular classroom is no longer molding only the cognitive  – the academic knowledge – side of the brain. Today’s classroom is holistic and influences the affective domain – your child’s attitudes, values and behaviors.  As teaching and testing become more connected to the computer and religious values more and more removed from the equation, please keep in mind what BF Skinner once said, “I could make a pigeon a high achiever by reinforcing it on a proper schedule.” 

Sharp, DARE and Prevention Surveys
Pamela Smith reviews some of the surveys used in the schools and what social norming means. What can be used for good, can also be used for evil.

SHARP is a survey Student Health and Prevention Survey. Mrs. Smith explains the negative, nosy and leading disposition of the questions. She uses an example of similar questions that could be asked of adults to illustrate how invasive and inappropriate these questions can be. In Utah, asking students these questions without parental knowledge and consent is illegal.

SHARP Survey Utah

Teen Screen – Mental Health Survey – Suicide Prevention ProgramThe questions your student answer may be used to substantiate the need for an invasive and expensive prevention program in your state.  The goal is to make a mental health assessment available to every school child.  (This is a great windfall for psychologists who are joining the crowd to make a profit off the school, and your child.)

In the 2013 legislative session, funds were appropriated to increase funding for suicide prevention in all Utah’s schools through the Department of Health Services.  No discussion in the committee hearing analyzed the kinds of interventions nor were any programs named.

Protect Your Rights and Privacy

Please feel free to copy this brochure to give to your student and your friends and neighbors.

UFERPA Nosy Questions Brochure

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