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Cruz to Herrod: Trusted Candidate in Utah 3rd District Race

On Sunday, July 30, 2017, the Salt Lake Tribune published my opinion editorial.  Only three days later it was archived and tagged as perhaps being “outdated.”  Regardless, I wish to thank the Trib for running it.

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Recently Paul Mero, the Sutherland Institute’s former director, joined former state Rep. Holly Richardson in submitting op-ed pieces expressing emotionally charged arguments against former Utah state Rep. Chris Herrod.

They appear to be motivated more by political sour grapes than using the best arguments to make their case.

In 2011, the Sutherland Institute sponsored a debate on immigration. Mero was on the panel supporting amnesty, surrounded by Democrats. Chris Herrod represented the position of the “forgotten immigrant” harmed by those who enter illegally. He was flanked by Republican panelists.

During that debate, Sutherland’s invited audience booed Mero when he called anyone who opposed amnesty a “nativist” and “racist.”

Holly Richardson was similarly booed when she faced off with Herrod at a Utah county convention. The crowd found Herrod and his charming Ukrainian immigrant wife Alia wildly popular. During these immigration debates, Mero and Richardson lost credibility, and Herrod won respect.

Next Mero took his unpopular “Utah Compact” amnesty proposal to Washington, D.C. It was not received favorably in Republican circles. However, the Obama administration opened the door to him and adopted elements of that document in the infamous executive order that President Trump is now furiously working to unravel.

It’s hardly extremism to bring sanity back to a national policy that has contributed to enormous national debt and harmed American workers for decades with imbalanced and unfair international trade and immigration policies. Thankfully, Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are united in curtailing sanctuary cities, counties and states.

Conversely, Richardson and Mero both joined the more extreme “Never Trump” movement. Richardson voted for Evan McMullin and is rallying the more moderate and independent voters who support a go-along style that maintains the status quo of unelected bureaucrats and lobbyists running the show.

They appear to be attempting to tie Herrod to what they call a “far-right” take over, wrongly blaming the system for producing more extreme candidates. In fact, that system has given Utah some moderate Republican legislators who vote with Democrats 90 percent of the time.

In the 2016 presidential election, Utah’s voters embraced Donald Trump’s Monroe Doctrine-America First message, anchored on building a wall and bringing back U.S. jobs, which Chris Herrod continues to support.

Richardson voted for Ted Cruz in the primary. It’s ironic that Chris Herrod, the very candidate she seeks to redefine as the “extremist” in this race, is also the very candidate that Richardson’s and Utah’s favorite primary candidate Cruz chose as his Utah state director. Cruz even took time to come to Utah to endorse Herrod.

Herrod fought the good fight for Cruz and then, along with most Utah voters, showed his practical good sense when Trump emerged as the nominee. Unlike the real extremists who refused to vote for Trump, and in some cases would rather have seen Hillary Clinton elected, Herrod graciously devoted his time and energy to help Trump get elected, notwithstanding his rough edges.

Practically speaking, Herrod wisely understood the race was between Trump and Clinton. He traveled around speaking for Trump while Richardson cast her lot with a spoiler who admitted he had no chance to win.

While Mero calls for “civility,” he uses pejoratives such as “rubes” (e.g. unsophisticated and naive), “radicals,” “crazies” and “extremists,” to arrogantly insult every Utah voter who supported the presidential candidate who actually won in Utah. He then attempts to besmirch Herrod’s good name and 80 percent conservative voting record with these fake brands.

Who are the real radicals here? Surely not Chris Herrod. Being trustworthy, passionate and principled is not extremism. He has earned – and he deserves – our vote on August 15.

Cherilyn Bacon Eagar is serving her third term on the Utah Republican Party State Central Committee and was elected a 2016 Utah Republican Presidential Elector.  The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News Editorial Boards named her 2011 Wasatch Woman of the Year – Community Service for her non-profit fundraising and for being the first Republican woman to run for U.S. Senate in Utah.  




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Caution Utah 3rd Congressional District: The Republican Platform is still worth voting for

The Republican Platform is worth voting for, and the voters deserve a candidate that not only says he believes in it, but has the record to prove it.  If you live in the 3rd Congressional District, you may have received your mail-in ballot already to select your first choice to replace Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who vacated it to take a position at Fox News.

Before you send that ballot in, I hope you will review this research and that it will be useful in helping you make a wise decision.  It is well-cited and as accurate as possible.

In spite of the frustrations toward the two major parties, they are still the two parties through which we can best influence the outcome.  If you have been disappointed that some candidates that call themselves Republican have not been true to their promises after elected, you deserve a candidate that can be trusted.

Many who know Chris Herrod know he is that trusted candidate.  They have watched him while serving in the Republican Party’s highest deliberative body, standing fearlessly against the Establishment and for the people’s right to have a voice in the process.  He has supported legislation to put this country, its workers and families first.  I am among those that have watched him and supported him.  I can describe him with two adjectives:  passionate and courageous.

Unfortunately, one candidate running against Herrod has a record showing he does not believe in Republican principles.  He is the former Provo Mayor.  After reviewing this information, please ask yourself:  Do the people of Utah’s 3rd Congressional District who believe in Republican principles deserve this kind or representation in Washington DC?  

This sums it up.

Please help us take our party and platform back.  Vote for a Republican who has walked the walk for its principles.  Chris Herrod.  Donate and get involved now! 

19 reasons why John Curtis should not be running as a Republican and why he should not get your vote:

Affiliation with the Democratic Party

Backed by Far-Leftist Groups

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Covering Up a Sex Assault after a Questionable Hiring

Economic Development Failures

Illegal/Unethical Use of City Resources

Intimidation Tactics


Parking: Convention Center and Downtown

Parking: Neighborhoods

Property Taxes

Proposition One


Spending Increases

Tax Increases


Utah Transit Authority (UTA)

Utility Fee Increases

Zoning Enforcement

1. Affiliation with the Democratic Party

John Curtis was Unaffiliated for a long time, then he registered Democrat in 1998:

John Curtis ran for state senate against Curt Bramble in 2000. Here was his website that year:

John Curtis lost in a landslide to Bramble, but he stayed active in the Democratic Party and was elected Utah County Democratic Party Chairman for one term in 2002:

In 2007, Jeff Alexander resigned his seat in the legislature. John Curtis went in to the county clerk and switched his affiliation to Republican. He ran against several other candidates, and the Republican delegates gave him a one-vote victory over Chris Herrod, but at that time the state party chair got to make the final choice, and Chairwoman Enid Greene chose Chris Herrod:

Curtis then ran for Mayor in 2009, but of course that’s a non-partisan race. He won, and then won reelection in 2013.

Nevertheless, Curtis continues to keep close ties to Utah Democrats. He donated to far-left liberal Ralph Becker’s reelection campaign in 2015:

According to Aimee Winder Newton, Curtis also donated to the campaign on her Democratic opponent, Dan Snarr, in 2014. However, I do not have access to an original source to back up that claim (though it is highly likely to be true because Snarr is Curtis’s brother-in-law).

2. Backed by Far-Leftist Groups

John Curtis is backed by several far-left groups and individuals. These people are encouraging Democrats to register as Republicans in order to vote in the Republican primary for John Curtis. Here is a small sampling of how these liberal groups are campaigning for John Curtis:

3. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

John Curtis is the biggest proponent there is of the controversial $150 million Bus Rapid Transit project. This video explains some of the problems with the BRT project:

He once said, “We want bus rapid transit, we want it to move forward.” Source:

Even though citizens successfully collected the required number of signatures for a referendum on BRT, Curtis blocked the proposal from going onto the ballot:

Even the Salt Lake Tribune, which seemingly supports BRT, said he should let the project be put on the ballot:

Ten BRT facts:

  1. The Provo-Orem Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is a $150 million transit project that will replace UTA’s already existing 830 bus route.
  2. This particular 10.5-mile long route was chosen because it is the only one that qualifies for federal funding, and without those funds the project will not move forward. Even proponents of the project agree that the proposed route was not chosen because it was the best route. Rather, the proposed route was chosen because it qualifies for federal funds.
  3. Funding for the Provo-Orem BRT construction project will come from several different sources. President Obama and UTA have proposed that $75 million come from the federal government, $65 million from Utah County, and $10 million from the cities of Provo and Orem.
  4. The Provo-Orem BRT project will cost approximately $14.3 million per mile to build.
  5. The Provo-Orem BRT road construction project will require the tearing out of two (and in some cases more) lanes of traffic so that bus-only lanes (called “dedicated lanes”) and loading stations can be constructed down the middle of the roads along the BRT route. This construction will occur on major thoroughfares throughout Orem and Provo, including University Parkway, University Avenue, and Provo’s 900 East.
  6. No left turns will be permitted along the Provo-Orem BRT route except at certain traffic lights.
  7. Rather than resolve traffic problems, the Provo-Orem BRT project will create additional traffic problems. Traffic along the construction route will result in more congestion, greater frustration for motorists, longer travel times, and more pollution.
  8. Lanes for car, truck, and bus traffic will be much narrower in areas where dedicated Provo-Orem BRT lanes are installed. Some lanes will be eliminated. Skinnier lanes will also make for more difficult transit for emergency and other larger vehicles.
  9. The Provo-Orem BRT project threatens to divert critical funding from other much-needed road construction and maintenance projects throughout Utah County. (John Curtis’s solution: just raise taxes! That’s why he supported Proposition One.)
  10. The buses running along UTA’s already existing 830 route, which will be replaced by the Provo-Orem BRT system, are running at only a tiny fraction of their capacity: an average of 3,600 daily riders. UTA claims that number will jump to 12,900 riders per day once BRT is built. It is difficult to validate UTA’s claim that ridership will increase simply by adding more buses, exclusive bus-only lanes, and spending $150 million to do so. There is no justification for UTA’s claim that “If you build it, they will come”—especially in light of the low ridership numbers that currently exist along the route.

4. Covering Up a Sex Assault after a Questionable Hiring

Utah’s media has covered this story rather extensively, but there’s a line (bolded below) from this KSL article that juxtaposes the statement Curtis made when the story first broke with differing information that came out a little while later. Here is the article:

Newly released police records shed light on sexual assault allegations against Provo’s former police chief that forced him to resign in March.

John King said he had consensual sex four times with a volunteer at his department, according to Unified police documents released Tuesday.

The woman reporting a series of assaults by King said otherwise in interviews with investigators. …

… “(The woman) walked into the Utah County Attorney’s Office and disclosed she was raped by the chief of police in Provo,” a Unified police report dated Feb. 9 states.

The woman said she told Provo Mayor John Curtis “brief details” about what happened.

Curtis asked King to step down in March. The mayor and King at the time said the chief was leaving because of family issues and did not mention the sexual misconduct allegations. Later that week, news of the allegations surfaced.

Curtis said King’s reputation was damaged but no policies or laws had been broken. He said he and King agreed it was in the best interest of the city that King resign.

It is quite obvious that Curtis tried to cover up the sex assault allegation when he originally announced King’s resignation. Why did Curtis not just come clean at that time? Even if the allegations against King were false, Curtis should have known that the information would come out through police reports, so why lie initially about the reason for the resignation? Curtis should have either said nothing when King resigned or told the truth rather than make up a false reason for King’s resignation.

Shortly after King’s resignation, the media discovered that King had recently been investigated for sexual assault. Curtis then held a press conference, and it’s pretty funny to watch the media basically call him out for lying initially about why King had resigned. The press conference is available here:

King never should have been hired to begin with. After Provo Police Chief Richard Gregory resigned in 2013, Mayor Curtis did an extensive search. He took over six months to find a new Chief of Police, and had over sixty applicants. Source:

Out of those applicants, Mayor Curtis selected John King, who had a questionable employment history. King worked 25 years in Montgomery County MD, rising to the position of Asst. Chief and there seem to have been no problems there. In 2002 he was promoted to Asst. Chief. Then in 2007 he retired from the county, and took the job of police chief in Gaithersburg MD. King was investigated for claiming a disability pension from Montgomery County, but the investigation was resolved and it was determined he hadn’t broken any laws. Source:

King was Chief of Police in Gaithersburg for two-and-a-half years, but In January 2010 the town council met in private to discuss a “personnel matter,” after which they immediately brought in an interim police chief and two days later announced Chief King was leaving “to pursue other opportunities in the private sector.” Source:

Then he seems to have been out of work until Dec 2011 when he was hired as Training Director in the Baltimore PD. But he only lasted six months and then he was apparently asked to resign, even being “escorted from his office.” King’s public statement was that the acting Police Commissioner “wants to go in a different direction.” The police spokesman said only that King’s departure was a “personnel matter.”

Sources: and

Despite King’s less than desirable history, in Jan 2014, he was hired to be Provo police chief by John Curtis.

5. Economic Development Failures

A quote from a recent newspaper article mentioning the current Administration’s abject failure to bring new retail to Provo to broaden the tax base (that’s on Mayor Curtis’ watch):

As part of the presentation there was open discussion about the retail gap in the city and how much sales tax revenue the city is losing in various categories. The numbers are surprising.

An exported taxes report shows Provo is losing $24 million a year in restaurant sales tax, $27 million in pharmaceuticals, $16 million to home centers, $32 million in hardware sales, and the greatest net loss in a year is $53 million in groceries.

Curtis said the administration is willing to shift some of its focus away from places like downtown to answer the residents’ call for retail.

“Be careful what you ask for,” he said. “We hear you. We’ll look at incentives, but you will need to be patient, be engaged and you must shop in Provo.”


6. Illegal/Unethical Use of City Resources


John Curtis’s top political appointee is Corey Norman, who holds the title of “Provo Deputy Mayor.” In 2016, Norman was fined $250 for violating a state law that prohibits “using the email of a public entity to advocate for or against a ballot proposition.” Source:

Here’s the exact wording of the law:

Utah Code 20A-11-1203 “…a public entity may not make an expenditure from public funds for political purposes or to influence a ballot proposition…” (violation results in a Class B misdemeanor)

Utah Code 20A-11-1205 “…a person may not send an email using the email of a public entity: (a) for a political purpose; (b) to advocate for or against a ballot proposition…”

Curtis refused to reprimand Corey Norman for breaking this law. In fact, he responded by threatening to sue Utah County Clerk-Auditor Bryan Thompson for imposing the law. (Norman has also stated that he sent out the email under the direction of Curtis.)


This anecdote comes from a longtime Provo resident:

Mayor Curtis is very very good at some things. One is marketing – his PR and media budget is massive, and he “sells” not just Provo City, but himself.

A city employee tells me that when the Mayor came on board, there were three people in Public Relations. He let one go as part of the 2008 cost saving measures made necessary by the Recession. But since then he has hired 8-10 more people. They do a great job of filming videos, doing contests, giving away ice cream and tee shirts, making a splash on social media. Provology. The Rooftop Concerts. No question they are good at what they do, and John Curtis is too. He’s a great ambassador for John Curtis.


Provo City holds a monthly concert during warm weather months called “The Rooftop Concert Series,” which is funded by the city. On June 2, 2017, John Curtis showed up and hijacked the concert by going on stage and having his supporters go through the audience to gather signatures for his congressional campaign. Perhaps this was not illegal (or perhaps it is), but it definitely raises eyebrows and is an ethical use of city funds.

7. Intimidation Tactics

John Curtis’s Provo City employees used intimidation tactics to prevent BRT petitioners from gathering signatures in public areas. Source:

Here is an anecdote sent to me by a Provo citizen and activist:

Connected with the BRT saga were two well-publicized instances of Mayor Curtis getting squarely in the way of the rights of the people – his own constituents. This is an obvious concern for anyone who wants to feel their federal elected official is going to actually represent them instead of yanking away their rights.

The first time I heard of someone being removed it was Sharon Anderson, a petition organizer. She called me to tell me she had been ordered to leave the Rec Center by an employee. In her account, “…about 8:30 a young man came out and stood nearby as I was speaking with one of the citizens.  When we were through talking, he came over and said I would have to leave because no soliciting was allowed on city property which he said included the whole block.  I asked him ‘What about free speech?’ and he repeated soliciting was not allowed.  I said I wasn’t selling anything, but he still said I would have to leave…”

The second instance was when Mayor Curtis instructed the Police Dept. to remove people who were collecting signatures on the referendum petition from two places: the grounds of the Rec Center and the grounds of the County Building.

Soon after an 80-year-old petition circulator named Philip Hinckley told me he had been at the County Building, and two city policemen came out of the building and told him he couldn’t stand so near the door. It was a hot day and Philip asked them if he could just stay under the building overhang for the shade, many feet from the door. They responded he would have to stand in the sun, about 20 feet from the door. He complied, but the sun started to bother him and he went home before long.

At that point I spoke to Bryan Thompson, County Clerk-Auditor and Bill Lee, County Commissioner, and they both verified that signature gatherers could be on public property. So the city policemen left our people alone after that, on county property. But the battle on city property at the Rec center heated up, and Philip Hinckley, in addition to four other people at various times, were escorted off the property by between two and four officers, several times.

This got the attention of the Tribune, the ACLU, and Libertas. Sources: and

8. iProvo

iProvo was “a financially distressed fiber Internet service in Provo.” In 2013, it was “sold to Google — for a whole dollar. The city, meanwhile, will have to pay millions to close the deal and to pay off bonds used to build the network in the first place.” Source:

In 2011, John Curtis raised utilities to pay for the iProvo bond:

9. Parking: Convention Center and Downtown

John Curtis put Provo City at significant liability by breaking the city’s 2009 contract with Utah County to provide parking in exchange for the county building its convention center in downtown Provo. Utah County is suing Provo for at least $4 million in damages:

From the Herald article above:

The county, the city and the redevelopment agency entered an interlocal agreement in 2009 outlining the responsibilities of each entity for building the convention center, which has been operational since 2012.

That agreement stated Provo and the Provo Redevelopment Agency will “Provide, at their expense, all parking spaces, parking facilities, parking lots, parking structures, and related real property, easements and appurtenances, as required to both meet Provo City’s requirements and to adequately serve Phase One of the Convention Center … at such locations and in such a manner as approved by Utah County.”

According to the complaint, neither Provo nor the redevelopment agency have kept up that part of the agreement.

The Utah Valley Convention Center is a huge tourism draw for downtown Provo. However, the Convention Center is losing a ton of business over the lack of parking, which in turn hurts Provo downtown businesses.

Here’s another article that provides more context on the parking issue:

10. Parking: Neighborhoods

Provo has a parking crisis in certain neighborhoods in the city because Planning & Development for years pushed higher density and lower parking ratios, assuming that people would magically stop using cars. They didn’t. That’s on Mayor Curtis’ watch. Source:

11. Property Taxes

Curtis raised property taxes by 2.28% in 2015, and he proposed raising them by another 3% in 2016:

12. Proposition One

Proposition One was a controversial 2015 ballot proposal to increase sales taxes permanently for roads and UTA: 60% of the money would have gone to cities and counties for roads, and 40% would have gone to UTA as a blank check for UTA to use however it wanted.

John Curtis didn’t just support Proposition One; he actually wrote the pro-Proposition One argument:

Proposition One failed in Utah County by a total of 59.18% against, and only 40.82% in favor:

13. RAP Tax

John Curtis campaigned in favor of Provo City’s RAP tax, which was placed on the ballot in 2015. Source:

He spent $2,600 promoting the RAP tax:

The RAP tax will cost Provo residents $1.2 million annually.

14. Spending Increases

Larry Walters, a member of the Provo City Council’s Budget Advisory Committee, is running for Provo City Mayor. He wrote this on his 2017 campaign website:

Recent spending trends cannot be maintained. … [S]ince 2008, the per person cost of Provo City government has increased at twice the rate of inflation. We are now spending more per person than at any point in the past 15 years, after adjusting for inflation. We cannot support this rate of spending growth into the future.

15. Tax Increases

This graphic outlines Curtis’s love affair with raising taxes:

16. Transparency

John Curtis doesn’t post his campaign financial information on Provo City’s website:

17. Utah Transit Authority (UTA)

John Curtis maintains a close relationship with the corrupt Utah Transit Authority (UTA). He pushed for the appointment of Sherrie Hall Everett to UTA’s Board of Trustees. Ms. Everett is perhaps UTA’s biggest apologist and defender, even in the midst of all of UTA’s well-documented corruption.

Sherrie went on a tirade recently against Brent Taylor, the one reformer on UTA’s Board:

18. Utility Fee Increases

John Curtis loves to hide tax increases through utility fee hikes. It is difficult to track all of the utility fee increases that he has imposed over the years. Here is what Senator Howard Stephenson said about this practice in an email to state delegates on June 14, 2017: “Provo Mayor John Curtis has a history of promoting new taxes, fees, and bond obligations.  That is a non-starter for me. He perfected the art of hiding tax increases in utility bill fees by tacking on fees unrelated to the cost of the utility.  With that practice, he has opened a Pandora’s box that the legislature will now have to close before other cities duplicate it.”

According to Provo City, “Transfers from Enterprise utility funds provide a transfer of 11% of utility sales to the General Fund each fiscal year.” In other words, Provo is billing Provo residents for utilities costs that don’t actually exist, and then the city takes that extra revenue and puts it into its general fund, which can be used to pay for all kinds of other expenses that have nothing to do with utilities. Source:

19. Zoning Enforcement

Zoning compliance is poor, because John Curtis said at the beginning of his first term he wouldn’t aggressively enforce zoning violations. As a result, some neighborhoods (Provost South, for instance) have passed the tipping point, are now at 80% rentals, and are no longer healthy viable neighborhoods. The Provo City Council made zoning compliance their No. 1 priority for two years in a row. But the Curtis Administration dragged their feet because of a power struggle about the budget. That’s on Mayor Curtis’ watch. Source:

Gloria Allred: You need therapy. You did to Romney what you are doing to Trump

In the cases of the women who claim Donald Trump harassed and sexually exploited them, fraud could be involved. It’s not their lies and exaggerations. It’s their instigator Gloria Allred. It’s about time for someone to blow the whistle on this radical feminist.

When I saw her at the press conference, I got sick to my stomach. If these women were suffering so much, why did they not file charges YEARS ago? Why did they wait until now?

The timing was suspicious and the opportunistic enticement too great. In fact, she had tried this harassment before –  with Mitt Romney.” As a staunch supporter of Barack Obama, she claimed she had dirt on Mitt and that there would be an October Surprise in 2012.  It turns out she wanted to expose Romney when he was an LDS bishop for “bullying” a Mormon woman into not aborting her baby.

allred-with-meg-whitmans-undocumented-workerNow, an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton, this is Allred’s 2016 October Surprise. Not only was Gloria a supporter, she was a Democratic national delegate.  And it appears that Allred has a penchant for targeting Republicans.  She also dragged out victims into the political ring  to knock out Herman Cain.  Here she is consoling her client, Meg Whitman’s illegal alien domestic worker, who she fired (because it’s illegal) when she ran for Governor (Courtesy Getty Images).

I’m thinking this could be a great case of “tortious interference of business,” also called “Interference with Prospective Contract.”  Basically what that means is that one party intentionally acts to cause another party to violate business relationships with a third party. That’s us. The People who support Donald Trump.  The business of running for office is truly a business in every sense.

As a Clinton delegate, Gloria Allred has been, and is intentionally, timing these media courts in a conspiracy to maliciously alienate not just Trump, but Romney, Cain and Whitman, from his contracts with us, donors and supporters, or to deliberately cause his campaign to tank, after millions of Americans have invested in this business called a political campaign – listed in the IRS Code as a PAC.

It is certainly a violation of the Constitution that the media and Gloria can be allowed to hold a kangaroo court in the media and then declare him de facto guilty without a real court and due process.  This is profane and indecent behavior and someone must stop Allred. 

The Allred Formula
The language all too familiar in Allred’s cases are these words we are hearing: “His hands were like an octipus – they were all over the place!” She knows the formula.

Meanwhile, Trump has insisted that the claims are false. On Friday, the campaign issued the following statements:

Regarding the Allegations of Summer Zervos, from her cousin John Barry:


Response from Donald J. Trump:

The other claim from Rachel Crooks has been debunked.

Why You Should Not Give Allred the Time of Day in Your Living Room
Leave it to Gloria to be the drama queen of the radical feminist movement. Gloria Allred is a feminist from hell. She is a twisted, real live caricature of what Rush Limbaugh calls “a feminazi.”

She loves to exaggerate the claims. This is what discrimination attorneys do. They coach their clients into the drama. She knows that because of The Violence Against Women Act, that monstrosity that feminists worked so hard to put into federal code, the tables are tipped upside down for any man that has so much as touched a woman in a way that she might deem “unwanted” or “assault.” Grow up, women. Seriously.

She has attitude. In her world, all men are entitled and privileged. She is a moldy leftover of an early feminism and takes advantage of other women for her own gain by crumbling them into little bits of victimhood.  Then she walks away with all the money, dropping her bitterness along the path so she can find her way back to her office to repeat it all over again with another victim.

She is also what is called a “media whore.” She’s a narcissist who loves to grandstand holding news conferences at the drop of a hat and will do and say anything for attention.

I listened to her news conference. Trust me, it’s not worth your time. Allred is an opportunist holding a lurid kangaroo court in our living rooms, unannounced. She should be DISBARRED for plopping salacious details and vulgarities in front of our children, without warning.

She has a choice. She could conduct her business quietly, as most discrimination attorneys do. She is deliberately grandstanding and pimping this filth, at our children’s expense.

Tragically, she has chosen to vindictively live out her own victimized life experience by getting back at men, who she categorically despises. I have watched her bully men for years. She is an embarrassment, profiting from turning competent women into sniveling victims, a bizarre form of assault on women’s intelligence.  Her bullying is hardly the courageous and strong role model feminists are supposed to be, able to take responsibility and move on when life gets tough.

Projecting her Pathology from the Past

Gloria has a rocky past of her own. I’m not belittling that misfortune. I’m belittling her response, because she is a coward. She projects her pathology onto her victims reliving her own emotional and volatile life experience and her own inability to deal with it. From rape to abortion-gone-wrong to a struggle as a two-time single mom, surviving one husband she claimed was manic-depressive, she simply could not find a way to move on.

Legally, she knows a woman can make any claim she wants and does not need to bring the substantive evidence to the court as required in other criminal cases. There is no statute of limitations. So much for equality. Thank you, Senator Orrin Hatch for claiming to have created this law and for sponsoring it. (By the way, we told you this would be the result.)

My message to you, women: TURN OFF THE TV when you see Gloria. It’s disgusting and embarrassing to women today who have moved beyond the tactics of feminist victimization and who have learned to take responsibility for themselves because it’s a positive character trait, regardless of gender.

My message to you, men: Start standing up to this bullying. This is bullying, you know. The Violence Against Women Act is discrimination against marriage, men and children. It targets men and gives women an unfair advantage, the epitome of reverse discrimination in the courts.

My message to you, Gloria: Save your litigation for the men who stab and murder women and the women who stab and murder men.  (It does work both ways, you know.)  You need therapy. We’re in the middle of an election. This campaign is not about you. We are weary of watching your melodramas on our TV screens.

This is about a platform and a party and policies that you despise. Among the values you loathe include the wholesomeness of the natural family, the sanctity of human Life before birth and in old age, and the miracle of strong religious values, grounded in forgiveness, about which you know absolutely nothing.

Your internal rage is out of control. Your brand of feminism has destroyed many families, marriages and children. You are a female version of Marley, forging your chains in hell link by link.  My final message, Gloria, is the message you feminists love the most: Go home and take care of your grandchildren.

Sorting through authentic and fake Internet info and biased media during the last days [of the Election]

It’s the last days.  So to speak.  November 8 is it.  Not only is it my birthday, which I hope to be celebrating,  I’m also hoping I get my birthday wish:  the election of Donald Trump.  For those that are scratching their heads and wondering why, here are my two Op Eds published in the Deseret News, owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and read by an international LDS audience.

Spoiler Alert:  Will Republicans Repeat 1964?

The Moral Case for Trump

Authentic v Fake Stories?
As a radio talk show host, I take great precautions to distance myself from information and rumors that cannot be verified.  Most troubling and perplexing has been sorting through the authentic and the fake.  It’s becoming more difficult on the Internet given technology that can impersonate and counterfeit with sophistication.  If I read a blog post or news article and cannot trace the original statistics or claims, I cannot verify it and I cannot report on it unless I think there is some probability, but I also have to declare it is unproven.

This is likely fake.

No citation or link to the original.  I traced it to a “talk show host” that identifies himself as a “white nationalist.”  Stay away.



















This is likely fake: It had a citation and so I went to the original document, the pdf file of the Form 990, same date, same Part and title, and page.













This is likely authentic:  Here’s what the authentic form looks like.  Now could this form have been doctored?  Perhaps, but because the information in the page above is damaging and it would take requesting a copy from the IRS, and it can get time consuming.  (This takes a research team.)


















True or False? The Danney Williams Story

The story of Danney Williams, who claims he is Bill Clinton’s son, is an example of a story that could actually be true. However, without DNA proof, it will continue to be speculative.  Perhaps he can subpoena Bill Clinton in a paternal suit to settle the DNA question. This one IS worth watching:

Here’s The Untold Story of Danney Williams, who claims to be Bill Clinton’s son.  It’s short and worth watching, and if true, it is tragic.
According to the Drudge Report, CNN is trying to silence this story.

Bias and Hypocrisy?
CNN was interviewing Utah’s Democratic Party Chairman Peter Corroon who feigned to be a Utah family values guy, when his party distinguishes itself from the LDS community on the abortion and LGBT marriage issues and its PC social justice theme. Corroon declared that because of Trump’s behavior, Utah would vote Democrat for the first time in 50 years, referring to 1964, Goldwater.

Then African American Republican Party Chairman, James Evans, defended his support of Donald Trump when he brought up media hypocrisy. He mentioned the Danney Williams story, and CNN’s Carol Costello instantly shut it down and went to a break. It’s also a beautiful example of media bias, CNN being among the worst.

Somehow through it all, Hillary Clinton is protected.  One child abandoned by the father, and then this story about Hillary representing a rapist or a 12 year old girl should have sent women fleeing and questioning her sincerity when she boasts about how she has done so much to help children.

Robert Gehrke of the Salt Lake Tribune, the more liberal of the two Utah papers, reported this story, and also included disparaging comments from Temple Taggart McDowell, a former Miss Utah, representing her state in the Miss Universe Pageant that Trump owned about 20 years ago. This is an example not only of media spin and exaggeration, but from my experience of years working in media, TV, film and theatre in major markets, tremendous hypocrisy from those casting the stones from their own glass houses.

In New York City and Dallas, where I’ve lived and worked in the professional theatre community, and in Hollywood, where I was born and raised, many men and woman, gay and straight, routinely and enthusiastically greet each other with big hugs and kisses, as this young woman described of Mr. Trump. It’s part of the culture in which I grew up. In Dallas, actors spread STD’s like crazy with each other, and some of my friends did not live to see beyond their 30’s.

Utah Values

I’ve also worked with the pageant world in Utah. I observed that Utah had an entirely different pageant culture from other states, and so I can see how this young Utah girl felt uncomfortable in that entertainment environment.

What we are witnessing in this election season is both cultural meltdown and the ultimate in hypocrisy. After all, it’s Hollywood and New York City that prop up actors, directors, producers, choreographers and their film, TV and theatre that demonstrate all manner of vulgarity and sexual exhibition on stage and in their real lives, even public nudity.

Frankly, the Utah entertainment culture is nearly as bad. I was recently in a theatre production in which the male actors – gay and straight – back stage freely walked in and out of the women’s dressing rooms, whether we were dressed or undressed. No one batted an eye. The language was not much different from what we heard in Donald Trump’s short audio.

This crowd is certainly not in a position to be criticizing Mr. Trump. But now there is a list of celebrities that say they will leave the U.S. if he is elected.

It’s well-known that most of Hollywood is uber-Left and could care less about any morals or values. They support candidates they know share that set of values. A stand-out is Miley Cyrus, the queen of filth. Have you ever watched her Bangerz Tour shock – “Love Money Party?” (Please, don’t. It’s pure porn with f-bombs flying every which way).

This is what many high school and college students model today. I encounter college students from the University of Utah routinely in downtown Salt Lake City, especially around game time to frequent the “sports bars.” They are as vulgar as Miley. I’m not justifying this behavior, I’m saying it’s a sad commentary on our culture. This language and behavior is becoming acceptable in the workplace as well. IN UTAH.

Wake up, Mormons.
Utah’s governor has been working over time to bring thousands of California businesses to Utah, calling it “Silicon Slopes.” At the legislative hearing in which I testified against the LGBT non-discrimination bill in 2015, one witness told the committee that several major companies that were considering relocating their headquarters to Utah would only do so upon the condition that Utah pass a statewide non-discrimination law. He added that the governor promised he would make it happen.

When I pleaded with Utah’s Lieutenant Governor to stop passage of that bill, and I shared a personal story, he was rude and condescending. Later that final night of the session, I was waiting for another official in the Governor’s office, he saw me and ordered me, “Get out. We don’t want to see you!”

Although Utah was promised that this new “compromise” law would protect religious liberty (which we knew it wouldn’t), Pandora’s Box opened wide, and Utahn’s were stunned to learn that a “bathroom bill” was not even needed. Schools were automatically opening locker rooms and bathrooms to boys and girls that felt they were of the opposite gender, and a trans-teacher that had always dressed as a man, showed up one day dressed as a woman. (Thankfully, National Eagle Forum’s lawsuit forced a stay. In theory. To be continued…)

Utah values? No surprise here, this is what Utah is becoming. If you’d like a better glimpse, here’s a video from the Utah Gay Pride Parade and Festival from 2014.  Although it says “sorry” click on the blue button and it will play:

We can only look to ourselves for allowing this degradation of culture to happen in a state that was originally intended to be a safe haven for a religious people set apart.