Paul Rolly, I Accept the Honor

Recently Salt Lake Tribune satirist from the Left, Paul Rolly, dubbed me the “Tea Party Goddess” in his regular column. Naturally, I was flattered and graciously accepted. It inspired a make-over. Let me know what you think.

n Eagar Tea Party Goddess 2
Cherilyn Eagar, Tea Party Goddess 2013

Cherilyn Eagar’s Upgrade from the Left

Paul RollyAccording to Paul Rolly, Salt Lake’s Leftist satirical columnist, he has just given me an upgrade: Apparently I’m a goddess now.  I was once honored by the Troublemakers Club, a group of women speaking out and making a difference in Utah and they gave me a plastic crown for my achievements.  But this is truly a real honor of a lifetime, especially coming from the Left.

I truly enjoy Rolly’s humor.  No seriously, honestly. He’s a clever writer and sometimes has me…no pun…rolling.

However, his post tries to make a point that I’m wrong about the politicizing of the investigation of the Attorney General. But what the post accomplished is exactly the opposite: It proves my point.

The point is, I – a conservative woman – made it to Rolly’s Leftist hit list!  That is a badge of honor.  And if I weren’t so Right about the Left having a heyday with the AG investigation, I would never have made it into his column at all.

I can understand why he associates me with the tea party. I ran for US Senate during the year the tea party formed. However, I have kept an independent position, and not all of them supported me.  In fact, I predate any tea party movement by three decades. Continue reading Cherilyn Eagar’s Upgrade from the Left