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Cherilyn Eagar
Cherilyn Eagar

“Defining Conservative”

Update. July 4, 2018. Yes.   We are still clearing up the confusion. Thankfully, 2016 gave us a President that is unafraid to speak out about the dangerous globalist course this nation has pursued over the past few decades. He gave us words such as “Swamp” and now it’s back to America First – the most dangerous two words to socialists and Marxists who have tried to damage this nation with reckless “free trade” and open borders.

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Update 2016. It’s time to clear up the confusion on the meaning of the word “conservative.” Candidates and operatives in the Republican Party from John Boehner to Rand Paul or Ted Cruz to Jeb Bush call themselves “conservative.” But how can that be when they are worlds apart in philosophy and public policy?

Then there is confusion over what “Right” and “Left” mean. During the founding of America, “conservative” and the Right comprised those who wanted to stay a colony under King George. “Liberals” were those that wanted free enterprise and limited government under the laws of Nature’s God.

Then there is that label “Establishment.”  What does THAT mean to you?  Is it Conservative if your elected official plays crony politics picking and choosing the winners or losers?  Is it Conservative if they join the multinational globalists trading our national sovereignty under a Supreme law of the land called the U.S. Constitution for United Nations-ruled policies?

To add to the confusion, in the former Soviet bloc, “conservative” and the “Right” was the term to describe the KGB and communists who supported a centralized and all-controlling government bureaucracy.  “Liberal” represented those who supported Reagan’s declaration:  “Tear down this wall.”

However, in the United States today, “conservative” and “liberal” are the opposite on that political spectrum.

So confused are we that most Americans can’t even identify what form of government the Founders established, a republic or a democracy. Ever since President Wilson made the world “safe for democracy” with World War I, our form of government has been re-defined.

What It Means to Be Conservative
To be conservative means to support limited government and fiscal responsibility, liberty and transparency and accountability from our elected representatives.

Fundamentally, a conservative supports the U.S. Constitution in its original intent as the supreme law of the land.  A conservative does not support unfair trade agreements selling out nation out to NAFTA or Pan-American policies that force the U.S. to compete with socialist countries that undercut our currency and to subsidize our own production.  A conservative does not undermine national sovereignty by allowing the United Nations to trump the Constitution.

On the spectrum of Left (a tyrannical, centralized, big government) and Right (anarchy, no government), a conservative stands squarely to the center right.  Because a culture continues to move incrementally farther to the Left, meaning toward more centralized and bigger government, does not mean those that support conservative principles are extremist.  It simply means the Left is becoming more socialist, marxist and tyrannical.

It’s time to educate the low information voters, to clear up the confusion and to reclaim the definition of “conservative” from those who represent us in Congress and our state legislatures who profess to be conservative, but whose voting records show otherwise. It’s time to let the socialist-Lite wing of the Republican Party – the Rove Wing – the Establishment-Kingmaker wing – know that they will not continue to be conservative imposters without a fight.

From Moderate to Mainstream
In Red States, many in the Rove Wing call themselves “conservative” simply to get elected. Now they call themselves “mainstream conservatives” and they trash the authentic conservatives, joining the Left calling them “fringe” or “far” right.  IN  2016, the Establishment continue to represent those wealthy funders that care little about principle and the US Constitution but more for their own control of the lobbyist culture – even if it’s bad for our country.

In fact, I can’t recall any Republican in my state (one of the “reddest”) in recent memory that called themselves a “liberal Republican” – or even a “moderate Republican” to get elected.

When I was growing up, my parents called party insiders and liberal Republicans “Rockefeller Republicans” or “Country-Clubbers.” Also, RINOS and neo-conservatives. Phyllis Schlafly, in her landmark best seller written after Goldwater was destroyed from within the GOP,A Choice, Not An Echo, called them the “Kingmakers.”  No National delegate is qualified to represent their state at the 2016 National Convention unless they have NOT first read this monumental book.

That book paved the way for the Reagan Revolution, the rebirth of the Conservative Movement. It could be updated, and the story would be the same one of backroom deals among the powerful élite.

The Rove spin is “mainstream Republican.”  He IS the Establishment – the architect that plotted Bush I and II successfully and destroyed conservatism.  Amazingly, in 2016, his plot for Bush III was foiled pre-convention.  But watch closely what may happen.

However, when these moderates, these “mainstreamers” are elected, their moderate-to-liberal voting records are typically exposed, but only after it’s too late.

Reagan Was the “Far Right”

Even when Ronald Reagan ran for President, party insiders tried to brand him “far Right” and called him “too conservative” – attempting to create fear that he would be another “Goldwater.”

If you were to ask those mainstreamers who they supported back in 1976, most likely they would say Jerry Ford. In 1980, they would say George Bush. I know. I was there in Texas. It was very contentious attending the caucus in Bush Country and telling your neighbors that you supported Reagan.

But the Karl Roves of the Republican Party were not with Reagan then – at least not in any Primary – and they’re not with him and what he stood for today either. Never forget, only after Reagan won the nomination, and after he conceded to name Bush his running mate, did these moderate kingmakers, including Karl Rove, join up to support Reagan.

Ronald ReaganIn an interview with Reason Magazine, July 1975, Ronald Reagan said,

“I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.”

Conservative v. Libertarian
Get a conservative and a libertarian in the same room debating the issues, and it will be enough to cause the conservative to tear their hair out. Libertarians tend to differ sharply with most conservatives on the moral/social issues, and often their ideology is so close to anarchy, it appeals to both the far Left and the far Right ends of the political spectrum. The conservative stance is expressed by the “Father” of the U.S. Constitution James Madison in Federalist Paper 51:

If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.

Even Reagan did not prove to be as conservative as he promised.  Big tax hikes.  Big liberal Congress to deal with.  And big immigration blooper.  He admitted it.

Left v. Right

So, just what is “Left” and what’s “Right?”  And what are all these “isms” and labels in political philosophy?  I hope this site offers concise definitions and opportunities for discussion.

A major source of information is found at Conservapedia, the conservative counterpart to Wikipedia.

During the Reagan Administration, the liberal People for the American Way (PAW)  published a booklet called “What’s Left After the Right?”  Today we need to ask, “What’s Right After the Left?”(r)  After eight years of the Obama Administration, we are in treacherous times.  He has done almost everything he promised – to fundamentally transform America. Yes, we are a socialist nation and those that have ventured to stand up on the front lines have learned how little liberty we actually have.

We must get it … Right.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the 2012 election and now in the 2016 cycle, the Republican Party is in disarray.  The Karl Roves of the party are more viciously attacking than ever before.  They are terrified and because of it, they have invested in all the front runners, hedging their bets.  Make no mistake, Rove will take his millions and his media buys, and in spite of his many failures, he will continue to attempt to quash the conservative grassroots.

The story will repeat. In the name of “conservatism,” the voters will think he is still the architect of Conservatism. But he is really just an old Kingmaker.

Well, the architect King’s scaffolding needs to come down because his castle is crumbling and it must be condemned.

Let the moderates continue to pander to the “more liberal” electorate and the “changing demographics.” Let them put the fear of God in conservatives that “we cannot win.” Let them try to convince conservatives that we need more early voting and more amnesty – everything that they know will make sure that an authentic, constitutional conservative will never be elected.

This is war. It’s a war of word and ideas. And this is where those words and ideas will be defined.

Conservatives simply need to be smarter in their message and their strategic planning.

It begins with you and me – with every liberty-loving American. It begins at a mother’s knee, because the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.

It begins in grade school where parents take care that the curriculum and those that teach it are teaching correct principles. Our children are the guardians of the future of liberty. As Reagan said,

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Let this site teach them what it means to be free, to be an American, how the Founders and Framers organized government, and what we must do to conserve the principles upon which this nation was built.

Let us work together to set the record straight, to dialog about its principles and ideals, and to distinguish authentic conservatism and the rule of law – the U.S. Constitution in all its originalist strength – from all the other political ideologies.

Together, let us make sure that this enduring story of liberty and our founding will never die.

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