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Conservatives who have researched the origins and goals of those who promote comprehensive sex education, such as Planned Parenthood, understand the big business parents are up against. Planned Parenthood knows the statistics – that there is a 25% failure rate using condoms – and by their advocacy of supposed “education,” they are ensured a profit on the other end – abortion referrals and procedures.

The consensus of research from those who have thoroughly investigated Planned Parenthood and other pro-comprehensive sex ed proponent groups is: the marketing strategy is to normalize and make household language of otherwise deviant or very personal, private sexual behavior traditionally reserved for a committed marriage relationship between a man and a woman. The primary purpose of such a marriage relationship is the creation of a human life.

Comprehensive sex ed has become a big moneymaker. Statistics show that getting teens “educated” also increases their activity rate, requiring condom distribution. It is also known that there is approximately a 25% failure rate with condoms. At the other end of the line, Planned Parenthood is assured of a profit with abortion referral and procedures performed.

Another similar marketing strategy has worked for the cigarette industry. After focus-grouping it, Camel learned that creating a cartoon character under the guise of a health warning would actually attract more teenage smokers.

Brilliant. If selling more sex and cigarettes is the goal.

Many will mock what I’ve just written.

However, I’ve been deeply involved in fighting pornography and sex education. I’ve raised a lot of money to fight for community standards and decency and the scientific proof of cause to be used in a courtroom.

Those who have been face-to-face with the results of a pornography addiction in their families understand the evil they are up against. My own research over several years of interviews shows that nearly 90% of divorces or marital conflict are related to pornography addiction.

This is a national and international crisis destroying families – and their children. And the sex ed business is part of that industrial complex.

Why Abstinence Only?

At a recent election caucus, I ran to be elected a state delegate for the Republican Party. I was asked if I supported the state legislation passed overwhelmiingly by the legislature to restrict the school sex education program to abstinence-only. Because of the big money thrown at media to discredit abstinence-only programs, many parents in the room believed it to be irresponsible not to teach children how to protect themselves. They thought the measure was draconian, redundant because of already strict health ed standards in the state, and they wanted the governor to veto it.

One parent said, “I want the schools to teach my children everything they need to know about sex, and then my children can ask me any questions they may have.”

Sounds great, right?

So how did I respond? In a split second, I recognized that this individual was simply uninformed, so I took the opportunity to educate the parents in the room with a two-minute summary.

First, I stood strongly for the pro-Life plank of the Republican Platform and referenced my history advocating for community standards, opposing pornography and the sale of “harmful materials” to minors.

Then I briefly explained the relationship between abortion, pornography, Planned Parenthood and the comprehensive sex ed goals.

The room went silent. I was elected to be a state delegate in an otherwise hostile environment that originally believed the abstinence-only measure to be extreme.

Unfortunately, the next day, under pressure from the teachers’ union that supports Planned Parenthood, the governor vetoed that abstinence-only bill.

Even in conservative states such as Utah, Planned Parenthood is alive and well and has the ear of the teachers union and even the PTA. Planned Parenthood’s website resources are typically included for students to access. Planned Parenthood representatives are invited to come to schools to give presentations and to introduce them to the concept “you’re going to do it anyway, so here’s how to do it safely.”

Years ago, when Donna Shalalah was Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Clinton administration made a big push to provide condoms to students without parental consent. Many were shocked. In our school district in Dallas, school-based clinics were being set up to provide exams without parental consent. Condom demonstrations were given using cucumbers.

We organized a parent-led campaign to prohibit such foolishness. I faxed the “14-Steps of Condom Use” to Rush Limbaugh and the story went national. We succeeded in our goal, for a time.

We used a logical analogy of providing needles for teen drug addicts so they could shoot up safely. Not long after, and to our horror, Secretary Shalalah recommended that clean needles be provided to drug addicts to prevent the spread of AIDS and other diseases.

Of course the Clinton Administration could be said to have provided more sex education for all children, directly from the President himself, who was impeached under graphic public hearings for his affair with an intern.

Now, under the Obama Administration, another wave of condom distribution, more money to Planned Parenthood and the institutionalizing of comprehensive school-based clinics through ObamaCare is under way.

Today, too many health ed teachers are unaware of the relationship between abortion, pornography and Planned Parenthood and recommend the PP website.

However, it only takes a click or two on the Planned Parenthood site to find the clever, but pornographic, demonstrations of how to have safe sex. Many parents would be repulsed by this content if they saw it. And I have no doubt, if they have any decency, they would be with me at the state legislature or at the school board meeting to oppose it as well.

It’s not just Planned Parenthood. The well-funded video games industry is also involved. (But that’s another post.)

The problem is, too many parents are completely naive to what those of us who have been in the trenches for many years are fighting. They read superficial news stories that brand us “far right” or the “religious right.”

To the Doubters: A Graphic Video You Should See

So what do we on the “far right” do to make it perfectly clear to those more uninformed that we are not the extremists?

A pro-Life organization has produced a short video documentary exposing Planned Parenthood and its alliances. Unfortunately it’s far too graphic to post on this website. However, if you reply to this post with your email address (I will not post it), I can email the YouTube link to you.

What to Do?
From a religious perspective, the LDS Church, the Catholic Church and other evangelical churches agree that such personal discussions with children are best handled in a home setting, by the parents, or in a church setting with trusted ecclesiastical leaders who can address the subject within the context of the religious beliefs.

“But parents aren’t doing their jobs, and then the kids will get bad information off the streets.”

My friend, that is true. They not only get bad information off the streets, they get it in our homes on TV, at the movies, on iPhones and on the Internet now. It is everywhere. And if left up to Planned Parenthood, our children will also get it in the classroom.

The state of Utah is supporting a measure that will give parents appropriate links so that they can OPT OUT to instruct their children in abstinence-only instruction. Indiana has successfully defunded Planned Parenthood. Every state that wants the “best interest of the child” should do likewise.

I will post this model legislation as soon as it’s available.

It doesn’t help when the school supports Planned Parenthood programs and resources, because that only ensures that the information your children get “off the streets” will be from their peers in the classroom that are attending the Planned Parenthood-endorsed sex education courses.

Some History

In the 1960’s Mary Calderon and SIECUS promoted a grade-by-grade level curriculum to expose young children to human sexual behavior. The U.N. continues to drive this agenda.

Thanks to Sharon Slater at FamilyWatch International, this website provides excellent facts about this movement and why parents should oppose these school programs and opt their children out.

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