Why every American should support Donald Trump

I delivered this speech at a Trump rally on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at the Utah State Capitol.  Please share.

I am a mother and a grandmother, the first Republican woman to run for US Senate in Utah, a conservative talk show host, one of Utah’s Republican State Electors … and I am a Mormon.  I am here today to proudly support Donald J. Trump for President of the United States because he is the moral choice.

We’re not voting for the Pope. We’re voting for the President. As Phyllis Schlafly, the First Lady of the conservative movement and my long time friend and mentor, once said, “Like it or not, we have a two party system and Jesus is NOT on the ballot.”

And Evan McMullin, you are not Utah’s “savior.” In fact, you are stealing votes from the moral choice and giving them to the crooked choice, and you’ve admitted it. How principled is THAT?

Phyllis passed away at age 92 just one day before the launch of her final book, The Conservative Case for Trump. She endorsed him when it was not easy. She knew it‘s not about personality; it’s about the principles.

She said, “I asked him to stand by the Republican platform, because we have the best conservative platform we’ve ever had. He endorses it, he will stand by it, and he is a real conservative.”

To my colleagues in the mainstream media and their pollsters: This is not about you and your feeble attempts to manipulate the people with your spin and collusion. You have been exposed, and it’s because of Donald Trump’s tenacity and leadership that you have been brought down. He is the wrecking ball we’ve needed.

And Gloria Allred, we know who YOU are. No one condones assault. This election is not about you and your drama, and your opportunistic and phony charges against Republican men – charges that have been debunked every election cycle.  This is about our children’s future. It’s about the Supreme Court and who will appoint the next four justices – and many more judges and thousands of Washington D.C. bureaucrats.

Let’s look at what’s at stake for our children: We can maintain our “high moral ground” to vote for NeverTrump, while more babies are aborted, our second amendment rights vanish, and the Supreme Court is forever changed. In fact, according to one of Trump’s advisors, former Ambassador Faith Whittlesey, your NeverTrump vote is treason to the Pro-Life movement.

Do we want another former ACLU president, anti-god, -family and -country Ruth Bader Ginsburg, appointed by Bill Clinton?

Or Trump’s commitment to an originalist, respecter of First and Second amendment rights, such as Antonin Scalia, appointed by Ronald Reagan?

Do we want Clinton’s partial birth abortion choices?

Or Trump’s pro-Life choices?

Do we want Clinton’s war on religious liberty?

Or Trump’s championing of the repeal of the Johnson Amendment, restoring the First Amendment to religious institutions and non-profits?

Do we want to continue the Clinton’s globalist sell-out of production and jobs, undermining our rule of law?

Or do we want Donald Trump to fix or eliminate NAFTA, withdraw from TPP, and bring those jobs back home and keep our Constitution the Supreme law of the land?

Do we want Clinton’s open borders, flooding this land with too many that hate America, bringing crime and drugs to harm our children?

Or do we want Trump to make America great again, welcoming immigrants that love this country?

Do we want Clinton, the originator of the unconstitutional single-payer system – called HillaryCare – back in the White House?

Or do we want Donald Trump’s plan to repeal and replace the disastrous ObamaCare?

Do we want to continue the Clinton Corporate Crony machine in Washington DC padding their foundation pockets?

Or do we want Donald Trump to drain that swamp?

Hillary, you tell us that you want to solve our problems with more bureaucracy and government solutions. But I have a message for you: You ARE the problem. Donald Trump IS the solution!

When Mr. Trump spoke at Phyllis Schlafly’s funeral he said, “I’m sure that she’s telling us to keep up the fight. Phyllis, we love you, we miss you, and we will never, ever let you down.”

And that, my friends is why Donald Trump IS the moral choice for America!

Together we will make America great again! God bless Donald Trump and God bless America!

Stop Corporations that Support Drug-Sex Trafficking in the Name of “Racism”

It has been shocking to watch how many corporations are participating in The Greatest Lie Ever Told – and in the protection of some of the greatest evils ever perpetrated on women and children. We must oppose this atrocity right away. Here’s what has happened.

Recently Donald Trump, a celebrity Republican presidential candidate, stated solid facts about border crimes in his announcement interview with Sean Hannity. You can watch it here:

For telling the truth, these corporations are now calling Mr. Trump a “racist” and dropping his business. True to Trump’s style, he did not back down nor waste a moment to defend his comments. Here’s the audio.

The truth is, these corporations are actually protecting the illegal drug and sex trafficking trades. This is utterly horrific and nothing short of totally disgusting.

If you doubt it, here are two articles that explain the situation along the border and throughout South America:

Read this report from Fusion that shows compelling interviews that expose the tragedy that awaits women who migrate to the U.S., as they make their way through Mexico. (By the way, for any liberal lovers reading this post, Huffington Post also cites this article).

Read this report from the Department of Justice that shows the magnitude of these drug-related crimes on the southwestern border.

Who’s Who:  A Short List of Corporations Calling Trump a “Racist”
in Order to Protect Illegal Drugs and Sex-Trafficking
(yes, that means the rape of women and children)

Forbes list of sex trafficking corporations

  • NBC – who just cancelled Trump from Celebrity Apprentice, then booted the Miss Universe-Miss USA pageants because of Trump’s “racist comments.” (One might ask whether NBC’s intent was to punish the girls in addition to its support of rape and sex trafficking. Wow.  Just wow.)    See article.
  • Serta, mattress corporation will not renew its contract with Trump at the end of the year.
  • Farouk Systems, Chi – BioSilk hair products – withdrew support of Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA (and they endorse WHAT instead?  Rape, drugs and sex trafficking? Yes. (Oh, goodie.)
  • 5 Rabbit Cerveceria – “Latin American microbrewery with a cozy tasting room featuring a rotating selection of house beers.”  Founder Andrés Araya got his start at Cerveceria Costa Rica (see comments under TeleTica 7)  Graduate of Cornell and Purdue.  
  • Univision – American-owned Spanish speaking TV communications corporation that breached its contract with Trump’s Miss USA pageant, to air July 12.  See article.
  • Several Mexican- and South American-owned TV stations – Mexico is known to sell sex favors for illegal immigration transport from other South American countries.
    • ORA TV – Carlos Slim Helu, Co-Founder, owns Mexico’s largest telecommunications and oil production and is said to be wealthiest man in the world at $79.5 billion (the top three – Buffett, Gates and Slim rotate the title.  Read article.
    • TeleTica 7 – A Costa Rican TV communications corporation.  Costa Rica is a country of destination for sex trafficking and selling them to be trafficked in the US because it is not illegal in that nation.  See article.  Miss Universe and others who have held the crown are joining in, but Trump is boldly standing on principle.  See article.
    • Televisa – Mexican station
  • And now…Macy’s?  Yes.  Macy’s.

These corporations are not simply opposing a presidential candidate, they are lying to protect evil, rape, murder and drugs.  Every corporation that participates in this nefarious “racist” rant must be held accountable for the evil and deception they are promoting.  Media outlets that do not expose this lie are also participating in the perpetuation of rape, drug and sex trafficking.

I’ve been watching comments on social networks.  The utterly uninformed are now chiming in to support these liars and evil corporations – all echoing the chant “Racist!”

Really? Really?

With such an ignorant population, the U.S. deserves what it gets.

It’s time to blow these corporation’s cover, and I’m pleading for your help.


Here are some important steps you can take today to make a difference.

1.  Sign the petition found at the upper right on the home page to stop corporate drug and sex trafficking and to apologize publicly to the American people, Mr, Trump and the women and children they are harming.  Today. Unlike so many organizations that do NOTHING with petitions, American Leadership Fund will deliver these signatures to the corporations supporting the drug and sex trade business.

2. Contact these corporations mentioned above asap.  A simple message might be:

I have noted your corporation’s recent response to Donald Trump’s statement on south-of-the-border drug and sex trafficking.  I am shocked and alarmed that your corporation is covering up its support of these trades that are drugging and raping women and children, including those that are migrating to the United States illegally.  I ask for your corporation to stop hiding behind the “race card” and issue a public apology to Mr, Trump, to American citizens and to the women and children your corporation is harming with such an evil practice.  Thank you, [your name]

Jim Sluzewski
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & External Affairs
jim.sluzewski@macys.com, 513-579-7764

Terry J. Lundgren
Jeffrey Gennette

Here’s the executive management team at Macy’s.

NBC Universal
Cameron Blanchard
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications
(212) 664-7202

Farouk Systems (Chi hair care products)
Basim Shami
880 Richey Rd.
Houston TX. 77073

Serta (mattresses)
Gary T. Fazio
2600 Forbs Ave.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 USA

5 Rabbit Cerveceria
Andrés Araya
6398 W 74th St
Bedford Park, IL 60638
(312) 895-9591

Randy Falco
President – CEO
605 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10158
(212) 455-5200

Jon Housman
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (formerly CEO – Digital Journalism for News Corporation)
Carlos Slim Helú Co-Founder
Larry King Co-Founder (Former CNN personality)
Email: Publicity@ora.tv

Emilio Azcárraga Jean
Email: ir@televisa.com.mx

Teletica 7
Owned by the Picado family in Costa Rica
Email a message

3.  Support Operation Underground Railroad and Elizabeth Smart Foundation. I have been a strong promoter of Tim Ballard’s work in rescuing women AND children who are being sex trafficked as favors for immigration. Elizabeth Smart, who was abducted from her home and made national headlines for over 9 months when she was recognized and found, is partnering with Tim’s organization.  Please volunteer to help to combat the terrible damage these corporations are doing to women and children by keeping them in harm’s way and hiding behind a “racist” facade to cover up their evil.


4.  Help American Leadership Fund continue to with its advocacy with a generous donation of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more.  Text “ALF” at 313131 or donate online.  Mail contributions to American Leadership Fund, 5202 Saddleback Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84117  Please consider a monthly donation of any amount.



5. Share this information with your friends.

The Utah Compact, Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order v. Real Solutions

American Leadership Fund

On numerous occasions, President Obama has vowed to take unilateral action, if Congress does not, and he has. Just before Thanksgiving, the president stood before Americans and explained his comprehensive, amnesty executive order to 4.5 million illegal aliens. He has no constitutional authority to do this. Congress must exercise its constitutional authority to reign in the executive branch. It is high time that the lawsuit Republicans have brought against him be heard.

By now, it should be evident that neither side of the aisle has the will to what they have been charged constitutionally to do. Follow the money. I would not hesitate to suggest that there is corruption at the core. More votes for Democrats. More cheap labor for Republicans. More revenue for the U.S. and South American countries in the drug industry. And the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the “winner,” even if short-lived. Because if this greed continues, this nation will crumble from the moral decay that indebtedness and entitlement bring.

Since the U.S. decided to abort babies – 1 million a year since 1973, are we surprised that the U.S. now needs to replace our shrinking population with illegal aliens? This is a disastrous state of affairs.

Chris Herrod’s Extraordinary Analysis of President Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order

Former Utah Representative Chris Herrod, whose wife is a legal immigrant from Ukraine, has been willing to take the heat among his peers to speak truth. He has left no prisoners behind in this review of what Utah, an otherwise conservative state, did to create a sanctuary state that is now reaping some serious consequences and he makes a compelling case for why that unconstitutional “Utah Compact” legislation that President Obama has embraced should be repealed in Utah before it gets worse.

Chris has created a series of short videos on his new blog site www.unconcon.com that each analyze the fallacies in the President’s address unveiling his amnesty order. This is worth the watch, and I hope that it will make you aware of the damage our elected officials have done to law-abiding citizens in this state. Continue reading The Utah Compact, Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order v. Real Solutions

Obama’s Exec Orders to Grant 5-6 million amnesty

A “solution” to illegal immigration is supposed to be pending this week from the Oval Office:  amnesty for 5-6 million illegal aliens.  This imperial presidency is determined to transform America – into a third world nation of impoverished immigrants at rates that cannot possibly be assimilated.  Watch this video interview with Maryland blogger Ann Corcoran.

She accurately portrays the Left in this debate.  As one who has been in U.N. negotiating rooms and an attendee at an immigration seminar hosted by the University of the United Nations, I can say that she is absolutely correct:  they already refer to nations as “states” and they advocate for borderless migration, and instant citizenship.

However latest reports indicate that Obama’s plans may be delayed.  After meetings with those pushing for this economic destruction of America, which included the extremist and socialist-revolutionist La Raza, there is a chance he could abandon his original plans.  This report is from The Daily Caller.

There are reasonable solutions to illegal immigration, but will Congress do its part?   More to come.

Please consider a donation so we can keep the network growing.  You are part of a massive grassroots effort building all across America.


Labor Day Should Be Renamed Memorial Day II

White background - long

Note:  My email linked to this post unintentionally calculated numbers that did not reflect specifically lost manufacturing jobs.  The stats are accurate in this post.  My thanks to those vigilant readers that caught the error.  

First let’s praise all that is good about America: A strong tradition in free enterprise. Innovations in technology that brought the world Internet communications and software programs unmatched. The best medical research on earth. Excellence in strong defense and national security. The everyday, hardworking mother and father, in the workplace or at home. And an indomitable spirit that pulls itself up by the bootstraps despite every effort by elected officials to kill the American Dream becoming more and more elusive. Now, Labor Day. Let’s be honest. Labor Day should be a sort of Memorial Day Part II. Continue reading Labor Day Should Be Renamed Memorial Day II