Health Care

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Conservatives believe that health care is best managed in the private sector, allowing Americans to select private health savings accounts that meet their needs.

They believe that senior citizens that are already dependent upon Medicare should be allowed to choose whether to remain in that plan or to select a private plan and that those under 50 should build up their own private health savings accounts or get a catastrophic plan that will cover that unexpected event.

In 2010, American Leadership Fund conducted a survey of active Republicans that showed 98% of those who responded believe that health care is not a constitutional right. By the same margin, they objected to the federal government managing and controlling their health care decisions.

Conservatives everywhere must work together to oppose the individual mandate and to protect their health and religious liberty, as well as to prevent the United States from lunging over the “fiscal cliff.”

As of this posting, 23 states are opposing President Obama’s demands to set up a state health insurance exchange and 20 have consented. Utah is one of two states out of 13 that have set up a “voluntary” exchange that the Obama Administration has initially explained does not meet the “all or nothing” standard of Secretary Sebelius’ exchange requirements.

Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert supports Utah’s exchange. American Leadership Fund opposes it, as well as any state giving in to the reckless fiscal demands of the federal government and stands with the 23 states that are refusing to accept the mandatory requirement to expand Medicaid. For more information, read here.

2 thoughts on “Health Care”

  1. While I oppose a government healthcare exchange, I think the Utah exchange would be far preferable to allowing the federal government to implement and run it. An official Resolution on this issue, which was based on polling feedback from local Republicans and approved in 2011 by the Salt Lake County Republican party, stated that the Utah Exchange should be viewed as a temporary measure, until private sector healthcare reforms take effect. That would still be my position on the issue.

    1. Ron, Janet Sebelius has responded to Governor Herbert’s request to approve the Utah exchange. She said, “Sure, if you will comply with our regulations.”

      It’s a no-brainer in my view. We either play it their way, or … we play it their way. This is how the federal government works.

      People with deeply-held religious beliefs need a way to exempt themselves from this boondoggle and its “expanded Medicaid.” We’re working on a proposal right now.

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