Socialized Medicine Upheld 6-3 US Supreme Court

Unbelievable, but it looks as though the tax subsidies will stand for those states that did not set up socialist health care state exchanges.  All Americans are now constitutionally “entitled.”

What has been ruled constitutional is that FREE options will compete with PAID options on a state insurance exchange. Good luck to the PAID options. And good luck to the taxpayers that will continue to experience spikes in their taxes and “double taxation,” if they wish to hang on to their private option.

Kudos to Scalia who barbecued Roberts’ outrageous decision and called it what it is in his strong dissent: SCOTUSCare.  To echo his sentiments, Chief Justice Roberts’ legacy is indeed hurting the Court – and Roberts’ reputation – long-term.  But I will add, it especially is hurting our young people who will bear the burden of the elderly subsidies that far outweigh their capacity to do so by sheer numbers.

Listen to Judge Napolitano in this scathing report

Napolitano described it as a “weird” ruling declaring that Roberts has pulled his logic out of thin air and that he cannot read plain English.

I’m equally dismayed at the silence from the private options enterprises for not protesting this ruling.  But then, why would they? They believe the mandate will bring them profits, in spite of what will eventually be the inevitable: their own demise and hostile government take-over.

I urge you to connect with two groups of doctors that are speaking out:  The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has been actively engaged in the legal fight.  Here is an excellent and brief rundown on the Court’s ruling.  AAPS sends out alerts regularly.  Read what AAPS is saying about the damage the ACA is doing and the response to the ruling, forthcoming.

Also, pay attention to what the Surgery Center of Oklahoma is doing, whose doctors are affiliated with AAPS.  If you want the truth in simple terms, to learn how ObamaCare is harming you, and to find out what the options and solutions are, read Dr. Smith’s blog.

This socialist decision is sure to follow the course of social security and Medicare – and education.  It will suck the majority of Americans into the system and the system will become mediocre, harming untold numbers of patients that will need the care but will not get it in a timely fashion, if at all.

The history is clear:  The public subsidies of social security and Medicare were originally limited to a small percent of the population, but eventually Americans behaved as children, “If little Joey gets the candy for free, I get it too!!!”  and “I’m paying taxes, so I should get this government subsidy too,” even though they don’t need it.  Everyone is entitled in a socialist society.

If insurance companies were honest and principled, they would speak up.  They would call this an unfair trade practice.

Is there a political party that believes in free enterprise any more?  Have the two major parties become Socialist and Socialist Lite?  How will Congress respond?  When will Congress apply a checks and balance to the Supreme Court that is given it in Article III of the U.S. Constitution?

A legislative response is overdue. If Congress doesn’t respond, we are indeed headed for what my doctor father said on July 31, 1965 when Medicare first passed: “This is the first day of the end of quality delivery of medicine in America.” For those who were not living in 1965, you most likely don’t miss the liberty you have never known.

Let’s hope Americans will take up the challenge to unseat every Senator that confirmed these judges. Utah’s Orrin Hatch is among them.  2016 must be a turn around.  Our future depends on it.  Drill deeply in your analysis, because most Republicans run as conservatives, but they are far from it.

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If you would like to OPT OUT of ObamaCare, now would be a good time to do it, and there is a way.  It’c called Medical Cost Share.  Get more information here.   If enough Americans do this, it would bankrupt socialized medicine.  This is better than insurance, and typically costs less.  And you will be supporting this cause with a win-win… Check it out!

Why Medicaid Expansion is a Bad Idea


American Leadership Fund

I’ll make this short. Medicaid expansion is a bad idea because:

1. Socialized medicine doesn’t work.
2. The state exchanges are going down – and whether they will go down with a bang or a whimper by 2015 is the remaining question.
3. Medicaid expansion is an unfunded mandate waiting to happen.

Where Does Your State Stand on Medicaid Expansion?

As of August 2014, twenty-one states are saying “No” to Obamacare. They are doing it by refusing to expand Medicaid. Utah is one of three yet “undecided.”

Meanwhile,  former CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson is suing the federal government to obtain records that she has failed to get through numerous FOIA requests in order to get to the bottom of the security questions swirling around the system that Congress has failed to answer.

Jonathan Gruber would like you to know that you are too “stupid” and they were counting on that and the lack of transparency to get this monster through the door without anyone noticing it.  Here’s a video worth watching – GruberGate in Two Minutes.

The three necessary legs of the socialized medicine stool are the establishment of

1) a state or national online exchange to drive people to the most cost effective choice – Medicaid;

2) the Accountable Care Organization – a glorified, government-run HMO; and

3) Medicaid Expansion.

Without all three, socialized, national health care – regardless of its title – cannot be implemented. States such as Texas understand this fact. Other states, for the most part run by socialist governors and legislatures, have already welcomed Obamacare. Three states are still in “open debate.”

One is a state that many would consider the most conservative state in the nation – Utah.  At least that is how the voters vote in a presidential election year.  But when it comes to local politics, it’s as if there is a total disconnect.

Why this is important to you is that Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert was elected to Vice Chair of the National Governors Association (a union/lobbyist group in DC where a lot of mischief takes place).  Earlier in 2014 the Washington Post also named Governor Gary Herbert was the most popular governor in the nation with a 73% approval rating.

Conservatives who work closely with Governor Herbert at the Utah legislature will tell you that he votes consistently with liberal policies and that he is controlled by the liberal unions that have a stranglehold on the otherwise conservative population of Utah.  Among those unions are the National Education Association’s state affiliate the Utah Education Association, the Utah PTA, the Utah Hospital Association and the Utah Medical Association.

The latter two trade groups are both pro-ACA (Obamacare) and ACO (Accountable Care Organization – glorifed, government run HMOs, a failure from the 1970’s-1980s.)  See here.  They claim a “Utah Solution” but unless Utah joins with other states that are suing the federal government, it is doomed to be regulated by the federal government, just as it is with education reforms it claims are “Utah’s core.”

In fact, in 2012 I personally watched as bill after bill emerged out of committee and passed out of the legislature setting up every facet of what is needed to establish nationalized medicine in Utah.  Crickets.

Utah’s supposedly conservative governor has just announced that he is launching his campaign for Medicaid Expansion.  Utah’s conservatives who are paying attention are scratching their heads.  They agree with Ronald Reagan that Medicaid is socialized medicine. Just because health care is implemented at the state level does not mean it is a good or better plan.  It is controlled from the top.

In fact, a state that agrees to Medicaid expansion is also agreeing to sign on to federal funding which goes away, and then the state is left with another huge unfunded mandate it cannot afford to pay.

So much for calling it the “Affordable” Care Act.

Forbes Magazine contributors Jonathan Ingram, Nic Horton and  Josh Archambault argue that the Healthy Utah Plan helps the able-bodied while those who are truly in need are ignored.  It’s patterned after the Arkansas plan that that state is now trying to abandon, and it has no work requirement.

While the money in the short term is enticing, Dr. Alieta Eck was on my radio show recently and described Medicaid Expansion as buying a baby elephant because it came with a two years supply of food.  It’s an unfunded entitlement in the making.   You can listen to the podcast starting at about 15 minutes into the recording.

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Former Republican Lt. Gov. advocates for Medicaid Expansion

Alert from “conservative” Utah: If the President’s message of “if Congress can’t get it done, I will” didn’t alarm you, I’m now sitting in a Democratic caucus in the Utah legislature and listening to a former “Republican” Lieutenant Governor – Greg Bell – blasting conservatives for being opposed to Medicaid expansion and delivering a presentation advocating expansion. Continue reading Former Republican Lt. Gov. advocates for Medicaid Expansion

Larry King hosts ObamaCare debate between two doctors

This is a great debate between Richard Amerling, nephrologist and President-Elect of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and George S. Benjamin, internist/ER doctor and Executive Director of the American Public Health Association.

It’s less than 15 minutes and is packed with information that we need to share with our state legislators and governors, as well as our Senators and Representatives in Congress.

The governor of Utah has not yet decided how he will deal with ObamaCare and the pressure to expand Medicaid. We’re getting ready for an upcoming legislative session in late January and as AAPS’ Utah coordinator, I will be there working hard to prevent expansion.

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Distorted Responses to Medicare – Slide Toward Socialism Op Ed

I just knew my opinion editorial in the Salt Lake Tribune would bring out the more radical leftists from their closets to misconstrue my comments about how socialized medicine began with Medicare. (Which it did, by the way.)

John Neville wrote a quick response similar to Eric Nielson, apparently one of my neighbors from my town of Holladay, Utah, who has taken issue with my assessment that medicare started this slide to socialism. Next time, the writers might want to give me a call first or do some homework before making so many false assumptions. Continue reading Distorted Responses to Medicare – Slide Toward Socialism Op Ed