Utah GOP Proposes Caucus Improvements

As you may be aware, a group of DC lobbyists and Utah’s elite have combined to eliminate the Utah Caucus-Convention system of elections. This small group of millionaires, lobbyists and media consultants wants to take away your neighborhood caucus election and replace it with a direct primary.

A grassroots group of citizens called UTAH FIRST has been organized protect the influence of your voice and vote and to preserve neighborhood elections. Your help is needed now! Continue reading Utah GOP Proposes Caucus Improvements

The Legal Challenge to Utah’s Caucus Convention: What it Means

caucusTwo days before the Utah State Republican Central Committee was scheduled to meet to weigh in on proposals to improve the caucus convention, we received a 26-page legal brief outlining the plans to radically reform our election system.  The threshold was only one small part of that proposal.  It was set at 85%.  This post identifies who the people are behind this proposal and what they want.

In short, it is a proposal drafted by DC lobbyists who support democratic causes and who are best known for the infamous McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform that gave millionaire candidates a huge advantage over the regular grassroots candidates throwing them in front of millions of people on TV sound-bite ads. Continue reading The Legal Challenge to Utah’s Caucus Convention: What it Means