Early Voting

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The Conservative View

Experts expected that as many as 40 percent of voters would cast ballots early in the 2012 presidential election. As many as 13 states had already opened up their early voting polls around Labor Day, a full month before any presidential debates had occurred. How might this have affected the outcome of the election? That is the question we are analyzing.

Early voting, like voter-ID laws, is a sensitive topic. Proponents argue that it’s important to make it easier for people who have to work on Election Day or have less mobility to get to the polls.

Opponents have statistical proof that the practice doesn’t increase turnout and that it favors Democratic candidates.

These kinds of maps show how important tracking polls are today. With so many voters voting early, many are learning that buyers’ remorse, should the winds change before Election Day, is not available.

It’s time to take a lesson from the Constitution, follow the original plan and Restore Election Day.

Fifteen Ways Early Voting Disenfranchises and Suppresses the Vote

Early voting:

  1. Encourages unfair and “fixed” elections giving the early vote winner identified by pollsters the psychological advantage and momentum, discouraging voters supporting the losing candidate in the early vote from voting.
  2. Removes the right to change a vote by Election Day.
  3. Decreases voter turnout: e.g. Ohio saw a 6.5% decrease in turnout as the early voting increased by more than 50%.
  4. Encourages uninformed voters to vote before debates begin.
  5. Favors incumbents and wealthy candidates and is more expensive to run a campaign as Election Day is every day during early voting.
  6. Violates the Constitution that stipulates ONE election day.
  7. Violates federal law, which for more than a century has required national elections to occur on the same day.
  8. Undermines confidence in the secret ballot, and like “card check” enables political bosses to intimidate voters.
  9. Removes essential safeguards against voter fraud and coercion of votes.
  10. Deprives the constitutional right of “poll watching” with respect to mailed-in early voting.
  11. Balkanizes our Nation, splintering States from each other by ending the important national tradition of one Election Day.
  12. Causes uncertainty in determining election results as mailed-in and provisional ballots are counted.
  13. Hurts third party candidates who lack a political machine to get out an early vote.
  14. Creates a slippery slope: if early voting were constitutional, then why not allow voting already for 2016?
  15. Hinders honest and fair elections, the primary goal, not convenience.

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