A Back to School Warning to Parents

Looking for solutions? Here is a list of do’s and don’ts and especially some warnings. It comes from years of experience as a mother who tried every possible form of education to fit my individual children’s unique needs. Regardless of the state in which you live, the challenges are nationally driven and similar. Watch for your state’s local home school conferences. There’s one happening in Utah that locals will not want to miss – this weekend – even if you don’t home school. It’s amazing!

It’s that time of year again. It’s back to school. Many parents and children alike are excited about a new year, a new teacher, or perhaps even a new school. Many will be looking over the forms and policies, the class procedures and making decisions for their children during the first few days of school.


I remember that almost Christmas Eve-like anticipation as a child. I also remember it as a parent. New clothes, new friends. The world begins anew in August and September and centers around that school calendar until the next May or June.

After raising five children and after a few years into the public school system, it wasn’t such a rosy picture. After a few encounters and disappointments, I began to investigate. Something was wrong here.

My decades of research have brought me to a place where I can confidently say that public school is dangerous to both your and your child’s health. It needs to carry the same disclaimer as a cigarette pack.

That sounds dramatic, right?

charlotteHere’s the bottom line: The public school is a federal welfare program that has been failing for decades, and according my dear, long-time friend Charlotte Iserbyt, Reagan’s Senior Policy Advisor from the US Department of Education, it has been a deliberate act of negligence. She was the whistle blower. She is the source of much of what follows. We are all indebted to her.

You can follow her blogs here.

This outrageous assertion actually makes sense if you think about it, because if a socialist society is the goal of the education community (which it is), it needs a compliant, passive and dumbed down citizenry. And it must have its fingers in every pie, managing and controlling from the top down, making us believe it’s bottom up – through the community council and tracking from the bottom up.

Welcome to the New American School.

Charlotte found documents in her Department of Education files (of which I also have copies) of policies and programs at the federal level that were enacted to do just that – to dumb down. They first targeted the minorities in Chicago with a reading program that failed the majority of the students. Learning to read and to discipline the brain by memorization of facts and drilling of calculations, time against accuracy, was banned long ago and replaced with a new social agenda – today called “social justice.”

This was not a partisan decision in Congress. Both parties have worked together, astonishingly with Republicans leading the charge. Watch these two short videos, one from 1989 – a Republican Secretary of Education – a Republican, and one from the current Secretary of Education – a Democrat.

Listen briefly to both of them. Shock and awe here…

This is 1989, Lamar Alexander (today’s chairman of the Senate Education Committee!)

This is our current Sec. of Ed. Arne Duncan (a marxist):

Lamar Alexanders Community Ed Bill
Right now the community ed bill S 1787 is set to bring this model to every state, including Utah – under Lamar Alexander’s leadership in the US Senate. (Early Childhood Ed is key to all of it.)

But if you think this is all great stuff, you, my friend, even though you think you are a conservative Republican and you LOVE LOVE LOVE charter schools (government welfare subsidzied private schools without accountability to local taxpayers – loss of representative republican form of government) – are a marxist. A socialist. A communist at heart. (I warned you this content was hard core.)

As the government-funded school became more controlled from the top down (state or federal), more testing, accounting and tracking became necessary. But it was not the testing of academic (cognitive) learning. It was the testing of attitudes and values (affective), very subtly integrated into a multi-disciplinary curriculum in classrooms that functioned around affirmative action and reverse discrimination policies. That began under Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society – with the first national attitudes test, the NAEP.

Fast forward to the education agreements between the US and the USSR in the mid-1980s which clinched it – under Reagan, the US agreed to adopt the Soviet system. This is not a joke. One could legitimately say that the bureaucracy in DC is so huge, that Reagan completely delegated all policies to his cabinet, and perhaps he truly thought that the US-USSR education exchange would turn out that the US would be informing the USSR. Alas, the opposite happened.

Utah’s testing director Don Thomas even invited me to go to the USSR with him to observe how well it was done. I should have taken him up on his offer.

Using operant conditioning, another hallmark of soviet psychology to control the people and developed by B.F. Skinner, is now implemented through computer adaptive testing. Today’s classroom has become the propaganda tool for turning the student against the parochial views of their parents as well as training them to be good little communists all through tests that alter until the right answers are given. Attitudinal and valuse answers. Whose attitudes and values? That is the question.

In the 1990s, I attended teacher training in Utah’s Granite School District, where it all began under soviet-loving Don Thomas. I was taught that in the classroom, there are just too many Indian chiefs and not enough Indians. (And I naively thought I sent my children to school to become tomorrow’s leaders. Not so.) Cooperative, group learning. The group was IN. The individual was OUT. You must have that mentality in a socialist society. This is the school district where it all began.

The classroom under today’s title – “common core” – has become a manipulative cess pool of redistribution of the brain. We must lower the basketball standard so that all can shoot the basket. Standards drive the curriculum and the tests.

What does STEM have to do with it?

In the public school setting, the Judeo-Christian God is OUT and STEM is in.

It’s all about science, technology, engineering and math in a completely godless vacuum. All knowledge is scrutinized through the secular humanist microscope.

(“But my child’s teacher is Christian, or Mormon, etc.” you say. What difference does it make when that teacher is teaching a mandated secular humanist perspective? Good luck with that, after 13 years of prime time in that environment, and especially when the teacher becomes superior to YOUR credibility as parent.) Many of the good teachers are leaving this system, and I don’t blame them.

These are all highlights and hallmarks of a soviet education.

So Let’s Meet the Soviets
In 1970, I had the opportunity to visit with Soviet students at the Expo 70 World’s Fair in Osaka, Japan while touring with the Department of Defense. I asked if they believed in God. The response was chilling: “Yes – WE are god – it’s within, it’s our intellect, it’s science. If it cannot be scientifically proved, it is not so.”

The Soviets were geniuses at “STEM” before it was even called STEM. They tracked the student from the school to the workforce with a strong emphasis on these fields of study. STEM was first introduced as a package in 2011 at the UN. I was there in the negotiating rooms. Within two years, it was in Utah with every good Republican implementing it through legislative policy. The agenda behind STEM was overlaid with a socialist bias – whether gender equality or environmental activism, that was the goal of STEM.

Bless the PTA moms’ hearts, they adore it and don’t even know what they adore. What wonderful marxist cheerleaders they have become. You name it, like lemmings, they are on it and willing to follow off the cliff.

Utah and Soviet Workforce Training
In the early 1990s, School-to-Work programs began to be implemented. In Utah, the Republican legislature and the education committee along with the majority of the Utah Senate and House, has implemented the entire socialist-soviet workforce training program. No wonder – it began in Utah. Sadly, they would not recognize soviet education if they saw it. They all say they are “conservatives.” This is so frustrating as an informed researcher that observes the ineptness of the majority of legislators. But then, most were educated in the very socialist system they now support. How would we expect them to know the difference?

Although anti-communists were demonized during the post-world war years, today’s average American would not recognize communism or even socialism if it were right in front of them (which it is). The proof is that most Americans are now practicing socialists. In fact, most embrace the very policies that were the hallmark of the soviet system that controlled the workforce.

We have elected these uninformed, naive legislators who continue to build out the community education policies of the soviet union. They couple those programs with the other hallmark of soviet education – the contract school, which feature no elected boards and a polytechnic approach. So one school focused on math and science, another the arts, and so on.

My former soviet friends, Olympic athletes, were tracked from early childhood ed at age 3 into those athletic programs. School was 12 hours a day, six days a week. They were superior. No one could compete with them at the Olympics.

But is that what education is for? Workforce training and management?

But it all imploded. Because, as Margaret Thatcher once said, the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of others people’s money. The US is headed for an implosion, and I will do anything I can to prevent it from happening to my children and grandchildren.

It took 60 years of the Soviets silencing the churches and only allowing them to preach within the four walls of their sanctuaries, and completely banning religious speech from the school. They usurped the family’s central authority over the children (“your children do not belong to you – they belong to society” – the same mantra we hear from establishment educators running our schools) and implemented in loco parentis attitudes through education bureaucrats, before they realized they had given up liberty for security.

In the US, we now have soviet workforce training systems in place. Because Reagan loved Mormons (his lieutenant governor was John Harmer in California), he jumped at the opportunity to hire one to be his Secretary of Education – T.H Bell of Utah. What a mistake. Bell was a marxist (knowingly or unknowingly), and he is responsible for Utah becoming the pilot program for “outcome based education” the foundation of all socialist tracking and standards over which we now continue to fight.

The schools track everything today – cradle to grave, just as described in those videos. This is soviet education. The school has become the hub of the family and community, bringing all agencies together to monitor and “help” the parents. Remember Reagan’s quote: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” School officials may say they are here to help but they are actually mirroring the parent-monitoring and tattling system of the Soviet Union.

Do you really trust government to be on your side given the history of Utah’s DCFS? (Department of Child and Family Services – or similar agency in YOUR state) Are you aware of that aggressive track record of removing children from their parents at a high per capita rate compared to the rest of the nation?

Back To School Dangers – Giving Up Your Parental Rights – What to Avoid
When things don’t go well, parents often wake up and realize the rights they have given up. That happened to me years ago.

But every year when it’s Back to School, parents – especially the new ones – rush to sign their students up for their child’s SEP, SEOP, IEP or whatever student plan the counselor’s office offers.

Don’t sign on to any tracking education or occupational plan.

If they have a child with a learning disability, they rush to get that IEP or the use of federal funds under the Disability Act (IDEA).

Do not register your child in an IEP – the government will forever be tracking your student and all mental illness or disability or medications into that child’s government file. It’s none of government’s @#$% business. This is the mindset of the Chinese dossier.

Yet parents readily give social security numbers to their schools, and that is the tracking number for life. Remember, we are now a socialist nation – bringing health care and collaborative social service agencies to the hub – the public school.

Don’t share your child’s social security number with anyone except for income purposes.

Don’t allow your student to be tested with any state or federal assessment and sign an agreement that no data will be shared outside of the school.

We have discovered that the schools are tracking the personal identification thousands of criteria – attitudes and values included. Each student can be tracked and the government will know which ones need re-education if they don’t fit in. It is none of the government’s @#$% business.

Cradle to Grave Socialist Schools

Stop Early Childhood Ed in your state. And do NOT enroll your child in any early ed program.

They really do mean to track the babies from the hospitals, as Republican Lamar Alexander advocated in 1989 in that video. That’s why hospitals issue social security numbers the day the baby is born. And these government busy-bodies can’t wait to get that child into the socialist mindset as early as possible.

Now that ObamaCare is in place, the school will begin to build the health clinic and dispense health care directly from the school. The grants are in place through several sources, much of which is now in the ACA (ObamaCare). They will dispense comprehensive health care, without consent of parents (or with uninformed consent), including contraceptives and sex ed. And they will have your doctor’s support, because doctors have also been brainwashed in medical schools whose faculty has bought into socialized medicine decades ago.

And don’t get me going about the American Medical Association, complicit in all of this socialist management. They own and control the medial records and the CPT codes which reports are now under the control of the IRS.

It is for this purpose that I offer this back-to-school warning. You must hold on to your parental rights. Do not relinquish them.

In the early 1990s I helped craft and author and pass the nation’s first state level FERPA – Utah’s Family Education and Right to Privacy Act. It’s purpose was to maintain the privacy of the student with all the data exchange. Now today computer systems have made it a snap – a frightening one at that.

Who trusts government with their private information? No former soviet citizen that escaped that system. Only naive Americans would do that.

This tracking is the hallmark of a communist government system. It is here and it is now, and you are most likely embracing communism yourself as you read this and think I’m imagining dragons.

Yet a while back, in a local church congregation after the service was over, a special announcement was made that the county health department, in the name of public safety in case of disaster, wanted everyone to provide to them not just the names, addresses and phone numbers of the members of that congregation, but the entire health history, what meds were being taken and who the physician was, etc. A large plastic pill bottle was provided to put a copy of that form in the refrigerator, and the other copy went to the county health department.

Are you KIDDING me? Yet you would have been astonished at how many unknowing naive citizens rushed to the table at the back to get that form and fill it out. (I kept mine as evidence of the deception of the communist culture being built around us as we sit on our couches watching the Super Bowl.)


So here is my additional advice:

Back to School parents, do NOT allow your student’s school – if it gets ONE penny of federal or state funding – to administer to your student any state or federal assessment test you have not previewed or that is tied to common core or to the federal funding each state is receiving.

Watch out for Sage or the AIR tests. RED FLAGS both.

Opt Out. Opt Out. Opt Out. Here is the form.

Study and get together with your neighbors and inform them.

Don’t sign up for the PTA. Do organize a PTO. Get your neighbors and do it. Nothing works like competition. Oh. But that’s such a capitalist idea. (Trust me, the PTA will be very threatened.)

Listen to our radio programming on AM 630 www.K-talk.com Monday-Friday, 10-Noon mountain time. We will keep you updated.

Your student will bring home stacks of papers asking for your signature. Read them carefully. DO NOT CONSENT to anything that you are not sure of and know that your student and your family will be tracked unless you specifically request to opt out.

Sex ed is woven throughout the curriculum. Soon in Utah, because of the recent changes to the definition of marriage, the curriculum will begin reflecting the additional endorsement of a lifestyle that most parents do not want their children to be taught.

Opt Out of any family life, maturation or sex ed program. Opt out of any suicide or drug prevention program. Stay away. These are discussions for families in the privacy of their homes.

UFERPA Nosy Questions Brochure

Present this brochure to your student’s school along with the opt out form. (Sadly, too many of you reading this will say, “But I need to be on the good side of the school in order for my child to be the teacher’s favorite.” To this I ask, who’s the parent here and how much do you love your child and your child’s future of freedom? Stand for something! If YOU don’t, who WILL and, how will YOUR CHILD?)

Read your children’s text books and homework papers. A Leftist ideology is woven throughout. It’s often imperceptible. And if you don’t know the difference, start reading and learning.

That should not be surprising. If I were the devil, as Paul Harvey wrote way back in 1965:

“…I would encourage schools to refine young intellects, but neglect to discipline emotions — just let those run wild, until before you knew it, you’d have to have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every schoolhouse door.

“Within a decade I’d have prisons overflowing, I’d have judges promoting pornography — soon I could evict God from the courthouse, then from the schoolhouse, and then from the houses of Congress. And in His own churches I would substitute psychology for religion, and deify science.”

Paul Harvey was prophetic.

Get your child OUT of government-funded schools while you can. Home school them. That’s a tough one to swallow. But it’s the best advice I can give at this point in my life. Find good online programs. If you don’t know how to assess what’s good and what’s not, connect with the parents that do.

In Utah the LDS Home School Conference is this weekend at South Towne Expo, August 21-22. If you are LDS (and even if you aren’t) and even if you don’t home school, get to this event!!! You will find unbelievable resources and network with other parents who are seeking solutions.

Charlotte Iserbyt used to tell me this way back in 1989 when my children were all in public school, and I admit I thought it was a bit on the fringe. I suspect, you may think the same of me as well. But now I have experienced what Charlotte tried to warn me about, and now I am warning you.

It is your choice to believe what you will of my strident message and unsolicited advice. (Where is my tin foil hat, right?)

However, if you value your own liberty, I challenge you to do the research and then to show where I’m mistaken. I have been tracking these details for decades now. I have thoroughly vetted the who’s who of education curriculum and testing development. I have not found one educator involved in public education who is NOT Leftist, socialist, marxist, or communist. They are all the same – it’s about control. Education has drifted from developing the tools that will allow the student to learn for themselves to class struggle and equality and treating everyone fairly. Those educators have stated so themselves. That IS the goal.

Even the ACT and SAT has been taken over by these marxist social engineers. I have a comprehensive presentation on these facts that are indisputable.

This great equality lie is driven from the top – UNESCO, the United Nations where these marxist NGOs gather to build policy. Then they come back around to Washington DC to buy the votes to get the legislation they need.

Watch your legislature. The majority are incompetent but well-meaning individuals who will pass more and more socialist laws over education and the workforce as each year goes by. Then they will run for office as a “conservative” because they could not identify socialism or communism if they saw it. They are not fit for the office they hold.

My final word of advice: Spread the word and vote them OUT.

Blessings to all the good parents out there who want the best education for their children. Be prayerful. Your children are YOUR stewardship, no one else’s.

End of rant.

The Truth About Home Schooling

American Leadership Fund
The debate continues. Which is best? Public school? Private school? Home school?

In Utah, a Republican lawmaker is recommending an increase in taxes to pay for better education. With representatives such as this, who needs Democrats?  Read more.

The controversy over privacy, testing and common core social engineering/social justice curricula of the Left invading the classroom will not be improved or eliminated with more funding.  It will be harmed.  Utah’s SAGE tests are developed through the American Institutes of Research, which describes itself on its website as a behavioral testing company.  This is the testing company that most states are using.  Columnist Paul Rolly wrote that I was incorrect, but here it is from the AIR website, screenshot taken Wednesday, November 25, 2014:

AIR Behavioral testing

It is the influx of millions from the corporate and non-profit world on the Left and the Right that is destroying education. That’s a bold statement, but we have already backed it up with numerous articles on this blog site which you can search.

The Home School Fact Check

Take a look at these facts, and then defend the opinion that home school is not a superior alternative to public education.

Homeschool Domination
Created by: CollegeAtHome.com

Why then does home school come under such criticism? Because it’s a direct threat to public school funding.  With a 75% rise in home schooled children, it is a big threat indeed.  We recommend this option above all others.  It is the only option available that will not cost taxpayers more money.  It is the best option to keep the federal government from manipulating your child’s attitudes and behaviors.  Remember, the test controls the curriculum, and AIR  is committed to the “diversity and inclusion” social justice agenda of the LGBT lobby.

Again, Paul Rolly likes to mock those who make these truthful statements.  So from the AIR website, another screen shot taken Wednesday, November 25, 2014:

AIR Behavioral Inclusion

As for funding public schools in Utah, parents and taxpayers do have another option:  take back state lands.  So much talk.  So little action.

If the federal government does not see its unequal treatment of state lands by looking at the obvious map, then Utah and other states in a similar situation simply need to exercise its rights under the 10th Amendment.  If the Cliven Bundy family can do it, surely elected  officials can.  Or are they all rhetoric?

screen shot 2014-04-25 at 3.23.47 pm.png

We will keep you posted and we will share who’s who.  Who are the talkers and who are the doers?  I know some definite DOERS.  They are Rep. Curtis Oda and Rep. Mike Noel.  God bless them both.  

Rep. Ken Ivory has done excellent research, but his legal background may be holding him back from taking the Bundy approach, otherwise known as the “Just Say No” approach.  It may be that an attorney that suggests or acts on that truly constitutional approach would be disbarred.  

But that’s another story.  The ACLU fox is guarding that accreditation henhouse at the American Bar Association and its state affiliates, who also accredit the law schools around the country teaching law students anything but original intent.  #shameful

Choice in Education
There has been so much talk of “choice” and “charter” schools for the past 30 years. We now see that it is just another Trojan Horse and counterfeit. Why would conservatives who love the free market back a plan that actually destroys the free market? Once you subsidize an enterprise, you automatically put all the private enterprises that do not want government subsidy in an unfair competitive disadvantage. It’s tough competing with free. Socialized medicine has taught us that lesson.

We have choice – it’s called public education, private education and home school.

Email what’s going on in your state and let us know who the real McCoys are and who the counterfeit constitutional conservatives are and we will broadcast it across our network and on our radio show, Saturdays, Noon-1 PM Mountain time., AM 1430 KLO radio.  www.KLOradio.com.

Email: Cherilyn at AmericanLeadershipFund dot com

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Meet the Grand Dame of the Common Core Revolt




American Leadership Fund
charlotteCharlotte Iserbyt.  She is a lightning rod in the field of education reform because she tells it like it is. Too often people don’t want to hear the truth.  But as Senior Policy Advisor in the Department of Education during the Reagan Administration, she saw first-hand what was being planned – what she coined “the deliberate dumb down.”

She’s frustrated that after several decades, conservatives just don’t seem to get it.  Can you blame her?

She has her ducks in a row.  We have been collaborators in this research for over 25 years now, and she is still going strong on her blog site, the ABC’s of Dumb Down, a mix of treacherous truth and her hilarious sense of humor, two of her higher order thinking skills she has fine tuned.  Behind the scenes and in front, she has provided the major background research that has connected the dots for so many new activists and moms and dads who have come and gone in the system and experienced that gnawing feeling “something’s wrong with education.” Continue reading Meet the Grand Dame of the Common Core Revolt

Union Boss Threatens Physical Assault on Anti-Common Core Parents

President of the United Federation of Teachers Threatens Physical Assault on Parents

This is a shocking and unbelievable, must-see video of Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers.  Watch this radical teacher’s union president threatening physical harm to parents for opposing Common Core Standards.  Just who is the bully here?

This is our fight.  This is NOW.  This is how out of touch unions have become.  It is all about THEM. They have become completely self-interested.  They have forgotten that without us, without the parents and taxpayers, and the students, they would be out of a job.

This is an extreme Leftist community organizer in action, using the tools of Saul Alinsky as outlined in Rules for Radicals.

If you are not familiar with this book, and with Alinsky’s tactics, it is the play book upon which Leftist Hilary Clinton framed her college thesis. It is the book that Alinsky dedicated to Lucifer “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.”

I picked up my first copy of Rules for Radicals in the mid-1970s during Round One of the social justice revolution – radical feminism that wants all women, all mothers in the workplace with “the village” raising the child, that has all but destroyed the traditional family, a goal of the extreme Left.

It is the book to which our current government leaders have subscribed to get where they are.  Chicago-style activism is now in the White House and in every corner of Washington DC.  From the bomb-throwing radical of the Sixties Bill Ayers and other friends of Barack Obama who are now in the U.S. Department of Education, including his Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the David Colemans of education (now President of the College Board and chief architect of the Common Core standards – the chief gatekeeper of who gets into college).

Read about who these people are on my blog site under World Class Education.  Become familiar with what they stand for and the Leftist social and pro-gay agenda they are so passionate about pushing in the school curriculum.  They have been indoctrinating children in public schools for years about “tolerance” and “anti-bullying.”  This standards battle merely nationalizes and centralizes their campaign to dumb down all students, especially the minorities.

Among the tactics are to ridicule and mock their opponents.  So they like to use the “tin foil hat,” Martian and flying saucer analogies.  That is your first clue that they are skilled organizers of the Left.  They don’t even represent most teachers who are required to join a union, but they are all-powerful.  Now they are pulling out all stops because for the first time their progressive pass to propagandize pupils is being seriously threatened, and they know it.

Wake up parents.  It is our time to unite locally and nationally.  Parents, grandparents, if we are not willing to step it up and to stage stronger and more vibrant and passionate protests, if we do not organize ourselves and simply WALK OUT of the behavioral tests they are administering to undermine the values of our children, and for which we are called “sick people” by this dangerous leader, we will lose.  We need to you join us in this fight.  Please sign up now and sign the petition to stop nationalized education.


No, Mr. Milgrew, the standards are not YOURS.  They are OURS. We are the People. You are NOTHING without us. You are the “cold, twisted, sick” union organizer that is responsible for so much that has gone wrong with education in America. You are responsible for the dumbing down of math standards, for the re-writing of American history, and for the removing of classic canon Western literature that teaches history and character, replacing much of it with workforce-related technical texts.

And the minute you punch one of us in the face, as you suggest, you will be in a lonely jail cell wondering what happened to you.

Let’s get that one straight right now.

This nation is transforming right before our eyes. Do we believe in local control or in central control, workforce training and tracking of all students into the workforce database, as is necessary in a planned economy and for which these organizers are so passionately protective?

Are we parents up for this fight and willing to match the energy of these organizers and all their money and the money of the big private foundations that have been funding this progressive dumb down for decades?

If not, then we have already lost the fight.

Please help us get this message out and to stay in this fight for our values and our religious liberty.  Your generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more is needed today. 


Three Choices in Education? Or Two? Or One?

On July 22, 2014, Glenn Beck hosted an informative discussion about education reforms, specifically “common core.”  I have researched and written profusely about these reforms for over two decades now.  Much of that has already been posted on this blog site and you can search the categories and archives.

The Beck show was enlightening and well-done.  Some excellent ideas were put forward.  How to organize and work with state legislators.  How to research, using original sources.  How to message (although I disagree with a couple of points).

At the end, the show’s ACTION was clear:  buy Beck’s book Conform.  That’s OK too (except that some critical points were omitted.)  We believe in free enterprise and to the degree that his book will galvanize masses to take action, that’s good.  The action I have been urging our local group to do since 2012 is to boycott the tests.  To stage a massive walk out. Continue reading Three Choices in Education? Or Two? Or One?