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Candidate Chris Herrod pledges to join Reps. Love and Bishop as co-sponsor Pro-Life Heartbeat Bill in Congress

This is a clip from the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Radio LIVE that aired Thursday, August 10, 2017 with’s Janet Porter, a champion of this measure. Janet tells the story of what happened with Congressman Jason Chaffetz and why Chris Herrod is a GAIN in Congress.

Chris Herrod – Candidate for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District – is the only candidate pledged to join Utah’s Mia Love and Rob Bishop and 260 others to co-sponsor the Pro-Life Heartbeat Bill! He’s the REAL DEAL. WATCH NOW … and SHARE with 10 others in the 3rd district!!!

Vote by mail for Chris Herrod through Monday August 14, 2017 or on Election Day Tuesday, August 15, 2017 – 7 AM to 8 PM. Find your location here:

American Leadership Fund Board Member Al Jackson Elected to Utah State Senate

American Leadership Fund


Senator Al Jackson, American Leadership Fund’s board member WINS election!  

A HUGE congratulations to ALF’s board member, Al Jackson for running for State Senate and WINNING!  by ONE vote.  Every vote truly counts. 

Al was our endorsed candidate, of course.  I have known Al and Juleen for over 11 years now.  They hosted a marvelous event at their beautiful Maryland home years ago, and we have stayed in contact since they relocated to Utah.

Al is a founding ALF board member and has been instrumental in helping us get ALF off the ground.  Juleen is a strong and courageous leader and president of United Women’s Forum in Utah County.  They both have a clear understanding of the proper role of government, and Al is our voice in Washington DC when we need him. 

We also know Ken Sumsion who is a great man that we have sorely missed in the legislature. We need him there again – he was one of the founders of the Patrick Henry Caucus and worked very hard.  Those were the days of real commitment and principled leaders.  We are counting on Al to bring people together in the Senate to have that courage.

We could not have a better senator! 

Here are a couple of photos. 

With Al’s beautiful wife Juleen and one of their adorable daughters. 

Cher-Al-Juleen .JPG

Here’s Al with another founding ALF board member/Highland City Councilman Tim Irwin, a great friend and consultant and supporter who also helped launch ALF and is a great resource. 

Tim-Al-Cherilyn New Senator!.JPG



Marriage ‘Not State Issue’: Republican or Libertarian?


On July 28, 2014 a Florida TV station re-posted a CNN report by Margaret Hoover declaring that the Florida GOP ‘gets it’ on gay marriage. She wrote:

The Republican Party’s support for same-sex marriage is starting to grow. In the past 16 months, the number of GOP legislators supporting equal access to civil marriage quadrupled — from just two to eight. And recently, Republican Rep. David Jolly of Florida, a swing-district legislator with a deep personal and religious belief in traditional marriage, made a case we will hear more — a good society should confer the rights and responsibilities of civil marriage on same-sex couples while respecting the religious freedom of houses of worship to perform the sacrament of marriage only in the ways they see fit.

Continue reading Marriage ‘Not State Issue’: Republican or Libertarian?

A Rebuttal to Gov. Olene Walker on Utah’s Caucus

Another one bites the dust, as they say. Now former Governor Olene Walker has just abandoned We the People in favor of big money, the rich and famous. Her editorial in the St. George Spectrum is filled with propaganda obviously fed to her by the DC lobbyists who have run these kinds of deceptive campaigns from their K Street addresses state by state to change elections to their favor. The editorial was a brilliant twist of truth obviously coached by shrewd attorneys who know how to twist arms in DC as well. Continue reading A Rebuttal to Gov. Olene Walker on Utah’s Caucus

Utah GOP Proposes Caucus Improvements

As you may be aware, a group of DC lobbyists and Utah’s elite have combined to eliminate the Utah Caucus-Convention system of elections. This small group of millionaires, lobbyists and media consultants wants to take away your neighborhood caucus election and replace it with a direct primary.

A grassroots group of citizens called UTAH FIRST has been organized protect the influence of your voice and vote and to preserve neighborhood elections. Your help is needed now! Continue reading Utah GOP Proposes Caucus Improvements

Which of Your Child’s Sports Will Be Next?

Another Attempt at Trampling on Parental Rights Underway

A national campaign to target liberty in the field of children’s sports is threatening to shut down private businesses that provide fun in a safe environment – the indoor trampoline gyms.

Perhaps challenges are coming to your town.  Representative government is running unchecked.  These are unelected bureaucrats that are dictating public policy.  Here is an example of one challenge happening in the city of Provo, Utah:

This Monday September 23rd the unelected Utah County Health Department will vote on whether you as a parent, should have the right to decide for yourself and your children how you play at commercial trampoline gyms.

If you are local and can attend, here’s the info:

County Board of Health Meeting
Monday, September 23, 2013
4 p.m until 5 p.m.
Utah County Health and Justice Building
151 S. University Ave., Suite 2500, Provo, Utah

If this unelected bureaucracy gets its way, it could mean:

  • No dodgeball

  • No flips

  • No kids below the age of six on the trampolines.

Take action NOW to protect your parental rights! Click here to read and sign the petition.

In every sport there is an inherent element of risk and danger.  Baseball players accidentally get hit with baseballs or bats. Basketball players may sprain an ankle, break a leg, or dislocate a shoulder. Even the harmless version of  touch or flag football, a player may suffer a concussion or worse.

While playing we all have had all few skinned knees, a couple falls, and the occasional trip to the emergency room in a hospital.  This author has sprained her ankle four times playing baseball, basketball, and dancing on stage. My children have had their share of injuries, including one son that broke both wrists in a long-boarding accident.

However, we wouldn’t trade those lessons learned, the hard-won medals, the sweat and tears of learning a new skill, or the teamwork skills we learned just because there was some risk involved.

With all this unforeseen danger, why would we ever engage in sports?  An even better question is why would we let our kids play sports?  The simple answer is that we learn to work together toward a goal, we gain self-confidence, we stay healthy and increase our human experience while playing sports and engaging in physical activity. These attributes we gain outweigh the risks.

Scientific studies have shown that trampoline gym activities are safer than most sports.  Here are some statistical comparisons:


Injury Rate

Injuries per 1,000













Trampoline Park



Source: American Academy of Pediatrics Journal, “Survey of the Injury Rate for Children in Community Sports”, Marirose A. Radelet, Scott M Lephart (PhD), Elaine N. Runbinstein (PhD), and Joseph B. Myers (PhD), Pediatrics 2002; 110; e28; DOI: 10.1542/ped.110.3.e28

This nation and its states and local cities and towns are being run by the unelected.  If we continue to allow these government bureaucrats to succeed in every arena – including this latest skirmish, regulating commercial trampoline gyms, your freedom to play your sport could be next.

What would stop them from regulating how old kids can be to go swimming, or play baseball, snow skiing or even gymnastics?

Well, we can, and we must take a stand against this threat to our representative form of government and its attack on private, free enterprise.

Even if you don’t live in Utah county, please click here to sign the petition.  If you do live in Utah County please attend the County Board of Health meeting Monday, September 23 from 4 p.m until 5 p.m. at the Utah County Health and Justice Building, 151 S. University Ave., Provo Suite 2500

For more information about the safety of trampoline parks visit:

Petition Link:

Facebook Event Page:

Should Private Lobbyists Get Publicly Funded Pensions?

This article discloses disturbing facts: in at least 20 states, We the People are funding the lobbyists that work against us as our representatives at state legislatures. Yes, government associations and commissions and agencies hire lobbyists to promote what we are paying those entities that our elected officials have appointed.

Government has just grown too big when government entities need lobbyists to represent the interests of the unelected bureaucrats in Congress or in a state legislature.

TotalLobbyingSpending-thumb-250x398-10385The number of lobbyists in Washington and on the state level has grown so large, it is a swamp. In DC, Open Secrets documents that there are over 10,000 registered, actively engaged lobbyists. In 2012, over $3 billion was spent. The all-time high was in 2010 at $3.52 billion, presumably because that was the infamous year of the passage of the largest, most costly piece of legislation to the American people of all time: ObamaCare, the Unaffordable Care Act.

Some conservatives, especially in the Tea Party, are determined to make sure all Americans know, and that their children are taught, what type of government America has. “It’s not a democracy. It’s a Republic!” they assert. “Democracy is another word for socialism!”

Well, yes. On paper, when the Constitution was established, Benjamin Franklin did answer that question: “It’s a republic.” And his colleagues would have asserted the same.

How odd.  Within the last century, there once was the Weimar Republic and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. And there’s still the Republic of China. All countries we know as socialist-communist (meaning degrees to which the government owns or manages the enterprises and economic decisions.

The hallmark of socialism is not so much whether it is called a republic, but whether its government has become so big it requires an unelected bureaucracy in order to function, a bureaucracy built by the people (a democracy) that wanted more of it.

Look around. What say you of the United States of America? What has it become?

It’s time for this excellent video again. If you or your children haven’t seen it, take 10. It’s worth it.

Then examine current public policy against this list that Karl Marx and Frederick Engels compiled as their goals for utopia.

You’ll know what form of government you have, not by the name of your country, but by the number of government employees it has, plus the number of lobbyists it employs.

Advice to Utah GOP: Be Careful What You Wish For

Now the two parties in Utah are having another spitting match. Again, the media is reporting the controversy as a dispute over Democratic Salt Lake County Attorney Sim Gill’s comments alleging racist police brutality, (Sim pointed out that he grew up in India and saw a horrific public beating when a child) and an honest and pointed response from Salt Lake County Party Chairman Chad Bennion, who referenced the DA’s bias from his foreigner background.

Immigration=Racisim. Those hard-hearted Republicans. Again.

The more the Right (those who want local, less, smaller government) makes a big deal of what the Left, (those who want bigger, more, centralized control) has purposefully transformed into a racist/ethnic faux pas (again), the more fuel the Right gives the Left.

And that’s precisely what the Left wants. They are on a pursuit of the great dialectic to force this nation incrementally to become a welfare state. Two steps forward, one step back, and eventually we’ll get there.

Well, my friends, we arethere.

Vladimir LeninIt was Lenin himself who penned the phrase “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – The Crisis in Our Party” – in a pamphlet written in May 1904 addressing the split between the majority – the Bolsheviks – and the Mensheviks led by Julius Martov and the backwards motion of what was needed: incrementalism.

It was a play on the idiom derived from watching a frog try to escape from a well – for every two steps forward, it lapsed back one step, making the journey out of the well tiresome and tedious.

Julius MartovBy 1917 Lenin and Martov had finally united to force the successful worker’s revolution. Of course they were both socialists when they were bickering intra-party, but it is an example of the dialectic in action. (If you don’t understand “the dialectic” – Google it.)

Today, we see incrementalism at work on all fronts. Immigration comes to mind.

Incrementalism and Immigration
Inviting immigrants to the U.S. that have little historical background or history with the republican founding of our nation and that bring with them flawed ideas of governance has never had a good outcome for a free nation historically. Incrementally, immigration patterns change societies and political outcomes. If you’ve never seen it, here is a fascinating animated map of how immigration patterns affected religous blocs and the rise and fall of nations. I call it “Around the World in 90 Seconds.”

It can be logically argued that immigration patterns in the U.S. have already dramatically changed the dominant culture and its notions of the role of government. We can also acknowledge statistically that a welfare state has attracted many, and by bringing them in, has increased support for a welfare state. in fact with over 2.2 million on the government payroll, not including military and state public employees, it is reasonable to say that we have reached a tipping point of no easy return. Not good news for Republicans and the Right who believe less government is more liberty.

Thus, it can be said that the current immigration policy is destroying the republican form of government the Founders had envisioned – and it has nothing to do with skin color. They had the good sense to allow only a quota of foreigners (“aliens,” as they were and are still legally called) who might not bring with them the right ideas about liberty. By allowing a political bloc of socialists who would capture the majority, the nation could be transformed.

That we typically speak of this demographic or our form of government as an event yet to happen, in reality – if we are honest with ourselves – we must remove the blinders.

Friends, it has already happened. A majority of Americans are now welfare recipients. Will a majority vote to remove all these perks and welfare they now receive? Not likely.

But it’s not sustainable, and if allowed to continue, we may get a result we did not want.

Framing the Debate and Staying on the Offense

As a former candidate for US Senate/Congress, and watching those who have held and currently hold public office, a conservative politician’s voice is often neutered or silenced out of fear that the Left will make hay when truth is plainly spoken.

I’m no longer running for anything, and for that matter, I have nothing to lose, but even when running I was outspoken, sometimes to the horror of consultants. So I am continuing to speak boldly and bluntly. That is who I am and how I was raised.

Let’s analyze this situation with the County GOP Chairman and the Democratic County DA: A Republican leader is now concerned about the political lynching of a police officer that the Left has once again twisted into a racial incident. That is to be applauded. But, to continue the dialogue further only favors the dialectic and incrementalism will win – again.

My advice is to leave this narrowly focused debate alone now and to begin to turn and control the message – turn it into the message that we not only really need, but one that few acknowledge. If we do this in principle, what the Left wants will get its three days – or at most two weeks – of news coverage and then it’s gone.

If the Right is skillful enough to stay focused on the real issue, the foundational and fundamental causes, the Leftist twist will be all but forgotten and the correct message will emerge and dominate.

It’s the Left that wants the racial dialogue to go on and on, to incite class warfare. It’s right out of the Alinsky playbook.

Think of this old adage: “What if they gave a war and no one came?” ha.

So, let’s stay focused on what’s really killing this state and nation and begin to use the transitional phrase, “You know, the real issue here is ________”

And the real issue is? So glad you asked.

The real issue is the gorilla in the room: The corruption of crony capitalism and the merger of private-public partnerships that have little concern about the philosophies that the precious workers business owners need might bring to this country. These are the capitalist cannibals. They have already brought in, and are supporting educational philosophies, a generation that will use their false ideas of the role of government to be used against them. The very people they need, and the money they are throwing into educational programs to train them, regardless of political background and philosophy, are the very ones that will unionize and rise up against them – the very fathers of their feasts.

This is nothing new. It is the cyclical pattern of history. And they will overturn them.

The Danger of the Private-Public Partnership

If you look closely enough at the people, the strategic players, and the funding, you will see these insidious private-public alliances/collaborations lurking behind every issue we face. They are rendering local control and our influence at the voting booth impotent, they are equalizing the tax sources (redistribution), regionalizing and removing our representative form of government and turning it into a socialist, collectivist, consolidated, centralized, controlling superstate.

Even in Utah.

stalin-lenin-and-trotskyIt’s not a new idea, and the history does not have a good outcome. Crony capitalism and private-public partnerships are in part what incited and then co-opted the Bolshevik revolution, what supported Trotsky and eventually brought Stalin and Hitler to power in Europe. The same patterns emerged in Asia.

Follow the money. Always.

If you do, you will begin to see a powerful pattern of public policy merged with the private sector, forcing enterprises that refuse the public subsidy into unfair competition with the publicly subsidized sector. Who among you could compete with FREE?

My friends, THAT – the private-public partnership – is destroying the free market on all fronts – from education to health care. Both parties support it.

Can you identify what it looks like? Do you know its names and labels in education, in health care? Do you know what you might wholeheartedly be supporting without really understanding the consequences?

Any guesses what sacred cows I might be talking about? I’ll let you chew on that cud until my next post.

Action Items

My advice is: Let this little spittin’ match go. Focus on the real issue. Who will stand with me? I really need your help. It’s not going to come from those that have billions. If it comes from anywhere, it will be from the grassroots, you and me. Sheer sweat and a few dollars from a lot of folks.

Ask yourself the following questions: Who am I? What do I believe? How does money affect my beliefs? What do we as a people believe? And most of all, do we practice what we believe?

We are in a very dangerous time. I warned GOP leaders over 25 years ago what the outcome would be if we continued to collaborate with and compromise with the Left and abandon Roberts Rules for consensus. As we debate these ethnic, class warfare issues, this is not a good time for the Republican Party to be going through an identity crisis and believe that it must water down its message and cave in to peer pressure to become more democratic/Leftist just to get more votes.

That’s exactly what the Left wants. That’s incrementalism.

I applaud Senator Mike Lee (and the handful of the brave that stand beside him) for standing his ground.

What Will the Future Headlines Be for the GOP?

My good friend Ron Mortensen, a brilliant writer, has written a powerful piece capturing likely future news headlines if the GOP continues on this course. Read it.

After reading this short commentary, you will not view this discussion the same again. It will give new meaning to the advice: “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.”

Republic or Democracy? The Caucus System Knows

The Deseret News published an editorial in favor of getting rid of Utah’s caucus system.  This paper is owned by a Church that, in its Sunday School Manual, defines our form of government as a Constitutional representative republic, not a democracy.  It appears there’s a difference of opinion between its ownership and its editorial board. Continue reading Republic or Democracy? The Caucus System Knows

Constutional Confusion, Republicans and Primaries

It’s frustrating, but I’m looking on the bright side.  With every opposition comes opportunity.

The challenge to Utah’s caucus is an opportunity to teach people what they didn’t learn in school:  that the United States Constitution and the Founders that wrote it did not have in mind that this nation should be a democracy.  They created a republic and it is guaranteed to every state in Article IV.  Read it.

I don’t wish to embarrass people when they are simply poorly informed, and that’s not my intent, but saving liberty and my grandchildren’s prospects of a secure future are on the line.  So we need to get this right. Continue reading Constutional Confusion, Republicans and Primaries