34,000 congregations split from Presbyterian Church and Russell Moore Explains Indiana’s Religious Liberty Law

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There’s a lot of confusion about Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence’s signing of the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act recently. LGBT activists are up in arms. Left-leaning Fortune 100 corporations are threatening to leave the state or boycott it, claiming a return to Jim Crow laws.

Then comes Russell Moore, the Alabama Supreme Court Justice that thumbed his nose at the circuit court when it told him the state had to legalize gay marriage. His response was a simple just say “No.”

Now Moore’s blog post clarifies exactly what the RFRA does and does not do. This is one judge that understands his role and Constitutional law. It’s short and worth reading and helps cut through all the hyperbole and lies of the Left.

Here’s the text of the Indiana law. Short and simple. Every state should have one.

Question: Should the religious baker or florist – or the Urologist (which my deceased father was), who is asked to be on the team of a transgender surgery, or the Pro-Life doctor be protected from providing services that violate that individual’s religious doctrines and beliefs? Or does one’s religious belief that holds to biblical definitions of homosexuality and gay marriage constitute racism and bigotry?

Utah, one of the most religious and conservative states in the union has left that an open-ended question and due to the legislature’s passage of a very weak bill that only protects religious institutions and government officials, We the People are left vulnerable to persecution in the form of lawsuits, fines and penalties. Shame on them. Utah is an embarrassment to the rest of the nation for taking a “live and let live” approach to what many of its citizens consider to be a sin, and definitely a sin against innocent children being harmed.

It is time every state awakened to the awful state they are in and act to protect vulnerable children who are and will continue to be harmed.

Blessings to this brave woman who is speaking out in this heart-wrenching post about the selfish motives of the LGBT movement and her experience growing up in a lesbian home.

34,000 Black Congregations Break from Presbyterian Church USA

While this debate for religious liberty in Indiana takes front and center nationally, very little is being said about the 34,000 African-American congregations affiliated with the Presbyterian Church which represent 15 denominations comprising 15.5 million African-Americans that have just split because they oppose the church’s decision to incorporate gay marriage into its canon of doctrine. (Folks, that’s about the size of the ENTIRE Mormon Church worldwide!) Here is the article that provides the details.

I’d like to take this opportunity to applaud both Justice Russell Moore and the African-American pastors and community for taking a bold stance for truth and righteousness’ sake.

If only more religious faiths would join them.

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