Stand for the Family Conference

American Leadership Fund Many organizations have formed that reach different circles of influence and that touch a different aspect of the culture war of which the family is the centerpiece. The Stand for the Family conference is organized by Family Watch International, President Sharon Slater.  It will be in Provo, Utah Friday, September 19, 2014.

Our friend Mary Summerhays, President of Celebration of Marriage has graciously joined together with that event to kick it off the night before Thursday September 18, with a Celebration of Marriage rally at the Capitol.

This is a crucial time for Utah. The legal challenge to its Marriage law is on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court now.  Attorney Frank Mylar filed amicus briefs for American Leadership Fund in the 4th (Virginia) and 10th (Utah and Oklahoma) Circuit Courts where, not surprisingly it was overruled 2-1 by the three-judge panel.

The arguments were without rational basis, which our brief addressed. One questions whether the amicus briefs were even read. This is a shameful state our Courts are in and the only remedy is at the ballot box where we elect representatives that will use the checks and balance measures provided in the U.S. Constitution to correct it. That is why American Leadership Fund exists.  We are now in the U.S. Supreme Court petitioning the Justices to uphold Utah’s Marriage law.

We need your support today.

Meanwhile, what will the U.S. Supreme Court do?

It will either rule against Utah’s law and set the precedent for other states and they will fall like dominoes, or it will rule that this matter is still a state issue and therefore best decided by the state.

In either case, the definition of Marriage is sure to heat up, not go away. We know this because of history.

When Roe v. Wade decided that abortion was legal, pro-Life activists doubled-down and energized the grassroots to immediately put restrictions that court’s decision with the Hyde Amendment and since then limits on when an abortion may take place, especially laws prohibiting partial birth abortion.

The passion for Marriage and maintaining it as the standard that all children need – a mother and a father committed to each other by Marriage – is gaining momentum. Those who seek to define it otherwise lack common sense and logic and should be removed from the Courts.

That is why American Leadership Fund is so important. We are preparing for 2016 because the bottom line of this issue will be determined, not in the Court of law but at the ballot box which is swayed by the Court of Public Opinion.

We urge you to donate today so that we can continue to build and influence to help the best candidates get elected. And then join us at this conference. It has a line up of excellent speakers, many of whom I have worked with over the years and I know them to be credible and to have done significant research in the area of protecting, defending and strengthening the family.  This is our call to action.



Is ISIS Ushering in the Anti-Christ?

American Leadership Fund

Horrific reports and images of rapes, slayings, beheadings and crucifixions of Christians by ISIS terrorists are flooding the Internet.  The images remind me of the Life pictorial coffee table book my parents had in our library when I was a young child. One day I opened it and saw my first glimpses of the Holocaust with emaciated bodies piled on top of each other. From that day on, I have not been able to sit through a war movie that shows those images. It is the face of evil.

This weekend, I was with five of my granddaughters.  We sat around the table licking our ice cream cones, laughing about funny experiences, what they love the most in their lives right now, what they are concerned about, and what their hopes and dreams are. Their greatest concern:  terrorism in the Middle East, the persecution of Christians, and their fear that these terrorists will come to America. I left them with my belief that no matter what happens, we need to stick together and keep the positive in view.

That positive, amid all the negative, is centered in a knowledge that the Messiah will return, and that He will heal this world that is so quickly sinking into utter depravity. The normalization of homosexuality and gay “marriage” – now being taught in California classrooms as well as in Massachusetts and around the country – is really the sexual revolution in full swing, the merger of homosexual and heterosexual perversion, pornography, pedophilia and prostitution.  The images remind me of what Moses witnessed after he came down the mountain with the raucous crowds below, having forgotten all that he had taught them.

Theologian Joel Richardson says that ISIS may be ushering in the anti-Christ.  Many Biblical scholars would agree this new Islamic caliphate may be the place from which the Anti-Christ emerges, as prophesied before the Second Coming. I don’t profess to be a scholar on this subject, however, most Christians do believe the Messiah will come, but no one knows exactly when.  The signs of the times are certainly pointing to that event.

As a grandmother, it is difficult for me to imagine how much more sinful the world could possibly become.  This work I’m passionately engaged in is for my grandchildren and their future. Many of us who are engaged on the front lines are praying that the Second Coming will not be too far off. Let us pray that the Lord will come soon, and that we will be prepared for Him.

To end on a happier note, here is one of my all-time favorite hymns, performed by my alma mater – the combined choruses of Brigham Young University, arranged by Mack Wilberg, now conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Although the MoTab has recorded this arrangement since, this performance has a special memory for me because I was present when they first performed it live at an Alumni event. It seemed as though the angels from heaven joined them in the last amazing chorus. Notice the blonde in the blue toward the end in the close-ups. This version is a bit fuzzy, but on the DVD, she is openly weeping with tears streaming down her face when she sings “Here’s my heart, oh take and seal it…” These young people sang with their hearts and souls that night and it was captured in this video.

Please pray for us in this work. We need your help and support in whatever way you can give us. Blessings to you…

Cherilyn Eagar

Where the Signs Lead

American Leadership Fund

The following is an article written by Pastor William Owens, President of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, and his wife Dr. Deborah Owens, reprinted by permission.

William OwensWar and rumors of war swirl around us. What does it mean?

Today America is in a crisis of sovereignty and faced with the very real threat of war at home and abroad. The constant influx of people from Central America crossing our borders has turned into more than just a humanitarian crisis, but a National Security crisis as well. It is well documented and reported that there are more than just Mexicans crossing our borders. Border Patrol agents report finding Muslim prayer mats, Qurans, Jihadists materials, and Middle Eastern passports left behind by those illegally entering the U.S. Other troubling reports, rarely disclosed by the news media, are the growing recruitments of youths from Europe and the West into Islamic Jihadist organizations. This worrisome trend poses a serious National Security threat to the U.S. and Great Britain. Our mutual visa policies allow British citizens to easily board an airplane and legally enter the U.S. (and vice versa). Centuries of cooperation and good will might suffer as a result of the rising terrorist threats. Continue reading Where the Signs Lead

Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Church In Record Numbers

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Ray-Moore1South Carolina candidate for Lieutenant Governor Ray Moore is pleading with parents to enroll their children in anything but public schools. As a former pastor, Army chaplain and director of a Christian ministry for over 35 years, he’s got some strong evidence to back up his concerns.

The statistics show that between 70-80% of young adult evangelical Christians that spend their years in public education are leaving that system with intellectual smarts that have eroded their faith and turned them away from their belief in Marriage between a man and a woman. Hostility toward Christians has also spiked.

Moore is right on target. He’s been around long enough to recognize that public education trends (including common core, which has a direct connection to LGBT activists through the AIR testing organization) have been aimed at a secular humanist approach to education. God has been removed from the classroom and the curriculum consistently requires knowledge to be defined only through the lens of the scientific method, which discredits religious belief.

How refreshing to listen to a candidate that is speaking truth about the school system. World Net Daily reports.

Watch him bravely indict the system here: