Petitions and REAL Petitions

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Cherilyn Bacon Eagar“Sign the petition.” So many out there, right?  Which are the REAL petitions?  Is there a one and only “true” petition?  And, what happens to all the petitions I’ve signed?

We hope you will take a look at the petitions we’ve posted on the right.  Petitions are great for bringing people together and growing a grassroots network.  Very important.

However, our petitions are different.

What good is a petition, really, unless it goes to the people or the cause for which you are petitioning?  Our petitions don’t just stay here on this blog site in cyberspace.  We actually deliver the petitionresults of our petitions to the people or causes for which we are petitioning.

Also, we respect your privacy by forwarding only the first and last name and the city and state.  Should the receiving party request more contact information to validate the credibility of the petition, we will notify you first and ask your permission.

I have one more favor to ask, and a reminder:

Friends don’t let friends listen to multi-national, globalist-owned Mind Control Media.  Listen to the Liberty Lineup Radio Show.  Tell your friends about it.  

“We’re the thought police-free zone where independent thought just can’t be bought.”

We talk about issues that others won’t because they are bought by multi-national corporate sponsors whose loyalty is where they get their gain, not necessarily this country, the United States.  And that’s a problem when it comes to Liberty.  

We also do not cover topics that we have not researched from original sources and have enough information to verify.  We need your support.

We’re on the air daily, AM 630 KTKK, 10-Noon Mountain Time. Online K-TALK is an independent station and we appreciate that we can speak truth in a world of manipulative lies.

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God bless you!

Cherilyn Eagar