Common Core, the Left and Advanced Placement History

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On August 25, 2014 conservative columnist and researcher Stanley Kurtz created another slam-dunk in the cultural war in his article entitled How the College Board Politicized U.S.History.

He has appropriately branded the College Board an “unbalanced” “movement of left-leaning historians” whose goal it is to “internationalize the teaching of American history.”

Bravo! Finally our decades-long push back from policies that always originate from the United Nation’s education arm – UNESCO – is making headlines. The International Baccalaureate would have us believe that it is the preferred of the two “advanced” type courses. If I had to choose between the two, it would be the AP for budgetary reasons. Continue reading Common Core, the Left and Advanced Placement History

Defining Local Control

The phrase is loosely tossed around these days.  But what exactly does local control mean to you?  Technically, it means that you, the taxpayer, should have an elected representative who is accountable to you at the voting booth for every government function.  You know that you have lost local control when your elected representatives pass measures to set up another commission, agency or outsource privately (privatization) and in effect merge the private sector with the public.

Take education, for example.  Parents have been petitioning for the restoration of “local control” for decades.  Each new generation rises and asks, “Why aren’t you listening to me?”

Today, neighborhood schools have no elected boards – replaced by site-based management teams or unelected councils, but the local decisions have been transferred to the district, and in the last two decades, to the state, regional and national levels. That means less accountability.

Charter schools have erupted everywhere, and while some have elected boards, you don’t get to elect them – or even run for them (unless you have a child in the school or are affiliated with it).  Yet, you are paying for them. Some are run by the state.  Where does that take “local control?”

In my book, that’s taxation without representation.

I thought a graphic would illustrate better than words, so I brought together as many of the players involved in the nationalization of education as I could legibly include on one page.  It shows just how big government has become, how bureaucratic, how out of control – with local control virtually lost.  This must change.

You can clearly see that this bureaucracy has been funded and supported by both the Left and the Right. Have I left out any sacred cows?  This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Local Control

Another graphic coming soon: All roads lead to Bill Gates.

To understand how to take back our neighborhood schools and save public education the way it was meant to be, here is a proposed action plan.

We need your help.  It’s a costly campaign going up against this Goliath Bill Gates.  But if David could do it, so can we.


Public School Programs Grow Green Propaganda

green global educationAmericans shouldn’t be surprised that liberals are forcing a “green” socialist agenda on us. After all, over the past century we have all been raised on a diet of public school progressive propaganda. We even pay for this propaganda and elect “conservative” representatives that reauthorize federal socialist programs. We ourselves say we’re conservative, and then faithfully send our children off to these public schools to become the next generation of liberals. Just one example of these progressive programs – the Mercedes of them all – is the International Baccalaureate (IB). Continue reading Public School Programs Grow Green Propaganda