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Cherilyn Bacon EagarAbout Cherilyn Bacon (Eagar)
Talk Show Producer-Host, Blogger, Researcher, Commentator

U.S. Senate Candidate
In 2011 the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News editorial boards named Cherilyn  Wasatch Woman of the Year-Community Service Honoree, recognized as the first woman to run for U.S. Senate in Utah, as well as for her life time of service to community and charitable causes.

Conservative Causes
She has dedicated her life to promoting America First conservative principles, serving on political boards, as a state/county delegate and a campaign manager and a citizen lobbyist from the local school board, state legislature, Washington DC and at the U.N.

Cherilyn is serving her third term as an elected leader for the Utah Republican Party on the State Central Committee and as Legislative District 37’s Chairman.   She also serves on the late Phyllis Schlafly’s national Board of Governors headquartered in St. Louis, MO.  Schlafly is known as the First Lady of the Conservative Movement, a close friend and advisor to Ronald Reagan and founder/president of Eagle Forum.

Her work with Phyllis Schlafly Eagles focuses on media, leadership development, candidate recruitment, constitutional studies and directing the national campaign to Restore Election Day through Constitutional election and balloting processes.

She directed a state fund, the American Leadership Fund, to support conservative causes, campaigns and candidates that promote limited government, fiscal restraint and principled leadership.  In 2013 she raised the funds to defend Marriage between a man and a woman with amicus briefs in the 4th, 10th Circuit Courts and at the U.S. Supreme Court.  She is also the government relations liaison the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons – Utah.

Cherilyn is the principal owner of Strong Reasons, LLC, a media relations consulting firm specializing in a variety of industries including health care, assisted living, real estate and constitutional policy advocacy.  “Strong Reasons Make Strong Actions” – Wm Shakespeare

Since 1989, she has been among the nation’s top researchers on education reforms and, along with Charlotte Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor – U.S. Department of Education (Reagan Administration), in 1992 she established World Class Education Research, exposing Utah’s primary role in establishing the first pilot program of Outcome Based Education, now called “Common Core.”

She was the co-author of the first state Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and is featured in two books on education reform, as well as in Sean Hannity’s book Let Freedom Ring for her courageous religious liberty stance.

Non-Profit Service
Cherilyn has also served on many non-profit boards, raising funds for charities including serving as president of Utah-California Women, Utah Special Olympics and as a co-founder of a public interest law firm to defend pro-Life, pro-family, decency, parental rights, and community standards policies.

Producer-Host Talk Radio – Speaker
Cherilyn was a commentator on ABC Good Morning Utah and routinely appears as a guest commentator on local and national TV and radio shows.

She hosts a weekday radio show Cherilyn Bacon LIVE  through Red State Talk Radio Network.  Top Talk has rated Red State #1 conservative talk radio network for five years.  Her show airs live weekdays afternoon drive time at 4 PM PT, 5 PM MT, 6 PM CT, and 7 PM ET online at, by phone app or just say “Alexa, play Red State Talk Radio.”  The show honors Mrs. Schlafly’s  life’s work and mission to carry it forward into the next generation.

From 2014 through 2017 Cherilyn was the founder, producer and host of The Liberty Lineup Radio Show on AM 630 KTKK in Salt Lake City.  She assembled a team of leaders in the conservative movement to co-host the daily shows that continue today.

She is a popular EMCEE and SPEAKER locally and nationally on several topics:

  • How to Protect Yourself from the Hostile Government Health Care Take-Over
  • Beyond Common Core: How to Restore Local Control and Representative Government
  • The Utah Caucus-Convention:  Your Protection from Lobbyists, Party Bosses, Elitist Candidates and Incumbents
  • The Election Process and Why Your Role is Critical to America’s Future
  • Marriage and the Religious Liberty Challenge:  What’s Next?
  • What’s On the Agenda for YOUR Child After Anti-Discrimination and Identity Politics?
  • Does Utah Really Want a State BLM?  Real Solutions for Land Rights
  • Restoring the Constitution the Founders’ Way
    • How to Solve the Breakdown of Checks and Balance and Stop Government Over-Reach (Hint:  It’s not an Article V-Convention of the States or Any Kind of a Con-Con.)
    • How to Keep Our Communities Safe During Troubling Political Times
    • Understanding the Relevance of Late Chief Justice Antonin Scalia and Constitutional Originalism

To book her for your next event contact Cherilyn Bacon Eagar

Performing Arts Background
As a professional actor/singer, Cherilyn has performed leading and supporting roles in New York, on national tours and with regional theatres.  Favorite roles were Pam in Baby, and the Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Dallas Rep); Mary in Merrily We Roll Along, (Sondheim’s Southwest Premiere),  two runs of Side By Side By Sondheim (Stage West).

She developed the musical theatre summer program for Broadway’s Circle in the Square Theatre School and was the owner and managing director of the On Broadway Musical Theatre Workshop, rated by Backstage as one of the top two Broadway musical theatre workshop programs along with NYU’s Cap 21 program in New York City.

She received highest ratings on the faculty of the Music Dance Theatre Department at Brigham Young University and at one of the top arts schools in the world – Orange County School of the Arts in Southern California.

In 1975 she played the leading role of “Julie” in the popular Mormon musical Saturday’s Warrior, and was a founding member of the BYU Young Ambassadors, touring with the USO during the Viet Nam War.  She played Stepmother in Sondheim’s Into the Woods at the Hale Centre Theatre and the comedic villainess Velma Von Tussle in the Broadway hit Hairspray at the Ziegfeld Theatre in Ogden.

TMG, Talent Management Group
Vickie Panek
512 East 4500 South, Suite 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

BHB Artists Agency
165 W. 46th St.  Suite 908
New York, NY 10036
(212) 869-9310

Personal Background

Randy and Cherilyn EagarCherilyn was born and raised in Hollywood, California and graduated from Hollywood High School.  She received a BA in Speech and Drama, emphasis in public speaking, at Brigham Young University.  She has lived in Dallas, Chicago, Denver, New York City, Phoenix, Provo, Utah and New Canaan, Connecticut.  She is married to Utah’s REALTOR of the Year, Salesman of the Year and Educator of the Year Randy Eagar.  They live in Holladay, Utah and together they have seven children and sixteen grandchildren – “The reason why.”

When she’s not consulting with her clients’ marketing needs, she’s broadcasting on the air, volunteering in her church, at the state capitol lobbying for limited government, writing, speaking, teaching religious classes, motivating others, blogging, and spending time with her family.  In her “spare time” she loves to travel and curl up with a good autobiography, political philosophy, or historical non-fiction book.

5 thoughts on “Meet Cherilyn”

  1. Nice work organizing the sheriffs to fight against the “homosexuals shoving their agenda down your throat,” always a cute choice of words. But for God’s sake, you taught in the theater department, you surely must have run into gay people. Do they have no rights? Are they supposed to just keep quiet so you can shove your religious bigotry down our throats? Well, guess what – they’re not going to keep quiet. You’re nothing but an old timey religious fanatic who thinks she has power. You don’t. You will lose, basically, all of your battles. 

    1. Marriage is historically a union of one man and one woman for the the procreation of the next generation, raising and educating their offsprings
      When butt-f—-ng has the same result, we can talk again about your life style is equivalent to Marriage.
      Until then,  you have no valid argument here

    2. Private behavior should be kept prilvate. But the homosexual agenda is to make same sex behavior public and teach it in the schools and make everybody like it through legislation which in this state (Washington) now tells me that my marriage is the same as a homosexual one (domestic partnership) “such terms as husband and wife under the law shall be gender neutral”.
      But even though the behavior is being pushed upon us all, its consequences are being hidden. There are over 8 venereal diseases not the least of which is AIDS caused by same sex relations, which in men, costs as much as 20 years off their life.
      Finally it is pretty common knowledge that a large percentage of men involved in same sex relations would like to exit the same. Our desire is to help them.
      And our desire is to not have the law force us to support that behavior and it does in Washington.

  2. I recently earned a degree in Family Studies. It is refreshing to see someone else with my own opinion concerning families and children. After spending the past 13 years researching parenting practices, homosexual parenting, and the importance of a mom and dad in the lives of children it makes me sick to see what is happening to children for the sake of diversity/tolerance. Ideally every child should have a mother and father.

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