Operation Toussaint: Human trafficking film parallels border crimes

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On Friday, July 13, 2018 I attended a private screening of Tim Ballard’s second documentary – Operation Toussaint, a sting operation in the poverty-stricken country Haiti.  In the aftermath of a terrible earthquake, orphaned children were taken in by evil subhuman traffickers, whose own lives were so broken from abuse, they know nothing but objectifying other human life for their own gain.

Children are drugged, trafficked for drugs, sex and for farming their own body parts and organs.  What greater evil exists on this earth?  I cannot think of one.

I asked Tim and others if this trafficking is a problem at our southern border.  YES.  Big time.  Remember all those headlines “children in cages on the border?” as reported by reputable news outlets?  Think again.  Intuition tells me that the leftist-socialist controlled American media is in bed with this disgusting industry with one goal in mind:  destroy liberty for all, as long as they make money off of the trafficking.  And I’m convinced they do.

When U.S. Immigration law was invoked, a law from the Clinton administration, what is called “fake” media blamed President Trump for separating children from their parents.  The nation heard only one side of this story.  Fox News did run stories about the other side, but they did not pursue the origin of this industry and stopped short of exposing it.  Why is this happening?  Let’s examine the facts:

Now, reports show that children are not “in cages” and that, in fact, most of them aren’t even related to the adults that brought them.  Some even came without their parents.

The process of matching up parents with children has only validated what President Trump himself said throughout his campaign and as President, and also what Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad have proven:  many of these “parents” are killers and child traffickers and these children don’t even know these adults!

When reports of children in cages first hit the headlines, and statements from church leaders across the nation responded, I was sickened.  If churches want influence, they need to do the research before jumping on board with Marxist strategies and media outlets.

I am convinced that people in high places – even the ownership of our largest media outlets – are benefitting from drug trafficking, prostitution, child pornography and now the evil for which Planned Parenthood has also been exposed – the harvesting and sale of human body parts and organs.

It’s not simply happening in far off places such as China or in other impoverished countries such as Haiti.  It’s happening right under our eyes.  The center of pornography and child sex trafficking is the United States.  It’s one of the most profitable enterprises on the Internet.  Even the Left knows this as shown in this article from Huffington Post.  

What will we do about it?  First, look to points of sale.


When setting up a company, a bank account must be established.  Do the banks ever vet the client?  Apparently not.  It’s not always easy to vet because nefarious companies adopt DBAs and pseudo-names or aliases.

However, once the client is depositing, can a bank do more vetting?  Of course!  State laws, banking laws, tax laws require identifying information.  If the IRS could track and punish “far right” non-profit organizations, surely they could find these rats.

How difficult would it be to track the website/s of the client or taxpayer?  I’m not an expert, but the point of sale is critical.  It needs to happen.

I’m certain we would be shocked to know the respectable business leaders and elected officials that are engaged in doing business with pornographers.

I once talked to some police officers in a nearby community and asked them about whether there had been an increase in drug trafficking in our area.  They were strangely quiet.  I then learned from a former police officer that the police chief was in cahoots with drug traffickers and he was politically targeted when he tried to expose the corruption and lost his job for a trumped up charge of violating an employee rule which other co-workers had also violated, but which he had already corrected.

This is serious business.  Drug trafficking is connected to sex trafficking is connected to harvesting body parts.

I once worked for a website company that presented workshops around the country on how to set up a website.  You could get 6 websites created for under $6,000! The owner was in my church congregation and was a respectable individual, very financially successful.

This company deliberately put me in front of people they knew were setting up porn sites.  I was there to negotiate the purchase.  I was sickened when I learned what they wanted to do.  The sales team was laughing about it.

I was furious with the way I was treated. I complained to the owner about what I observed from this unscrupulous sales team.  The company got nervous and fired me.  I reported this company, and negotiated a wrongful termination and agreed to stay silent, meaning all calls that came to me questioning the company were referred to the attorney.

When I ran for U.S. Senate I learned that my opponent gave that company a mere slap on the hand, and that one of his largest campaign contributions came from that company.

I’m not being silent.

Yes, there is evil in the world.  It is happening right here, in our neighborhoods and in our churches.  I believe the human trafficking and pornography and drug industries are so large, so powerful, that people who have any power to do something about it are living in fear economically and perhaps even for their lives.

I also believe that there are mega-wealthy people with nefarious intentions to control population and economies, that they are following the Marxist blueprint:  Abolish the family and the “bourgeois” institution of marriage.  Abolish religion, eternal truth and morality. Abolish private property.  This is no secret conspiracy.  Marx, and other socialists and fascists such as Antonia Gramsci who wrote prolifically about this strategy, knew that once a society is weakened morally and bankrupted economically, it will fall to tyrants.

I also believe that people run for office for different reasons – sometimes to benefit their own business interests, and they may know nothing of this network of dark business.  They should never be elected, but sadly many legislatures are full of superficial thinkers and weak minds and character.

We need brave and courageous leaders such as Tim Ballard who live on the edge and risk their lives to expose and put a spot light on these cock roaches of society.

Please get involved.  As with the starfish story, it may not help the millions of children being trafficked and living in hell, but it has helped the 1,000+ children who have been rescued so far.

Here’s the website to sign up and donate.  Watch the video:

2 thoughts on “Operation Toussaint: Human trafficking film parallels border crimes”

  1. Cherilyn,
    I have admired you ever since I first saw you speak at a gathering at UVU when Steve Forbes & some other fellow were here. I always know that you tell it like it is when so many shrink from the light of truth.
    I have been donating to a group through Glenn Beck – Operation Underground that does pretty much the same thing around the world.

    I guess I’m just a little naive about some of these things. Twenty years of naval service in submarines made me think that everyone was looking out for others. We had a saying, “Either you’re qualified, or you’re not!” The Dolphin pin of a qualified submariner was how we usually were able to put trust in others. After I got out & went into business, I found a different culture. But, now at 82 – pushing 83 – I just try to encourage others to be fair, honest & thoughtful in their dealings with others.
    God bless & I hope your work will bear the fruit you hope for.

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