Rape & Pregnancy

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Facts About Rape Pregnancy: They’re Rare
During the 2012 campaign, Congressman Todd Akin raised the topic of the low incidence of pregnancy resulting from rape. While the mainstream media was discrediting him for his “outrageous” statements, his campaign confirmed that they had been flooded with many phone calls from rape victims around the country thanking him for telling the truth and confirming their own experiences.

On November 7, 2012 the Deseret News, a Salt Lake newspaper owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reported:

…[A]ccording to Brookings Institution Fellow Bill Galston,… the Obama team strategically picked a fight with the Catholic Church last spring, when it chose to draw a hardline on the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act.

“They made a decision way back in December 2011 that the only way to save the Obama presidency was to go all out to mobilize the core elements of the 2008 coalition,” Galston said.

When the Catholic hierarchy rose to the bait and fought aggressively against the requirement that Catholic institutions provide contraceptives with their health care, Galston said, the Obama camp did not “just stumble into that.”

The Story Behind the Story

The story behind the Todd Akin story aired only briefly for a few hours and then was killed. It happened that Karl Rove was behind the conservative media smear. Rove had a horse in that primary campaign that lost to Akin. He saw this as an opportunity to squeeze Akin out and put his guy in.

However, after two weeks of talk show haranguing against an unwavering Akin, Rove failed in his attempt to oust Akin. Meanwhile, in spite of the damage Rove created, Akin made a remarkable recovery without the help of GOP PACs. All major Republican support had abandoned him until it was too late.

Ultimately, Rove should take the heat for falling into Obama’s trap and deliberately costing a key Republican his election. Rove has done more damage to the conservative platform of the Republican Party than any other single individual.

Had the conservative pundits not followed in lock-step with Rove, this issue would have died within a few days, the truth would have had its day, and a popular Akin could have gone on to win and provide a much-needed conservative Republican vote in the Senate. But no one’s talking about this.

What do the stats say about Akin’s comments?

Read what Dr. John Wilke, President of National Right to Life, says about this topic. He provides exhaustive statistics to support his position:

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