Count My Vote’s Daryl Acumen: The face behind the mask and spam emails you have received

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This article appeared in the Utah Standard News.  I have permission to report.
It’s worth reading before you go to the Utah caucus.  Please share.

Daryl Acumen: The Face Behind the Mask

More About Count My Vote v Keep My Voice – It’s gotten ugly.

The Count My Vote (CMV) initiative seeks to eliminate the caucus system altogether and go to a direct primary.  The grassroots conservatives have responded with their own counter initiative “Keep My Voice” – formally titled The Freedom of Association Initiative.

Acumen has illegally used email lists to spam the inboxes of 51 conservatives with these lies, mass emailing for Count My Vote attacking our character.  In my case, these jammed up my email account that I use to communicate official party business in preparation for the caucus to the extent I was not able to use it any more.

He falsely claims that we have broken the law and will go to jail over a bylaw change that was necessary to fulfill the recommendation of Judge Nuffer, who said the Party had a constitutional case if it defined membership.  The lawsuit is in the 10th Circuit Court and the establishment hoped to end it, until Bateman retired the debt.

There has been no public thanks from the current Party Chairman Rob Anderson.  He is solidly with Count My Vote and wants to end the caucus convention process.

Daryl Acumen, whose last name is actually Bradshaw, has spun this issue wildly out of control and is lying.  He posted and shared a video that was dramatically edited and distributed parts of it publicly when it was an executive session called by the chairman.

One such communication called long time respected conservatives “a-holes” (spelled out).  I sat in a meeting in which he exploded at the committee members, shouting uncontrollably.  I had barely had any communication with him when he attacked me and shouted at me in a private conversation.  We have noted that he has an unstable background and a personal vendetta.  Unlike conservative Republicans, he subscribes to identity politics, now falsely accusing me and others of racism.

He has sought to brand the stalwart, respected conservatives in the Party as “far right extremists” just as the establishment did when Ronald Reagan ran for President.