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A conservative believes in free, but fair, trade. The United States has been on a bullet train to destroy U.S. manufacturing and to grow the trade deficit. A conservative believes in prosperity within a nation first, as well as good – and fair – relations with other nations. But when the trade policy over several decades shows a continued drop in GDP (gross domestic product) and exports continue to plummet, something is wrong with that picture. It’s the formula for economic disaster.

Ronald Reagan knew this and he took steps to help domestic companies survive.

When a company is not producing and when a country is not exporting, but instead allowing its own government to over-regulate and dump imports with which it cannot compete, and when the union so controls the cost of production to its own demise, it is selling out the nation’s prosperity, its jobs, and its freedom.

Take a look at this 9-minute video about what the billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to bail out GM alone has done to both prosperity, jobs and freedom:

Conservatives have stood by Patrick Buchanan when he began sounding the warning in the late 1980s about the foolish PNTR (permanent normalized trade relations) and MFN (most favored nation status) proposals for China. We are still standing after years of ridicule from the Rove Wing of the Republican Party. We now look back and, well, shall we say, “We told you so?”

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