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Pro-Life Conservative Principles

A conservative is Pro-Life and believes in the Sanctity of Life from conception to death and will act to protect the Right to Life guaranteed in the mission statement of the nation, the Declaration of Independence.

Life is life. Over the past forty years, science and technology has shown that the mother is carrying a human life from conception. That new life includes the entire, unique DNA structure of a fully-developed baby at birth.

This life does not become less of a human life because the baby is only 12 weeks old or 22 weeks old in utero. This life is not less of a human life because the baby was conceived through the evil act of rape or incest.

It is for us to protect the vulnerable and those who do not have a voice – the unborn, as well as the elderly.

A conservative is concerned that teenaged girls can get an abortion without parental consent.  A conservative is concerned that babies are being aborted in the third trimester, and about the growing momentum in favor of post-birth abortion.

A conservative is deeply concerned about the long-term impact abortion has on society economically and the loss of prosperity with declining populations.

Had 55 million babies not been killed by abortion in a mass genocide legalized since 1973, the United States would have had a healthier economy today.  The disparity between the numbers of baby boomers and the numbers of the working segment of population would be non-existent and the United States would not be facing the dire  consequences of an unsustainable social security, Medicare, welfare and entitlement policy.

In short, because of Roe v. Wade (the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion), the United States decided to abort them, now it must import them, creating another steam of unsustainable federal policy.  It is at the core of creating a prosperous future, not just for the United States, but for any nation.

The Human Face of Abortion

This page shows the human face of abortion. It includes videos personal testimonies from women who chose abortion or who were the exceptions to or the survivors of abortion. It includes clinical videos that show abortion procedures including partial birth and “live” birth abortion, procedures that President Barack Obama and his administration support.

Those who say they are personally opposed to abortion, but that women should have the “right to choose,” simply do not understand the facts about abortion. Direct them to this website and these pages where they can find the best of information available to help them become better informed.

A conservative’s deeply-held religious and conscience belief is that as long as elected officials who have the authority to end the gruesome and barbaric practice of abortion in all forms do not do so, they, the nation they represent and the people that allow them to remain in office will be under God’s eternal judgment.  To mandate citizens to purchase health insurance that includes abortion and abortifacient services is immoral.  Alternatives, waivers, and exemptions must be provided under the law.

Memorial for Unborn Children
Memorial for Unborn Children
This touching sculpture by Slovakian artist Martin Hudacek portrays the pain suffered by a mother post-abortion and the tender forgiveness from the unborn child. Click here to learn more about this incredible sculptor and the story behind this memorial.

The Story of Melissa – An Abortion Survivor

Melissa Ohden was born on August 29, 1977. Medical records of her delivery at St. Luke’s Medical Center, Sioux City, Iowa, indicate that she was admitted to intensive care on that date after “Saline infusion for an abortion was done but was unsuccessful” on August 24, 1977 and a pitocin drip was started on August 27 to induce delivery.

She was erroneously estimated by medical personnel at the time of the abortion to be about 18 weeks’ gestation, when in fact she was closer to six or seven months’ gestation. The medical staff, prompted by a nurse who heard Melissa’s cries and observed her moving after the abortion, did not expect her to live due to respiratory distress and other complications.

Melissa, nonetheless, survived and was adopted. She learned from her adoptive mother at age 14 about the circumstances of her birth and sought to retrieve her medical records, which are available along with other information on her website. She revealed her biography publicly two years ago and has spoken to groups around the country about the value of human life. She and her husband Ryan have a daughter, Olivia, and live in Sioux City.

The Story of Gianna – An Abortion Survivor

Gianna Jessen is a survivor of an abortion at 7 months gestation, resulting in cerebral palsy. Her two-part presentation is a living demonstration of how precious Life is.

Part One

Part Two

For more of these stories go to the Susan B. Anthony List website.

Partial Birth Abortion Demonstration

“Live Birth” Abortion

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

has posted a series of graphic videos on the procedures.

For more information:

Answers to Difficult Questions About Abortion and “Choice”

Population & Prosperity: A Direct Correlation

Rape and Pregnancy

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