Operation Toussaint: Human trafficking film parallels border crimes

On Friday, July 13, 2018 I attended a private screening of Tim Ballard’s second documentary – Operation Toussaint, a sting operation in the poverty-stricken country Haiti.  In the aftermath of a terrible earthquake, orphaned children were taken in by evil subhuman traffickers, whose own lives were so broken from abuse, they know nothing but objectifying other human life for their own gain.

Children are drugged, trafficked for drugs, sex and for farming their own body parts and organs.  What greater evil exists on this earth?  I cannot think of one.

I asked Tim and others if this trafficking is a problem at our southern border.  YES.  Big time.  Remember all those headlines “children in cages on the border?” as reported by reputable news outlets?  Think again.  Intuition tells me that the leftist-socialist controlled American media is in bed with this disgusting industry with one goal in mind:  destroy liberty for all, as long as they make money off of the trafficking.  And I’m convinced they do.

When U.S. Immigration law was invoked, a law from the Clinton administration, what is called “fake” media blamed President Trump for separating children from their parents.  The nation heard only one side of this story.  Fox News did run stories about the other side, but they did not pursue the origin of this industry and stopped short of exposing it.  Why is this happening?  Let’s examine the facts:

Now, reports show that children are not “in cages” and that, in fact, most of them aren’t even related to the adults that brought them.  Some even came without their parents.

The process of matching up parents with children has only validated what President Trump himself said throughout his campaign and as President, and also what Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad have proven:  many of these “parents” are killers and child traffickers and these children don’t even know these adults!

When reports of children in cages first hit the headlines, and statements from church leaders across the nation responded, I was sickened.  If churches want influence, they need to do the research before jumping on board with Marxist strategies and media outlets.

I am convinced that people in high places – even the ownership of our largest media outlets – are benefitting from drug trafficking, prostitution, child pornography and now the evil for which Planned Parenthood has also been exposed – the harvesting and sale of human body parts and organs.

It’s not simply happening in far off places such as China or in other impoverished countries such as Haiti.  It’s happening right under our eyes.  The center of pornography and child sex trafficking is the United States.  It’s one of the most profitable enterprises on the Internet.  Even the Left knows this as shown in this article from Huffington Post.  

What will we do about it?  First, look to points of sale.


When setting up a company, a bank account must be established.  Do the banks ever vet the client?  Apparently not.  It’s not always easy to vet because nefarious companies adopt DBAs and pseudo-names or aliases.

However, once the client is depositing, can a bank do more vetting?  Of course!  State laws, banking laws, tax laws require identifying information.  If the IRS could track and punish “far right” non-profit organizations, surely they could find these rats.

How difficult would it be to track the website/s of the client or taxpayer?  I’m not an expert, but the point of sale is critical.  It needs to happen.

I’m certain we would be shocked to know the respectable business leaders and elected officials that are engaged in doing business with pornographers.

I once talked to some police officers in a nearby community and asked them about whether there had been an increase in drug trafficking in our area.  They were strangely quiet.  I then learned from a former police officer that the police chief was in cahoots with drug traffickers and he was politically targeted when he tried to expose the corruption and lost his job for a trumped up charge of violating an employee rule which other co-workers had also violated, but which he had already corrected.

This is serious business.  Drug trafficking is connected to sex trafficking is connected to harvesting body parts.

I once worked for a website company that presented workshops around the country on how to set up a website.  You could get 6 websites created for under $6,000! The owner was in my church congregation and was a respectable individual, very financially successful.

This company deliberately put me in front of people they knew were setting up porn sites.  I was there to negotiate the purchase.  I was sickened when I learned what they wanted to do.  The sales team was laughing about it.

I was furious with the way I was treated. I complained to the owner about what I observed from this unscrupulous sales team.  The company got nervous and fired me.  I reported this company, and negotiated a wrongful termination and agreed to stay silent, meaning all calls that came to me questioning the company were referred to the attorney.

When I ran for U.S. Senate I learned that my opponent gave that company a mere slap on the hand, and that one of his largest campaign contributions came from that company.

I’m not being silent.

Yes, there is evil in the world.  It is happening right here, in our neighborhoods and in our churches.  I believe the human trafficking and pornography and drug industries are so large, so powerful, that people who have any power to do something about it are living in fear economically and perhaps even for their lives.

I also believe that there are mega-wealthy people with nefarious intentions to control population and economies, that they are following the Marxist blueprint:  Abolish the family and the “bourgeois” institution of marriage.  Abolish religion, eternal truth and morality. Abolish private property.  This is no secret conspiracy.  Marx, and other socialists and fascists such as Antonia Gramsci who wrote prolifically about this strategy, knew that once a society is weakened morally and bankrupted economically, it will fall to tyrants.

I also believe that people run for office for different reasons – sometimes to benefit their own business interests, and they may know nothing of this network of dark business.  They should never be elected, but sadly many legislatures are full of superficial thinkers and weak minds and character.

We need brave and courageous leaders such as Tim Ballard who live on the edge and risk their lives to expose and put a spot light on these cock roaches of society.

Please get involved.  As with the starfish story, it may not help the millions of children being trafficked and living in hell, but it has helped the 1,000+ children who have been rescued so far.

Here’s the website to sign up and donate.  Watch the video:

Anti-Caucus DC Sharks Now Attack Senator Mike Lee

American Leadership Fund

Something is fishy here.  Senator Mike Lee is under attack.  He’s a conservative Senator who ousted a Republican incumbent in 2010.  He’s a strong voice for the Right, and refuses to be bought.  There are only a handful in the Senate, and that’s what’s wrong with Congress.

YMike Leeet on August 13, 2014, one of Utah’s top two papers – the Deseret News – ran a story about alleged illegal campaign funds for the popular Senator Mike Lee’s campaign that were somehow tied to the Attorney General scandal that has two former Utah AG’s facing criminal charges.

Yes, I do believe that scandal is somewhat hyped and politically motivated.  They typically are.  That’s the nature of politics today.  Republicans in the State legislature were quick to distance themselves from the scandal.  Democrats delighted in the opportunity (Alliance for a Better Utah is very involved) as well.

It gets worse.  The opportunity is also attracting others from the private sector as well now, including a man who has filed a $33 million civil law suit against former AG Swallow claiming that he was the cause of their losing their home in exchange for a campaign donation.

There’s blood in the water, and this is beginning to look more like a vicious shark attack.

What evidence do I have that the AG scandal now linking Mike Lee is at least in part politically motivated?

According to the Deseret News article, now Bob Bennett’s “mainstream Republicans” and his ardent supporters are in the game.  Mike Lee unseated Bob Bennett in 2010.  This group includes the DC lobbyists that are attacking Utah’s grassroots caucus system, which has been for the unstated, but obvious, purpose of retaliation by unseating Senator Mike Lee in 2016.

stephen colbert
Stephen Colbert

Matt Sanderson, the lobbyist quoted in the Deseret News article, just happens to be the same lobbyist behind Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC, created to mock Republican candidates in 2012.  These are the same lobbyists that raise money for the Democrat National Committee.  Now they are getting into the Utah AG shark tank.

So hungry are they, these “Buy My Vote” supporters have invested thousands of dollars into a campaign to destroy Utah’s grassroots caucus system.  They began a petition campaign, but were running short.  The Utah State Senate rescued them, under the sponsorship of Senator Curt Bramble, by passing a bill that would virtually destroy the grassroots caucus election, putting it into the hands of corporate cronies.  But then Senator Bramble is from Chicago, so that was not surprising.

Many lobbyists who play this power game typically view themselves as above the law.  It is also not surprising that Matt Sanderson from Caplin & Drysdale was criticizing Mike Lee.  That’s the very same lobbyist firm that created the 26-page legal brief presented to us in the State Republican Central Committee in 2013 to establish why Utah’s caucus system is supposedly “unconstitutional.”

They are wrong.

An attorney has stepped forward to bring a compelling case he has won in Idaho to the Utah Republican Party proving the unconstitutionality of the state legislature or any outside entity (“Count My Vote”) to force a private corporation (which political parties are) to change its rules on who its voting members can be.

Are you corporate board members listening up?  How would you like anyone outside your company to legally impose themselves on who YOUR voting members are?  This is a gross violation of the First Amendment right of assembly, and if it stands, other private corporations could be in jeopardy.

We need your help in this fight.  If you share our concern, please consider a generous donation of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more to American Leadership Fund.


These power-hungry lobbyists want to replace Utah’s grassroots system with a Connecticut-dual system type of elections.  That is a system which Connecticut Republican Party leaders themselves would like to end because it has put their Primary elections into the hands of the rich and famous that can petition successfully to get on a ballot because they’ve got all the money to pay petitioners.  It has also turned their elections by majority vote into plurality elections.  No one candidate wins the majority, causing excessive in-fighting within the Party between Primary and General elections.

Kirk Jowers
Kirk Jowers, Director Hinckley Institute

This is also the same lobbyist firm with which the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute Director Kirk Jowers is affiliated.  Jowers has been a major and vocal opponent of Utah’s caucus system and has for several years been speaking to local groups about how Utah must become an open Primary system, and assisting the “Buy My Vote” petition campaign.

Along with former Governor Mike Leavitt and Leavitt’s political campaign consultant LaVarr Webb, who also does political opinion-shaping for KSL, Jowers is part of this faction of rich and famous corporate cronies still retaliating against Mike Lee’s ouster of their friend Bob Bennett.

I personally like Bob, even though I ran against him in 2010. But the fact remains that his ardent supporters have been conspiring for ways to get one of their “own” back in power again.  They call themselves “mainstream” but they are more representative of the Old Guard politics, and that model does not fly anymore, especially with Millennials and Gen-Xers.

Add to this mix another factor:  Bob Bennett is now a DC lobbyist himself.  Emeritus Senators never retire, they just become lobbyists, and lobbyists make sure they have their bases covered.

The Temple Mailer Story

Take Congressman Chris Stewart, for example.  His brother Tim Stewart had to pay a very “steep” fine of $1,400 to clear his 2010 FEC violation for producing a “sting” postcard (the “temple mailer”) in an 11th hour attempt to incriminate Mike Lee to help his friend Bob Bennett, for whom many Stewart family members have worked over the years.  Tim Stewart is now the managing director of Bob Bennett’s lobbyist firm.

Their plan to defeat Mike Lee by portraying him as the bad guy a couple of days before the convention was foiled.  Through the caucus system, the grassroots were seated on the delegate floor, and they did the right thing:  they unseated an incumbent that was ranked the 9th most liberal Republican in the Senate and in the top 10 of the Senate and  the top 5 of those who sat on the Banking Committee that had received the highest campaign donations from Fannie Mae.  That was the catalyst of that 2008 TARP banking meltdown.

It was an emotional defeat for the incumbent at the Utah State convention and it was national news.  Afterward Senator Bennett (who the delegates treated very rudely when he went down that day, unfortunately I must say) was being encouraged to put his name on the Primary ballot as a write-in. It was even speculated whether he could run as an Independent.  In either case, his supporters were convinced he would win because in Primaries, name recognition typically does win among the low-information voters.

I will be criticized by the “Buy My Vote” (actually “Count My Vote” but I have to be truthful)  supporters for this comment, but it is a fact:  Primaries bring out the more “low-information” voter because those elections are driven by TV and radio sound bites, which give the voter little information, and the candidate with the money typically wins the day.  Enter “Count My Vote” leader LaVarr Webb and lobbyists, and the pollsters who make their consulting fees off of Primary and General elections  – and incumbents.

I became close to Bob Bennett’s son Jim, who was an extraordinary campaign manager and spokesman for his father.  He was of course very distraught when his father didn’t make it through the convention.  The Bennett team was a class act.  They always treated me with great respect.  The emotional response is understandable.  But what has happened since is of great concern.

Robert BennettBennett decided not to put his name on the ballot, and instead his loyal supporters gathered and promised they would retaliate and that “he” – or “they” would be back in 2012.  Senator Hatch saw the writing on the wall and his brilliant campaign manager Dave Hansen and political director Kitty Dunn worked the delegates and drilled down deep into the voter pool to get enough Hatch delegates seated – to the tune of several million dollars – that he at least limped through the convention and into a Primary.  It was an amazing feat the challengers put up, since this was a lifelong incumbent and career politician.  If Utah did not have a Caucus system, this would have been nearly impossible.

But enough more moderate-liberal delegates were seated to pull Senator Hatch through.  Frankly, these were the more “low information” delegates who were brought in with only one mission in mind: re-elect Senator Hatch because “We need his seniority and leadership to be on that all-important finance committee,” which he would chair.

But that doesn’t happen when you are in the minority in the Senate, and it was unlikely that Republicans would take the Senate that year anyway.  That’s why I call those delegates “low information voters” – they bought the story hook, line and sinker.   The rest of us who know how politics works were shaking our heads in disbelief.

Once into a Primary, it was a given that Senator Hatch’s incumbent status and name ID would pull him through by the additional low information voters who were swayed by expensive and lobbyist-bought radio and TV ads putting fear into every voters’ heart that without Senator Hatch’s leadership, the nation would crumble.

The more moderate delegates also gave us Congressman Chris Stewart, another low-information candidate who couldn’t even identify what form of government we have when we were in debates, nor did he know what the Federal Reserve was.  He was the Bennett payback candidate.

The DC lobbyists and Bennett, who was given a standing ovation by the new Hatch delegates, had won the day – keeping it all in the family.  The Stewart brothers, nephew and brother-in-law now had bases covered on several levels of government:

  • A Congressman (Chris Stewart)
  • A Clinton-appointed Chief Judge of Utah’s District Court (Ted Stewart)
  • A Director of the Utah National Guard, and later a Deputy Attorney General (Brian Tarbet)
  • A Director of Utah’s Environmental Quality (Cody Stewart – protecting Congressman Chris Stewart’s company’s federal procurement contracts) and,
  • A lobbyist managing Bob Bennett’s lobbyist firm (Tim Stewart- the man responsible for the Mike Lee “temple” mailer).

Oh, the web of nepotistic connections.

I was one of Mike Lee’s opponents, but I am among the first to support Mike, and I believe his strong voice is needed in the Senate now more than ever.  If you agree, please help with a generous donation as we prepare for the showdown in 2016.


I also know who Caplin & Drysdale’s Sanderson is and why he could possibly be motivated to get in the middle of the alleged illegal campaign contributions and the Utah AG scandal.  Here’s an infamous photo of him with Stephen Colbert assisting with the establishment of that satirical SuperPAC to undermine Republican candidates.

Colbert and Sanderson
Stephen Colbert confers with lobbyists from Caplin & Drysdale, leads on the Utah CMV initiative to eliminate the neighborhood elections (caucus)

This allegation against Mike Lee is more than opportunistic. It’s what smells so rotten in D.C. It is so entrenched in payback and retaliation and the utter lust for power and control from DC.  This more than smells like Caplin & Drysdale is in cahoots with whatever it takes to get Senator Mike Lee out of office and rto eplace him with their crony.  It stinks.

When I ran for U.S. Senate, I learned a lot about how little control the voters in Utah have in electing their Senators.  Mike’s election was a fluke and very unusual – driven by the general outrage of Congressional overreach and massive debt.  When the 17th Amendment made the election of Senators a popular vote instead of the decision of the state legislature, the states lost local control – of everything. It is now in the hands of those Washington lobbyists who give the profession such a bad name – those who care little about which side of the aisle they support.  Their main goal is more power and control.  For that, incumbents are the life blood for these sharks.  We see this playing out with Sanderson protesting too much with his rant against Mike Lee in this article.

Candidate Accountability in a Morass of Laws and Regulations

I don’t profess to have any inside information one way or the other that an FEC rule was broken in this case.  If people understood how many rules and regulations they themselves are probably breaking on a daily basis (just read the 74,000+ pages of the IRS code alone), they would not be so quick to bite.

Practically speaking, how in the world would a candidate have known the source of these funds – or even the campaign’s treasurer –  if indeed these allegations are true? From my experience as a federal candidate in a statewide race, it would be nearly impossible to know whether a check that came to my campaign was actually a check written from a third party that was then written directly to the campaign by another individual.

How would YOU know? Seriously.  You could ask, and you would have to take that donor’s word.

Politics has become a nasty business. A very successful and respected businessman who was recruited to run for political office once told me, “You can live a good life.  Be a good family man.  Build a successful business.  Be honorable in your community service and religious charity.  But run for public office, and within 24 hours, your entire life’s reputation can be destroyed.”

Another thing I learned about running for public office is that because of this shark tank, good, honorable people are less likely to run.  It is the way business is conducted that makes them shy away. Lobbyists play the power game and are the sharks waiting to eat you alive and spit out your carcass, unless they can control your vote.  And make no mistake, they will do anything they can to destroy you on Election Day if you aren’t in their pockets.

That would describe Senator Mike Lee’s plight.  He is not in any of these lobbyists’ pockets – yet.  That is the political motivation behind the criticism from RINOs and lobbyists.  Lobbyists love incumbents.  The grassroots do not.  We’ll check that one out when Senator Lee’s third term rolls around, because that is typically the turning point.

Meanwhile, 2014 is an opportunity to grow the ranks in the Senate with more Mike Lee’s, Ted Cruz’s and Rand Paul’s.  It is their new and fresh energy, and their strong, courageous and unafraid voices for states rights and restoring local control who are not yet bought by the sea of some 39,000 swarming self-interested sharks in the Washington DC cesspool that will turn this nation around.

If you agree, we need your support today as we build for 2016.  Your generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more is needed so that we can continue to get truthful messages to broader audiences all across the nation.  

Please consider a monthly contribution to help us with our operating expenses.

DonateBoxOr mail your contribution to:

American Leadership Fund
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PS.  No, not all lobbyists are sharks.  Just the bad ones that care more about their own pocketbooks than your liberty.

Utah’s Marriage Law: What Went Wrong in the Utah AG’s Office?

Bob Smith, AG candidate
Bob Smith, AG candidate

URGENT ALERT: Contact Utah Governor Gary Herbert ASAP online or by phone by Monday morning, December 23, 2013 and ask him to appoint Bob Smith as Attorney General. You can leave a message online right now here or call 801-538-1000 or 800-705-2464. Continue reading Utah’s Marriage Law: What Went Wrong in the Utah AG’s Office?

It’s Not About The Attorney General

It’s about adhering to constitutional law, and in Utah, a conservative Attorney General is in the cross fire.

Are you experiencing similar challenges against conservatives in your state?

Utah’s Attorney General is under FBI investigation for alleged wrong-doing, unethical associations and even criminal acts. This is not about whether he is innocent or guilty. It’s about giving him, and everyone to follow, a fair process. Here’s more background.

Take Action Utah!

If you live in Utah, we are asking you to read the following information and send an email or make a phone call to your representative before Wednesday, July 3, 2013. Here’s the contact list.  For background and main points, read on:

Continue reading It’s Not About The Attorney General

Utah Attorney General Investigation Update


To: Members of the Utah State House of Representatives
From: Cherilyn Eagar, American Leadership Fund
Re: Resolution and Documentation Regarding Forming a Special Investigating Committee

Dear Representative,

Today I found new information online to share with you that I urge you to read before Wednesday’s special session.

The first is a proposed resolution to set the rules for a House Special Investigative Committee.  To view, click on the link below: Continue reading Utah Attorney General Investigation Update