Oscar Award Winning Producer Gerald Molen Makes Plea for Trump

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jerry-molenI received an email from my friend Jerry Molen, producer of Schindler’s List and Jurassic Park and also the producer for Dinesh D’Souza’s films – the latest being Hillary’s America. If you are still a fence-sitter, please read and note the importance of his message.

Yes, the timing is crucial and each of us needs to find any way we can, besides our vote, to move the election towards the Trump column.

My intent is not to defend Donald J. Trump for anything he said, anything he did or anything he stands for. My intent is to simply remind all within my voice and/or my computer that we all know what we get if Hillary Clinton wins the election. At the same time we realize we don’t know exactly what we get with Trump. It makes the decision easy…..this is one of those rare times when we must go with what we don’t know. We have to vote for Trump.

Why? Appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court AND other judicial lifetime appointments. Mr. Obama has appointed over 600 Federal Judges to the courts and they are the ones who will be making decisions that will affect all of our lives (and our kids and their kids). So, yes it matters.

The continuing cover-up of the Clinton e-mails, questionable Immunities, Iran and ransom versus leverage, Syria and Libya, ObamaCare and it’s drastic details that are already messing people up on their health care. Think about single payer and how that will affect your family and the country. Socialism via progressivism vs liberty and freedoms.

The Benghazi Affair. There are still no answers except what the present administration wants us to believe. The continuing lie about a ‘video’…..shouldn’t we be over the top angry about this or do we just yawn and let it go. I can’t.

The Clinton Foundation. ……Many questions…..lousy answers……only thing for sure, the Clintons are getting very rich. How and why? Haiti ring a bell?

The ongoing blasting of Police and the charges of racism. Looting, riots, murder in the streets, street gangs from out of town….who funds that? The ‘left’ or Soros or others out to destroy America?

So the big question is, ‘What can we do’? Besides making sure we each vote……we can reach out to those who may not know how perilous a ‘Clinton’ Presidency will be. There is a film that tells us how.

A great American patriot gave us one route to victory. Through the truth captured within the film “Hillary’s America”, Dinesh D’Souza has brilliantly written and directed a visual journey into the real world of the Democrats and their candidate for president, Hillary Clinton.

While the film enjoyed a fairly successful run at the box office, it could have done better. There were too many on the left side of the political aisle who did not take the time to go to a theater. Sadly, these were the same people who needed to see the film and to be educated on political truths.

Each of us can take advantage of the upcoming DVD release of the film, “Hillary’s America”. Maybe this is the one event that we all need to get behind and push it out to the many who have not seen the film. It will surely turn some to oppose the Hillary run. It will surely educate many who never realized the truth about the Democratic party. It will surely allow each and every American to realize Hillary Clinton is not as she appears.

On the 11th of October the DVD will be available through the usual outlets or you can go to hillarysamericathemovie.com and find the best way for you to order the film for yourselves, your families, your colleagues and even your enemies and I am sure they will thank you for allowing them to know the truth.

And for those who wish to order them in quantity as gifts or simply to give away to deserving folk through social gatherings, clubs, church groups and the multitudes of others you may think of, as they prepare to vote on November 8th.

God bless.