Why every American should support Donald Trump

I delivered this speech at a Trump rally on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at the Utah State Capitol.  Please share.

I am a mother and a grandmother, the first Republican woman to run for US Senate in Utah, a conservative talk show host, one of Utah’s Republican State Electors … and I am a Mormon.  I am here today to proudly support Donald J. Trump for President of the United States because he is the moral choice.

We’re not voting for the Pope. We’re voting for the President. As Phyllis Schlafly, the First Lady of the conservative movement and my long time friend and mentor, once said, “Like it or not, we have a two party system and Jesus is NOT on the ballot.”

And Evan McMullin, you are not Utah’s “savior.” In fact, you are stealing votes from the moral choice and giving them to the crooked choice, and you’ve admitted it. How principled is THAT?

Phyllis passed away at age 92 just one day before the launch of her final book, The Conservative Case for Trump. She endorsed him when it was not easy. She knew it‘s not about personality; it’s about the principles.

She said, “I asked him to stand by the Republican platform, because we have the best conservative platform we’ve ever had. He endorses it, he will stand by it, and he is a real conservative.”

To my colleagues in the mainstream media and their pollsters: This is not about you and your feeble attempts to manipulate the people with your spin and collusion. You have been exposed, and it’s because of Donald Trump’s tenacity and leadership that you have been brought down. He is the wrecking ball we’ve needed.

And Gloria Allred, we know who YOU are. No one condones assault. This election is not about you and your drama, and your opportunistic and phony charges against Republican men – charges that have been debunked every election cycle.  This is about our children’s future. It’s about the Supreme Court and who will appoint the next four justices – and many more judges and thousands of Washington D.C. bureaucrats.

Let’s look at what’s at stake for our children: We can maintain our “high moral ground” to vote for NeverTrump, while more babies are aborted, our second amendment rights vanish, and the Supreme Court is forever changed. In fact, according to one of Trump’s advisors, former Ambassador Faith Whittlesey, your NeverTrump vote is treason to the Pro-Life movement.

Do we want another former ACLU president, anti-god, -family and -country Ruth Bader Ginsburg, appointed by Bill Clinton?

Or Trump’s commitment to an originalist, respecter of First and Second amendment rights, such as Antonin Scalia, appointed by Ronald Reagan?

Do we want Clinton’s partial birth abortion choices?

Or Trump’s pro-Life choices?

Do we want Clinton’s war on religious liberty?

Or Trump’s championing of the repeal of the Johnson Amendment, restoring the First Amendment to religious institutions and non-profits?

Do we want to continue the Clinton’s globalist sell-out of production and jobs, undermining our rule of law?

Or do we want Donald Trump to fix or eliminate NAFTA, withdraw from TPP, and bring those jobs back home and keep our Constitution the Supreme law of the land?

Do we want Clinton’s open borders, flooding this land with too many that hate America, bringing crime and drugs to harm our children?

Or do we want Trump to make America great again, welcoming immigrants that love this country?

Do we want Clinton, the originator of the unconstitutional single-payer system – called HillaryCare – back in the White House?

Or do we want Donald Trump’s plan to repeal and replace the disastrous ObamaCare?

Do we want to continue the Clinton Corporate Crony machine in Washington DC padding their foundation pockets?

Or do we want Donald Trump to drain that swamp?

Hillary, you tell us that you want to solve our problems with more bureaucracy and government solutions. But I have a message for you: You ARE the problem. Donald Trump IS the solution!

When Mr. Trump spoke at Phyllis Schlafly’s funeral he said, “I’m sure that she’s telling us to keep up the fight. Phyllis, we love you, we miss you, and we will never, ever let you down.”

And that, my friends is why Donald Trump IS the moral choice for America!

Together we will make America great again! God bless Donald Trump and God bless America!

Anti-Caucus DC Sharks Now Attack Senator Mike Lee

American Leadership Fund

Something is fishy here.  Senator Mike Lee is under attack.  He’s a conservative Senator who ousted a Republican incumbent in 2010.  He’s a strong voice for the Right, and refuses to be bought.  There are only a handful in the Senate, and that’s what’s wrong with Congress.

YMike Leeet on August 13, 2014, one of Utah’s top two papers – the Deseret News – ran a story about alleged illegal campaign funds for the popular Senator Mike Lee’s campaign that were somehow tied to the Attorney General scandal that has two former Utah AG’s facing criminal charges.

Yes, I do believe that scandal is somewhat hyped and politically motivated.  They typically are.  That’s the nature of politics today.  Republicans in the State legislature were quick to distance themselves from the scandal.  Democrats delighted in the opportunity (Alliance for a Better Utah is very involved) as well.

It gets worse.  The opportunity is also attracting others from the private sector as well now, including a man who has filed a $33 million civil law suit against former AG Swallow claiming that he was the cause of their losing their home in exchange for a campaign donation.

There’s blood in the water, and this is beginning to look more like a vicious shark attack.

What evidence do I have that the AG scandal now linking Mike Lee is at least in part politically motivated?

According to the Deseret News article, now Bob Bennett’s “mainstream Republicans” and his ardent supporters are in the game.  Mike Lee unseated Bob Bennett in 2010.  This group includes the DC lobbyists that are attacking Utah’s grassroots caucus system, which has been for the unstated, but obvious, purpose of retaliation by unseating Senator Mike Lee in 2016.

stephen colbert
Stephen Colbert

Matt Sanderson, the lobbyist quoted in the Deseret News article, just happens to be the same lobbyist behind Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC, created to mock Republican candidates in 2012.  These are the same lobbyists that raise money for the Democrat National Committee.  Now they are getting into the Utah AG shark tank.

So hungry are they, these “Buy My Vote” supporters have invested thousands of dollars into a campaign to destroy Utah’s grassroots caucus system.  They began a petition campaign, but were running short.  The Utah State Senate rescued them, under the sponsorship of Senator Curt Bramble, by passing a bill that would virtually destroy the grassroots caucus election, putting it into the hands of corporate cronies.  But then Senator Bramble is from Chicago, so that was not surprising.

Many lobbyists who play this power game typically view themselves as above the law.  It is also not surprising that Matt Sanderson from Caplin & Drysdale was criticizing Mike Lee.  That’s the very same lobbyist firm that created the 26-page legal brief presented to us in the State Republican Central Committee in 2013 to establish why Utah’s caucus system is supposedly “unconstitutional.”

They are wrong.

An attorney has stepped forward to bring a compelling case he has won in Idaho to the Utah Republican Party proving the unconstitutionality of the state legislature or any outside entity (“Count My Vote”) to force a private corporation (which political parties are) to change its rules on who its voting members can be.

Are you corporate board members listening up?  How would you like anyone outside your company to legally impose themselves on who YOUR voting members are?  This is a gross violation of the First Amendment right of assembly, and if it stands, other private corporations could be in jeopardy.

We need your help in this fight.  If you share our concern, please consider a generous donation of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more to American Leadership Fund.


These power-hungry lobbyists want to replace Utah’s grassroots system with a Connecticut-dual system type of elections.  That is a system which Connecticut Republican Party leaders themselves would like to end because it has put their Primary elections into the hands of the rich and famous that can petition successfully to get on a ballot because they’ve got all the money to pay petitioners.  It has also turned their elections by majority vote into plurality elections.  No one candidate wins the majority, causing excessive in-fighting within the Party between Primary and General elections.

Kirk Jowers
Kirk Jowers, Director Hinckley Institute

This is also the same lobbyist firm with which the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute Director Kirk Jowers is affiliated.  Jowers has been a major and vocal opponent of Utah’s caucus system and has for several years been speaking to local groups about how Utah must become an open Primary system, and assisting the “Buy My Vote” petition campaign.

Along with former Governor Mike Leavitt and Leavitt’s political campaign consultant LaVarr Webb, who also does political opinion-shaping for KSL, Jowers is part of this faction of rich and famous corporate cronies still retaliating against Mike Lee’s ouster of their friend Bob Bennett.

I personally like Bob, even though I ran against him in 2010. But the fact remains that his ardent supporters have been conspiring for ways to get one of their “own” back in power again.  They call themselves “mainstream” but they are more representative of the Old Guard politics, and that model does not fly anymore, especially with Millennials and Gen-Xers.

Add to this mix another factor:  Bob Bennett is now a DC lobbyist himself.  Emeritus Senators never retire, they just become lobbyists, and lobbyists make sure they have their bases covered.

The Temple Mailer Story

Take Congressman Chris Stewart, for example.  His brother Tim Stewart had to pay a very “steep” fine of $1,400 to clear his 2010 FEC violation for producing a “sting” postcard (the “temple mailer”) in an 11th hour attempt to incriminate Mike Lee to help his friend Bob Bennett, for whom many Stewart family members have worked over the years.  Tim Stewart is now the managing director of Bob Bennett’s lobbyist firm.

Their plan to defeat Mike Lee by portraying him as the bad guy a couple of days before the convention was foiled.  Through the caucus system, the grassroots were seated on the delegate floor, and they did the right thing:  they unseated an incumbent that was ranked the 9th most liberal Republican in the Senate and in the top 10 of the Senate and  the top 5 of those who sat on the Banking Committee that had received the highest campaign donations from Fannie Mae.  That was the catalyst of that 2008 TARP banking meltdown.

It was an emotional defeat for the incumbent at the Utah State convention and it was national news.  Afterward Senator Bennett (who the delegates treated very rudely when he went down that day, unfortunately I must say) was being encouraged to put his name on the Primary ballot as a write-in. It was even speculated whether he could run as an Independent.  In either case, his supporters were convinced he would win because in Primaries, name recognition typically does win among the low-information voters.

I will be criticized by the “Buy My Vote” (actually “Count My Vote” but I have to be truthful)  supporters for this comment, but it is a fact:  Primaries bring out the more “low-information” voter because those elections are driven by TV and radio sound bites, which give the voter little information, and the candidate with the money typically wins the day.  Enter “Count My Vote” leader LaVarr Webb and lobbyists, and the pollsters who make their consulting fees off of Primary and General elections  – and incumbents.

I became close to Bob Bennett’s son Jim, who was an extraordinary campaign manager and spokesman for his father.  He was of course very distraught when his father didn’t make it through the convention.  The Bennett team was a class act.  They always treated me with great respect.  The emotional response is understandable.  But what has happened since is of great concern.

Robert BennettBennett decided not to put his name on the ballot, and instead his loyal supporters gathered and promised they would retaliate and that “he” – or “they” would be back in 2012.  Senator Hatch saw the writing on the wall and his brilliant campaign manager Dave Hansen and political director Kitty Dunn worked the delegates and drilled down deep into the voter pool to get enough Hatch delegates seated – to the tune of several million dollars – that he at least limped through the convention and into a Primary.  It was an amazing feat the challengers put up, since this was a lifelong incumbent and career politician.  If Utah did not have a Caucus system, this would have been nearly impossible.

But enough more moderate-liberal delegates were seated to pull Senator Hatch through.  Frankly, these were the more “low information” delegates who were brought in with only one mission in mind: re-elect Senator Hatch because “We need his seniority and leadership to be on that all-important finance committee,” which he would chair.

But that doesn’t happen when you are in the minority in the Senate, and it was unlikely that Republicans would take the Senate that year anyway.  That’s why I call those delegates “low information voters” – they bought the story hook, line and sinker.   The rest of us who know how politics works were shaking our heads in disbelief.

Once into a Primary, it was a given that Senator Hatch’s incumbent status and name ID would pull him through by the additional low information voters who were swayed by expensive and lobbyist-bought radio and TV ads putting fear into every voters’ heart that without Senator Hatch’s leadership, the nation would crumble.

The more moderate delegates also gave us Congressman Chris Stewart, another low-information candidate who couldn’t even identify what form of government we have when we were in debates, nor did he know what the Federal Reserve was.  He was the Bennett payback candidate.

The DC lobbyists and Bennett, who was given a standing ovation by the new Hatch delegates, had won the day – keeping it all in the family.  The Stewart brothers, nephew and brother-in-law now had bases covered on several levels of government:

  • A Congressman (Chris Stewart)
  • A Clinton-appointed Chief Judge of Utah’s District Court (Ted Stewart)
  • A Director of the Utah National Guard, and later a Deputy Attorney General (Brian Tarbet)
  • A Director of Utah’s Environmental Quality (Cody Stewart – protecting Congressman Chris Stewart’s company’s federal procurement contracts) and,
  • A lobbyist managing Bob Bennett’s lobbyist firm (Tim Stewart- the man responsible for the Mike Lee “temple” mailer).

Oh, the web of nepotistic connections.

I was one of Mike Lee’s opponents, but I am among the first to support Mike, and I believe his strong voice is needed in the Senate now more than ever.  If you agree, please help with a generous donation as we prepare for the showdown in 2016.


I also know who Caplin & Drysdale’s Sanderson is and why he could possibly be motivated to get in the middle of the alleged illegal campaign contributions and the Utah AG scandal.  Here’s an infamous photo of him with Stephen Colbert assisting with the establishment of that satirical SuperPAC to undermine Republican candidates.

Colbert and Sanderson
Stephen Colbert confers with lobbyists from Caplin & Drysdale, leads on the Utah CMV initiative to eliminate the neighborhood elections (caucus)

This allegation against Mike Lee is more than opportunistic. It’s what smells so rotten in D.C. It is so entrenched in payback and retaliation and the utter lust for power and control from DC.  This more than smells like Caplin & Drysdale is in cahoots with whatever it takes to get Senator Mike Lee out of office and rto eplace him with their crony.  It stinks.

When I ran for U.S. Senate, I learned a lot about how little control the voters in Utah have in electing their Senators.  Mike’s election was a fluke and very unusual – driven by the general outrage of Congressional overreach and massive debt.  When the 17th Amendment made the election of Senators a popular vote instead of the decision of the state legislature, the states lost local control – of everything. It is now in the hands of those Washington lobbyists who give the profession such a bad name – those who care little about which side of the aisle they support.  Their main goal is more power and control.  For that, incumbents are the life blood for these sharks.  We see this playing out with Sanderson protesting too much with his rant against Mike Lee in this article.

Candidate Accountability in a Morass of Laws and Regulations

I don’t profess to have any inside information one way or the other that an FEC rule was broken in this case.  If people understood how many rules and regulations they themselves are probably breaking on a daily basis (just read the 74,000+ pages of the IRS code alone), they would not be so quick to bite.

Practically speaking, how in the world would a candidate have known the source of these funds – or even the campaign’s treasurer –  if indeed these allegations are true? From my experience as a federal candidate in a statewide race, it would be nearly impossible to know whether a check that came to my campaign was actually a check written from a third party that was then written directly to the campaign by another individual.

How would YOU know? Seriously.  You could ask, and you would have to take that donor’s word.

Politics has become a nasty business. A very successful and respected businessman who was recruited to run for political office once told me, “You can live a good life.  Be a good family man.  Build a successful business.  Be honorable in your community service and religious charity.  But run for public office, and within 24 hours, your entire life’s reputation can be destroyed.”

Another thing I learned about running for public office is that because of this shark tank, good, honorable people are less likely to run.  It is the way business is conducted that makes them shy away. Lobbyists play the power game and are the sharks waiting to eat you alive and spit out your carcass, unless they can control your vote.  And make no mistake, they will do anything they can to destroy you on Election Day if you aren’t in their pockets.

That would describe Senator Mike Lee’s plight.  He is not in any of these lobbyists’ pockets – yet.  That is the political motivation behind the criticism from RINOs and lobbyists.  Lobbyists love incumbents.  The grassroots do not.  We’ll check that one out when Senator Lee’s third term rolls around, because that is typically the turning point.

Meanwhile, 2014 is an opportunity to grow the ranks in the Senate with more Mike Lee’s, Ted Cruz’s and Rand Paul’s.  It is their new and fresh energy, and their strong, courageous and unafraid voices for states rights and restoring local control who are not yet bought by the sea of some 39,000 swarming self-interested sharks in the Washington DC cesspool that will turn this nation around.

If you agree, we need your support today as we build for 2016.  Your generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more is needed so that we can continue to get truthful messages to broader audiences all across the nation.  

Please consider a monthly contribution to help us with our operating expenses.

DonateBoxOr mail your contribution to:

American Leadership Fund
PO Box 901483
Sandy, UT 84090

PS.  No, not all lobbyists are sharks.  Just the bad ones that care more about their own pocketbooks than your liberty.

Utah’s Incumbent Protection Twins: SB54 and CMV Initiative

A national campaign to destroy any remaining grassroots neighborhood, caucus-convention election systems. Utah is a #1 target. Immediate action in Utah is needed now.

UPDATED March 19, 2014
Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert signed into law SB 54, which unconstitutionally alters the caucus system. Action now entails the following:

1. Sign the petition to preserve the caucus.

2. Donate to American Leadership Fund. It will now take a legal challenge to protect the First Amendment right to assemble.


This bill that passed the legislature and that the Governor signed is the “Count My Vote-Buy My Vote” equivalent. As members of the Republican State Central Committee, it was a complete over-reach by the legislature to dictate to a private entity what its voting members can or cannot do. Our legislature was guilty of doing what it complains Congress does: trampling on the 10th Amendment.

They have indeed trampled on the First Amendment – our right to freely assemble.

The CMV campaign was behind SB 54, and they completely ignored the elected body of the party. That is equivalent to the state legislature telling your company and its board what its voting rules must be.

The bill was backed and promoted by elitists and DC lobbyists who are unscrupulous and who have promoted the Democratic National Convention and even who created Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC specifically to mock Republican candidates – including Mitt Romney.

It adopts a “dual” election system similar to Connecticut’s. I used to live in Connecticut. Anyone can petition to get on the primary ballot in this system, yielding strange – and often disturbing – results.

When so many are running on the ballot, typically a plurality prevails, in which the winner does not get the majority and leaves the party – those who are working hard and are most involved – in disarray.

It also allows people of the opposing party to intervene and manipulate the election of good, conservative candidates.

It also allows anyone to vote – regardless of political affiliation – in a political party’s primary. This is unconstitutional and violated First Amendment rights of freedom of association.

The Utah bill, 2SB54, passed both the State House and Senate and then headed to the Governor’s office. He reported to the Republican State Central Committee that he supports the caucus-convention. Then why did he sign this bill into law? It will destroy the caucus-convention.

It is unconstitutional and sets a dangerous precedent for a legislative body to dictate to a private for-profit or non-profit corporation what its internal voting members can do and who they can be. (Translated: Do you want a legislature to have this authority over a religious institution?)

Here is the report on what has happened in Utah in hearings, and what has been happening all across the nation.

On Monday, March 3, 2014 testimonies from several Utah Republican State Central Committee members who have been working to preserve the neighborhood caucus election system were heard in the state legislative hearing on Senator Curt Bramble’s bill 2SB54.

First, Iron County Republican Chairman Blake Cozzens delivered an effective message about about how he, as a 23 year old, was able to run and be elected a county vice chair, and then shortly after as county chairman in a rural county. He also expressed his concern about the damage this proposal would do to the rural areas of the state, concerns also expressed by several committee members including Mike Noel and John Mathis, both representatives from rural counties.

Next, former State Representative Chris Herrod spoke passionately about the unconstitutionality of a legislative body intervening into private corporate affairs to dictate who the voting members can be and how its brand is used – a clear violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Committee member Ken Ivory concurred and also spoke strongly about this concern.

Following these testimonies, I spoke to my experience with the proposed “dual” election system in Connecticut. The chairman interrupted me and asked me to speak to the issue at hand, claiming my comments were not germane to the topic.

This was an indication of lack of information that some of our state legislators have about what they are reviewing and on which they are voting. I explained that last year the state central committee had been given a 26-page legal brief prepared by DC lobbyists Caplin and Drysdale and that the bill on the table was similar to that proposal.

I called it an incumbent-career politician-lobbyist protection bill. I showed how this so-called “compromise” is tied to and is nearly identical to that original DC lobbyist legal brief advocating for how and why Utah should be more like Connecticut by adopting its dual election system.

SB54S2 and CMV Initiative

Having lived in Connecticut, I know of the corruption and fraud that petitioning encourages. The current Count My Vote petition process should be an example and foreshadowing of things to come. It unconstitutionally meddles in the privacy of a corporation by allowing a legislature to dictate to that private corporation who its voting members are and how its brand may be used and by whom.

It creates a plurality election system where only rich and famous can petition and win – typically garnering less than a majority, and leaving candidate workers who supported the winner at odds with the majority of the other workers in the party.

After speaking with a Republican leader and friends in Connecticut, they are asking an important question: Why would Utah want to be like Connecticut when Connecticut would like to be more like Utah?

That’s a good question. And here’s the answer:

It’s really not about voters. It’s about incumbent and lobbyist protection. Lobbyists love career politicians. They and their consultants make huge sums of money with media buys in sound-bite, drive-by elections that remove the voting rights of the rural counties as well as those that are most committed to helping candidates get elected.

These lobbyists want uninformed voters because they’re easier to deceive.

It makes sense that elected officials who may support such measures have figured it out. They all have one thing in common regardless of party affiliation: They are all incumbents. This is their re-election protection policy!

I’ve just returned from a speaking trip on the East Coast. Utah is not alone. This is an all-out national attack on those states that use this grassroots system. The lobbyists behind this campaign to destroy Utah’s constitutional system, closest to the people and to replace it with the system that will further suit their purposes – keeping them in power and YOU and I at a distance, are with Caplin and Drysdale in DC.

These lobbyists represent the Democratic National Committee, they created McCain-Feingold – another election regulation that protects wealthy, self-funding candidates such as John McCain, while forcing the rest of us to raise the money $2,600 check by $2,600 check at a time.

Colbert and Sanderson
Stephen Colbert confers with lobbyists from Caplin & Drysdale, leads on the Utah CMV initiative to eliminate the neighborhood elections (caucus)

And if that isn’t enough, they also created Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC to mock Republican candidates in 2012, including Mitt Romney.

So if our legislators want this kind of sleazy protection, by all means, vote FOR SB 54S2. But if they want to do the principled thing, vote AGAINST SB 54S2.

Capping the testimonies, former State Representative Fred Cox effectively spoke to his specific concerns about convention deadlines. He pointed out that he had fought the CMV proposals in their time frame and method last spring, but had worked on improvements. He said the Same Day Ballot was being tried out for 2014 for which solves several concerns and would not be ruined by the new Sub SB 54 where the previous version did. He believes SB 54 was over reaching and that they needed for fix the April 1st requirement. (As written, if we don’t follow the April 1st requirement we would be subject to CMV).

At the end of my testimony, Representative Kraig Powell questioned whether I had done anything to support any changes or improvements in 2013. I responded that, yes I had, and that many have spent hours reviewing changes that would streamline the caucus, and yes, I was involved in that process and yes, I did support those improvements.

I supported improvements, Mr. Powell, not those changes that would harm or replace it.

Representative Powell moved to lift the bill out of committee. He was particularly condescending to you and me – the voters, suggesting we needed to take a “Political Science 101 course.”

Then Senator Todd Weiler tweeted that it was ironic that I was “taking credit” for the improvements. I tweeted: #lie. (I took no such credit.)

Actually, Senator Weiler IS the irony.

Why would a Senator – an attorney – who places an “R” behind his name, and who professes to stand for that party’s platform of limited government and more state sovereignty, prop up the very lobbyist system that binds Utah to federal over-reach? Why would he want to grow the corrupting influence of big money over the people’s voices?

And why would ANY Utah elected official that has taken an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution vote for a bill that violates our First Amendment right to freely associate?

Because too many fear the loss of their re-election over doing what is right.

I’ve been following the tweets that have continued since the hearing. It is disheartening to read that Senator Weiler and perhaps others of his colleagues believe that the extensive process the state central committee went through with complete transparency and input from a wide range of people to vet the best ideas was inferior to the 12 hours the legislature gave the committee to vet their proposal, which was negotiated entirely behind closed doors to include backroom deals with lobbyists and consultants.

But then this is the way government is run. I’m reminded of the warning of the arrogance of officialdom attributed to Cicero.

I want to personally thank all those who spent so much more time than I was able to give for what they have done to protect our voices and our neighborhood elections.

Although the committee voted unanimously in favor of moving the bill onto the House floor, several did express their dislike for the bill and indicated that they may vote against it on the floor. Those were: Reps. Grover, Noel, Mathis, Ivory.

Once again, Rep. Powell voted with the Democrats Fisher and Chavez-Houck, not to give it a robust debate on the House floor, but because all support allowing lobbyists and consultants to buy your vote.

I agree with our young Republican leader, the 25 year old Iron County Republican County chairman Blake Cozzens that this is no compromise. It’s a surrender.

1. Sign the petition to preserve the caucus.

2. Donate to American Leadership Fund.

In Defense of Mike Lee and Utah Caucus: Poll Skews Shut Down

Quin MonsonQuin Monson, Brigham Young University political science associate professor and Director the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy, has launched another poll. This one attacks Senator Mike Lee, asking whether you support his tactics to shut down the government. We encourage you to read this article and then to take a moment to vote for him.

But there is more to this poll than a simple question.  It’s part of a greater strategy.

It is my opinion that the poll is part of a strategic maneuver to replace Senator Mike Lee with the “moderate” choice (there are no “liberals” in the GOP, have you noticed?), most likely former governor Mike Leavitt, or perhaps another anointed candidate of the Utah good old boys’ money matrix’s choosing. They intend to unseat Mike Lee by removing the neighborhood elections with an attempt to place a Count My Vote initiative on the ballot.  Continue reading In Defense of Mike Lee and Utah Caucus: Poll Skews Shut Down

Rand Paul & Mike Lee: No Compromise – Best Argument

This nation is now $17 trillion in debt with no end in sight. Millions in the private sector have lost their jobs and many more to come. Government has shut down and now some of the 2.2 million on the fastest growing payroll in the nation – the government – are complaining.

This post is not meant to demean the horrific plight of anyone that loses a job and the families and children that suffer. However, in Utah furloughed military wives are now on newscasts acting as if they have been singled out from all the millions of livelihoods that the federal reserve, bureaucrats, lobbyists and elected officials have already destroyed through their reckless and regulatory policies.

Perhaps these federal employees thought their jobs were immune from the radically dangerous game of chicken Congress is playing with this nation’s economic stability? We are paying for those salaries, but we are throwing our money down a drain because it doesn’t even cover the debt service. Apparently the Left crafted a set up and Rand Paul was caught on a live mic … and Mike Lee has made the strongest case against ObamaCare Continue reading Rand Paul & Mike Lee: No Compromise – Best Argument