RNC for Life petition for pro-Life SCOTUS pick

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The following is an urgent message from Ed Martin about our desire to let President Trump know that appointing a pro-Life justice to the U.S. Supreme Court was a campaign promise – to Phyllis Schlafly directly – and a strong plank in the Platform.   To order her book How the Republican Party Became Pro-Life, contact 314-721-1213 and let them know that Cherilyn referred you for a discount.  

St. Louis, MO. July 2, 2018.  Ed Martin, Phyllis Schlafly’s appointed successor, announced that one of the entities that Phyllis founded, The Republican National Coalition for Life, has launched a petition to send to President Trump asking him to keep his promise to appoint a pro-Life justice to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a passionate appeal Ed wrote:

Dear fellow American,

You already know that President Trump’s upcoming Supreme Court nomination will be the most important Presidential appointment in American history. Millions of innocent lives are at stake.

This will be a decision that will affect the shape of our country for generations to come. We’ve spent decades battling for a true pro-life conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

And now it comes down to this: President Trump has announced that he will reveal his nomination in just one week from today; July 9, 2018.

That’s when the fight begins. And oh, what an ugly fight it will be.

President Trump will be under unbelievable pressure to appoint a “moderate” to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court.  Even Ronald Reagan tried but couldn’t stand up to such pressure. That’s how we got Anthony Kennedy!

We need your help in gearing up for the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Your role in this is important:

Please join me in asking President Trump to keep his promise to our founder, Phyllis Schlafly, to nominate and then fight to confirm another Supreme Court justice like Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch.

It will be critically important to show President Trump that you have his back and will stand behind him in this fight.

Please sign our online petition. I promise you, it is the quickest, surest way to help him strengthen his resolve for the fight ahead.

Mountains of these petitions will rebut all the fake news media polls, the left-wing attack ads and the rallies filled with nasty screaming hippies the liberals will try to use to stop any conservative Supreme Court nominee.

Additionally, I’m asking you to make a sacrifice. Please prayerfully consider making an emergency donation to the Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund to assist the Republican National Coalition for Life. There are suggested amounts on this page, but please consider how much you can afford and give as much as you can.

Here at RNCL we have a comprehensive grassroots plan to collect petitions, hold media events and even peacefully battle the left on the steps of the Supreme Court if need be. But we need your help today to fund this effort.

You can be certain that liberals and the “never-Trump” Republicans are gearing up to spend millions to defeat any pro-life conservative President Trump nominates. There is literally nothing the left will not do to block a pro-life nominee.

You can count on them to do that.

Can I count on you to sign this petition and pledge your support join this fight?

Ed Martin
National Republican Coalition for Life 

As a member of the National Board of Governors for the Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund, one of the several entities that Phyllis engaged to develop the Republican Party platform’s pro-Life plank, I endorse this petition.

When President Trump came to a rally in St. Louis early in the 2016 campaign season, she met with him and asked if he would support all of the Republican Platform, including the pro-Life plank.  He answered, “Yes,” and she was one of the first conservative leaders to endorse him at that rally.

A few months later, September 5, 2016, after serving as a Trump delegate at the 2016  National Convention in Cleveland, she passed away.  Candidate Trump suspended his campaign to travel to St. Louis to pay respects to the family.  The family asked him to speak before the service began.  Listen to his remarks at the funeral service in the breathtaking St. Louis Basilica when he pledged “we will never let you down.”  As Republicans, we pledge to support what Phyllis called “the best platform we’ve ever had.”

Sign here:  

Watch then candidate Trump at Phyllis Schlafly’s funeral.

Here’s Phyllis Schlafly earlier in 2016 when she endorsed Donald Trump in St. Louis: