Gun Control

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This video illustrates the strong emotions of conservatives who believe in their Constitutional and unalienable right to bear arms to protect themselves. This is Bill Stevens, a father of a Sandy Hook student that was under lock down that fateful day.

To a conservative the issue is not about guns and gun control. It’s not about hunting. It’s about the right of the people to protect themselves against a tyrannical government or anyone that would threaten to harm or kill.  So important to liberty was the right to bear arms, that the Framers placed it second in the Bill of Rights, and delegated to the states, next to the First Amendment protecting religious liberty, assembly, speech.

Here’s what the Second Amendment says:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The Leftist media, Democrats and moderate/liberal Republicans in Congress, along with the U.N., desire to disarm all nations, if they could. It’s a control issue – people control. Those who have lived under a tyrannical government or have been in the middle of a military coup know that the first thing those in power must do before they can control the people is to take away their guns and the ability to protect themselves.

It’s Not About Death By Guns. It’s About How MANY Deaths. By Any Means.

To an authentic conservative, the discussion should focus on what the statistics show about death by intentional homicide and whether banning – or limiting access to guns – has anything to do with homicide rates.

What the liberal Left “gun-snatchers” would like you to believe:

gun america

And this:

world gun deaths

And this:

firearm UN data





Here’s What the Liberal Left Doesn’t Want You to Know

The United States is actually a very safe place in which to live!

Take a look at this map, which tells an entirely different story. The lighter the color of blue, the less death by intentional homicide:

map fo world by intentional homicide

Bottom Line? 

The US has only about 4 homicides per 1,000 people, while Honduras and other nations are as high as 91 per thousand!

Here it is in a spreadsheet:

World Murder Rates – 2012

These stats show almost no consistency between gun control laws and homicides worldwide. It has no correlation to poverty. Some of the most impoverished countries have the lowest homicide rates. Some are the wealthiest. Some are the most gun-controlling and tyrannical nations. Others are the freest.

Then what is it?

A pattern does emerge. Note that the highest homicide rates per 100,000 population are in the Central and South American countries, then it moves to the African continent, with the lowest rates encompassing Asian countries.

Countries that have stricter penalties against crime also have less crime. Some cultures are better at teaching respect than others.

For example, it is well-known that the Asian culture pays a particular respect to their parents, even throughout adulthood. Teaching children to honor their parents at a young age and to control anger could make a difference.

It gives another dimension to that Judeo-Christian tenet: Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long upon the land….

Many other factors come into play, among which is how well these statistics were reported nation by nation. An examination of the laws and the penalties for crime certainly are factors. Being tough on crime has always been a deterrent. Likewise, where there is recklessness, lawlessness, little accountability, and where there is a system of bribery or organized crime, and a black market that feeds organized crime – within government and law enforcement circles as well as in the community, the homicide rates increase.

A cautionary note: We don’t advise traveling through Honduras without a concealed weapons carrier permit – and the weapon.

One thought on “Gun Control”

  1. Cherilyn Eager:
    Thank you for sharing your information and helping me be a more informed citizen.  I was concerned after talking to a ‘teacher’ on a field trip with my son about her feelings on ‘common core’.  I believe we are too superficially informed.

    Thank you for all the good you do.

    Janice Harris

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